Tuesday, August 24, 2010

China Glaze Swatches

today was my first day of classes for the semester in my third year at a community college. i have two classes on campus - History & Politics - and im also taking my very first online class - an English class. back in high school, i was a VERY good student. i did everything on time, always did my homework, always studied, i've always been at the top of everything, and i graduated with a gpa higher than 3.8 ... ever since i've been in college, i've been a slacker, i skip classes, dont ever study, and i've been "average" in school. [not that being "average" is a bad thing..but thats just not my thing.] this semester, i REALLY want to do well. my classes are really time-demanding. im also picking up more hours at work on the days that i do not have classes, so im pretty much jam-packed. so i cannot guarantee lots of posts - not that i post very often right now anyway -__- ; but you know what i mean right? please bare with me~

that felt like a semi-heavy-mood-downing beginning of a blogpost. sorry! i just had to let you know.

well, let lighten things up with some random China Glaze swatches~ i wanna mention that my nails are short right now, and when i swatched these polishes last week, i had to put on fake nails cause i like swatching with full nails and not little nubbins.. =P

i have here 3 coats of Ruby Pumps. definitely a gorgeous red glitter jelly polish. i like this polish but i dont like it as much as others do.

3 coats of Emerald Sparkle. the picture is a bit blurry but it was the most color accurate picture i had. its a beautiful emerald glitter polish.

3 coats of Watermelon Rind. kinda blue-teal-green-ish with glitter.

3 coats of Ingrid. beautiful taupe-ish-brown with gold shimmer.

2 coats of Entourage. theres a slight shimmer in the kiwi-green polish.

2 coats of Bahamian Escape. my favorite. sky blue creme.

on my nubbins, i have 4 coats of Dreamsicle. this one was disappointing to me. its a beauty in the bottle, but i didnt really like it on my nails. i probably should have put a colored base on before i applied Dreamsicle. orange base polish with different size opalescent glitter. this is how the polish looks in real life - regardless of the bad picture. it looks prettier in pictures [better lighting pictures - that is] but i posted this one so you'll know how it really looks.

this is all i have for now. thanks for tuning in :)

hope you have a great week,


  1. Oooh! I love Entourage--I haven't swatched it yet, but is looks super awesome!

    Good luck at school--I have 2 weeks left until all these freedom is gone :S


  2. Ooh! I just bought Ingrid in a recent haul but I haven't swatched it yet...looks great! Now I am excited to do it :D

  3. Wow, I love the look of Ingrid! Shall include that next time I buy more polishes haha.

  4. "back in high school, i was a VERY good student" exact same thing happened to me. I dropped like 40% in my grades. A+ student to C+ hahaha. nightmare.

    becareful with the online course....sometimes you end up slacking off and forgetting to read the textbook for the course until the last week before the final and find that you need to read an entire textbook in a few days. ekk.

  5. I've been the exact opposite. I dobetter in college than I did in high school. I think it's because my high school was so competitive with all these kids going off to ivy league schools :-/. I was an average student in HS now I'm an A student.

    Good luck with school starting! I second what shortwidenails said about online class. You really have to be on top of things more so than a regular class. I'm sure once you get used to your schedule and classes things will work out well.

    I love those swatches! Ruby Pumps looks so good on you.

  6. Oh, don't worry about that... Good luck with school, I think that your plan will work and you will be an A student :)

    Just love Bahamian Escape <3

  7. thanks Steph! good luck to you too! and try Entourage, cause its a beauty ;)

    thanks Tara

    Ingrid is a lot better than i expected, Jillian. haha hopefully you'll like it too ;)

    Shazzii, yea, Ingrid surprised me! haha

    li lian, we're both the same when it comes to classes. hahaha its definitely a nightmare though! you know what sucks about my online class? its an excellerated class, so i definitely have to keep up with it!

    thanks Stephanie! i hope so too! and its definitely better to be an average student & then turn into an A student..instead of me - - the other way around. haha =P i'll just have to work extra hard.

    aw, thanks Alice :)

  8. hehe I was a slacker during my uni days too. However I really did study a lot during my final year and during my post grad. I've just changed my nail colour before reading your post. And guess what, I am wearing Watermelon Rind now :) I love Bahamian Escape. It's such a beautiful blue.

  9. I love Watermelon Rind, it looks so pretty xD
    Good luck with school (:

  10. didn`t know "Ingrid" has so many shimmer sparkles, looks lovely!

  11. prettty :D.
    did you know that dorthoy's shoes were orginally silver :P, there's a whole long story it ;x i'm such a history nerd :D

    - kathy ♥

  12. omg Ruby Pumps and Emerald Sparkle look amazing!
    the colors are so vibrant. Love them!

  13. I love the blue, but they are all really good!!! :D

    Kisses ;)

  14. Just like pretty much everybody else in the known universe, I looove Ruby Pumps. I have to get my hands on Emerald Sparkle and Watermelon Rind too!

  15. thanks Denise! yeap, those two colors are definitely vibrant!

    thanks Salisha! the blue is my favorite too! =)

    SilhouetteScreams, definitely true! everyone loves Ruby Pumps! haha

  16. i have the red and its usually really good to use around christmas time ;] lol