Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hot Cheetah

^ what a lame blog title, right? gee, im not good at coming up with clever blog titles. haha =X

anyway, here's my free-handed cheetah/leopard printed nails;

China Glaze's Heli-Yum, OPI's Dim Sum Plum, Sally Hansen's White On, Nina Ultra Pro Black, & an unnamed Hot Topic silver polish.

i tried something different with my pinky & thumb..not so sure if i like it or not yet...but i dont hate it.. so thats a start. haha

Saturday is the last day to enter my giveaway if you havent entered yet!

have a great Friday!,


  1. This is gor-geous Katrina! :-)
    I need to learn how to do cheetah print! Haha! :D <3

  2. thanks Natasha! i'll have to teach you visit me again..or if i visit you! haha

  3. I am always in awe when I see people do things like this freehand. Completely awesome!

  4. LOL your title made me hungryyy for thos HOT cheetos:) oh & freehanded !! I bow down to you lady ;)

  5. I really like this!! I haven't tried doing cheetah print yet.

  6. I think it looks fun! I have to try it some day.

  7. These are brilliant, especially for freehanding!

  8. ch3rryco1a, aw, thank you! =)

    Eva, haha, i want hot cheetos now too!! =) and thanks!

    Tierney, thanks! and try it..its fun. haha

    Helena, it sure is fun! =)

    SGTNP, thank you! =)

  9. those are GREAT! thanks for sharing! <#

  10. Those are SO COOL! How much time did that take? (I always find doing my nails very relaxing and the more time I get into them the more relaxed I am - unless things go very wrong, lol)~Chris

  11. nice. love the silver, which color/brand is that?

  12. Looove them! :) I'm so jealous of your skill, haha

  13. i love it :D

    I awarded you :)

  14. well, i don't really care for pink and red together, but i REALLY adore the design! so cute :)

  15. i love them! i can never get the cheetah print to work, but it seems you have it perfected!

  16. priincess, thanks! =)

    Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes, it only took...about an hour - an hour & a half?.. but i find painting my nails relaxing too! haha

    Pang, its from Hot Topic; there isnt a color name on it.

    aw, thanks Amy ! =)

    amusedPolish, thank you! and thanks for awarding me! =)

    Emma, aw, thank you!

    Courtney, thanks! keep practicing! it definitely took practice for me! haha

  17. i love your nails.. and your blog. i'm like your stalker now... lol..

  18. nice....i've tried drawing cheetah design but is not as neat as urs!!lol

  19. haha, aw, thanks Jan!

    yokemun, keep practicing! you'll get it! =)

  20. this is gorgeous

    did you practice a lot?
    sometimes when I try to do it it ends up looking tooo uniform and identiacally shaped so they are all the same shape and size and it just looks werid.
    how does your right hand look? I have the problem where my left hand looks awesome sometimes and my right hand looks =(

  21. thank you! i only practiced on one nail & it turned out i just did the rest of my nails; but my right hand actually ended up looking good. keep practicing with your left hand til it becomes more sturdy! my left hand is a lot less shaky now than when i first started...still not the best tho . haha

    but i try making the blobs different sizes, the lines on the outside of the blobs..make those different sizes too! and dont fully circle the whole blob..thats what i tried to keep in mind.

    i hope you try again! =)