Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Picture Problem + Top 50 Blogs

hi! :) i just have a really quick post today.

my pictures from my most recent post of China Glaze Swatches are currently disabled. normally, i would just reupload the pictures into a different photobucket account BUT [my genius-self] already deleted the pictures off of my computer. and i would usually just re-edit the pictures again BUT i have to go read 7 chapters for classes tomorrow. so i dont have time.

for the time being, the pictures arent gunna show up & youre just gunna see the ugly photobucket picture, but by the 28th [Saturday], my pictures will be reactivated so they'll be back to normal.


- - - - - - -

to end off the post, today, i got an email from Rachel saying that i was in The Top 50 Nail Blogs list over at Spa Beauty Schools. lots of other great bloggers that i follow are on the list, so go check it out. honestly, i was shocked. i even placed 8th...which i think i should be lower =P but its such a great feeling to know people really do read my blog. and to even be considered a "top" blog...im so happy and so thankful for you all. thanks ♥

- - - - - - -

k, i gotta get reading now. -__-

til next time,


  1. :O you got placed 8th!! congrats! :D

  2. congrats on getting 8th place!!!=D

  3. aw congraulations on getting 8th place :D

  4. haha im def. following you .. i read ur description and im a college student too who is looking ar ur blog for some nail ideas so I can do my nails instead of reading and doing my hw like I should be lol