Monday, April 19, 2010

Video Tutorial

- say whattttt ?!

yup! thats right! i finally made a video tutorial! i was a little hesitant on making a youtube account for nail stuff...cause youtube is a harsh community with a lot of haters -__- but
i sucked it up & made an account:

yes, its a lame youtube name..similar to my lame blog name...ha. ha. please feel free to subscribe =) oh, by the way, i have a tumblr that i dont use often; i'll try to use it more often too.

anyway! the point..a lot of people asked for a tutorial on my rose here's to all my wonderful readers!

this is my first video tutorial so its a little...awkward at times? in some parts of the video, i was speeding up...i cant paint that fast. haha. and my background song is!!! =(

please let me know what you think about my video..or if i should stick to picture tutorials?!

F A I L !

my uploaded video got cut off a whole minute short! so i removed the video & im going to try to upload it again tomorrow. this is a win-lose situation: its a lose cause i was so excited to share it with everyone! its a win cause now i can fix my disabled sound! yay! & boo! sorry!

enjoy your night/day!,


  1. looking forward to your vid tutorial :) good luck!!!

  2. Try again. I subsribed. :)

  3. awesome, thanks Jan!

    thanks much Susie! =)

  4. I subscribed: english110

    the youtube name....
    it was a youtube account for a university project but we didn't use youtube in the end so I kept the account for myself =)

    anywho I can't wait until you upload again! I like videos...i'm not super great at visuals and so sometimes pictures just don't work for me