Wednesday, August 4, 2010

IM BACK! + Fruit Fimo Mani

yay! im back! its almost been 3!

i posted a blog post last week or something & then all of a sudden, it disappeared! totally weird! so i'll just recap last weeks post right now;

since my computer broke [3 weeks ago] - - i have been slacking on nail art & all. honestly, it got so bad that when i went to repaint my nails one night, my hands were super shaky & unsteady. and i was just trying to paint my nails, no fancy nail art! it was quite sad =/ i also mentioned in my last post that disappeared that i havent been up to date with blogs. i started slacking & i wasnt reading blogs much. sorry! but i will say that i've been digging through old posts..trying to catch up! theres a lot that a girl misses in 3 weeks, ya know!? haha im trying though =P so now that im slowly trying to catch up, i'll be commenting your blogs again!

while i was out, i did manage to pick up a few polishes. here's my hauls:

in my last post [the one from the 12th of July], i mentioned that i picked up OPI's Rumples Wiggin, Who The Shrek Are You?, & Heart Throb.

OPI's You Don't Know Jacques! Suede & My Private Jet. i also picked up my first three Color Club polishes; Angels N' Pink, Take Me To Your Chateau, & Revvvolution.

Orly's Glam, China Glaze's Yellow Polka Dot Bikini & VII, and Essie's Red Nouveau & Van D'Go.

Pure Ice's Free Spirit, Nicole's Imagine If..., Savvy Femme Couture's Magic Pumpkin & Fairy Twinkle.

Revlon's Silver, a Meijer's Mood Struck polish, & Confetti's Pink Confetti & First Kiss.

i also got a bunch of nail stickers, a glitter thingy from Meijer's, and my package from Viva La Nails finally came in.

since i have much to share with you, i dont wanna throw them all into this post so i'll just post my current mani & then i'll catch you up with everything later on.

sorry for the bad, blurry picture. its too hot outside & im kinda crabby so the heat wasnt making me feel better. haha but here's 3 coats of Wet n Wild's Tropicalia; i've had this polish for almost 2 months so i decided to finally try it out. its such a gorgeous pink-salmon color! for the stripes on my ring finger & thumb, i used two coats of my favorite Sally Hansen White On and then i used acrylic paint to make my colorful stripes. i used my fruit fimo & layered them on my nails. i added a few rhinestones & glitters onto my nails. the green rhinestones & [barely noticable] pink glitter are from my Viva La Nails package. [a review will be coming along soon..]

here's a picture from my phones camera. the pink looks a little darker but you can see the details on my fruit nails better. dude, my phones camera is pretty awesome! it takes great pictures--i think it takes better than my regular camera does. haha

uhm, i think this is it for now. thanks for sticking it out with me. i really did miss you all :)

hope you have been well!,

oh, p.s. i wanna order myself some Konad stuff soon. whats a good site to order from? i've read about a few but i wanna know your opinions too :) thanks!





  3. welcome back!!!! ^o^ I love your nails btw :X

  4. Wow you got some good stuff! I love your mani, how did you get your lines so straight?

    I've placed one order with and was pleased with it. The shipment came really fast.

  5. thanks Eva!

    Sandeep, aw, im glad youre excited. yayy! and thanks ;)

    karebearr, aw, thanks ;)

    freshie, thank you :D my lines [luckily] just look straight...theyre really not. haha but i overlapped the colors a little bit so i had room to adjust the width of each line if i needed to..did that make sense? sorry. haha and thanks for the advice ;)

  6. Welcome back! I missed reading your posts :( Love the fimo slices, I have some but I haven't gotten a chance to use it. Did you just put them on over your nail polish as it was drying? I also love the color! Hopefully Rite Aid or Walgreens has it when I'm going to stop there in a little while. I haven't hauled much :( I love your haul though. Tell me if you like Take Me to Your Chateau, it's one of my favorites since it's a one coater but I used 2 just in case. (Too bad I only have 2 color clubs to say that it's my favorite haha)

    But anyways welcome backkkkkkkkkkk :)♥

  7. Amazing!
    I'm in love with that design!

    omg, i'm in love with those fruit stickers! i bought a whole bunch from ebay like 2 weeks ago and i'm still waiting for them in the mail! they are so stunning! <3

  9. thanks Katherine :) im glad to be back! i applied the fimo pieces onto my nails while my topcoat was drying, then i applied topcoat over everything afterward. i tried Revvvolution & fell in love with it! cant wait to try out the other two. i'll definitely let you know though :)

    thanks Becky! ;)

    aw, thanks Emily! its definitely good to be back :) and yea, those fimo things are so cute! you'll definitely have fun with them when yours come it ;)

  10. Welcome back! Cute mani, and awesome haul!

  11. <3

    I demand a rumple wiggin swatch!!! okay..not demand. ..if you have the time can you do a swatch of rumple wiggin? I've got the same skin tone as you so it helps me when you do swatches...

    btw much did you get the opis for?

    I think for nail plates it's either wowsocool or ocnailart. Both good customer service. shipping free after $20. I only buy from wowsocool because when I don't spend $20 I have to pay for shipping and their shipping is cheaper. If I spend $20+ then either one is good. the prices are the same also $6.99 for the nail plate.

  12. Welcome back to the lacquerized world. LOL I love your variety in lacquer purchases.

  13. welcome back!!! love the fimo mani :)

  14. I tagged you in my 4 Things Tag :)

  15. i also tagged you in my 4 things tag ^^; I think 1 post is suffice though :X

  16. yay~~u're back!!!welcome back!!=)
    love the hauls!!!i wan them toooo..
    i'm gonna get them whn i'm coming to US...
    wanted to ask u any nice place to go?i'll be goin stayin in San Francisco then fly down to boston to visit my relatives..=))

  17. Ping, thanks so much :)

    Li Lian, i'll definitely do a swatch of Rumples Wiggin. i've used it already & loved it ;) but i found a new beauty supply store that sells OPI for $4.95 or i've been going crazy for OPI!! haha but thanks for the advice on the Konad stuff ;)

    LWTT, aw, thank you :)

    Enamel Girl, thanks so much :)

    Katherine & Karebearr, thanks :)

    yokemun, aw, thanks :) awesome! youre gunna be in San Fran & Boston? i wanna visit those places! ahaha i dont live in those areas so i dont know the good places to go visit..sorry! =/

  18. Yay you're back! And with a great mani to boot :)

  19. I'm so happy that you're back. Pretty mani xD The fruit stickers are so cute ^^

  20. Hi!
    From Wow so cool, they send me an e-mail saying that it would take about 2 weeks to arrive to Spain, but it only took one week. But I've heard about people that one order arrived in 5 days, then they ordered more things and it took 2 weeks.
    Hope I've solved your doubts (^_^)

  21. Yen Janette, aw, thanks ;)

    thanks so much Becky! im pretty sure i'll order from there soon! haha

  22. Ooh, you're back! I love seeing your manis, they're always so creative ^^. The fruit fimo is awesome, I need to get my hands on some of those and try them out :D.

    If you have time, please swing by my blog too? It's new, but hopefully it'll grow in the future :).

  23. shazzii, aw, thanks! and i'll be sure to check out your blog!