Tuesday, November 30, 2010

SHINee Inspired Mani

hi-yeom~ tonight, i bring you another kpop inspired mani!

this mani was inspired by SHINee's Noona You're So Pretty / Replay concept. [in Korea, a guy calls a girl -who is older than him- "noona".] this was their debut song & its just so cute!~

its nothing fancy. & im slowlyyyyy -ever so slowly- starting to like this mani. haha

here's the music video to enjoy :)

k, this is it for now.

hope your week starts out great!,


  1. So creative :P
    I really like the left hand(?) one! Love how you incorporated the clothing designs too ^__^

  2. how did you do your index finger with the splotches? did you actually pain splotches or did you dab the polish?

    this is really pretty!

  3. oh gosh!!!that is really cute!!!i'm loving it..and i like that song=)

  4. cute ^_^ I love the splotches! Im also a fan of K-pop like clazziquai and IU, but it all started with wonder girls.. haha

  5. OMG i love love love your nails :D
    brings me back to when shinee first debuted haha

  6. Again, I really like how you translated it on to your nails :) It's sooo cool!

  7. SO.DAMN.CUTE :3 it reminds me of a video JKimisYellow on YT did not too long ago translating their song Lucifer XD

  8. Noona nomu yeppeooooooooooo

    Lol I like SHINee :P Who's your favourite? Minho is mine ;)
    Great nail art!

  9. Awwh, Thats so cute!
    Their Noona is so Pretty days.
    Ahh. Memories :')
    I like their new song, Hello!
    Cuteee mani ^^

  10. I love it! How did you do the triangles? They look so perfect~

  11. Your lettering is so good, so it's a "cougar" song huh? lol

  12. SHINEE! thats so cool and creative ^__^

  13. You're so creative! It's a great idea creating this mani to match all their shirts.

  14. cool nails ^__^ wish i was as creative to do different nail designs ~

  15. These are too cute! Gahh, you are so talented!!!

  16. thanks Mandy :)

    Li Lian, i honestly dont remember how i did the splotches. i did this mani at like.. 2am & i realllly dont remember :P i think i dabbed a little & the added some dots & adjusted the size of my dabs..i think.. :P

    thanks Donna~

    yokemun, omg, me too! loooove the song! haha

    thanks Samantha! omg, i LOOOOVE IU too!! ;) i actually "met" Wonder Girls last summer! haha

    missPukku, thank you :)

    Jennifer, thanks! i know, throwback memories, right? haha

    Jette Fromm, Swaafie, Paulina - thank you ladies :)

    SilhouetteScreams, thank you! & i just watched that video. niiice. HAHA

    nail crazy, thanks! omg, yes. they're so cute! haha

    SGTNP, thank you! Key & Onew are mine~~ hahaha

    AnnKiins, i know, good memories!~ & thank you!

    Rachel Marie, thank you! i just freehanded the triangles, i didnt expect them to turn out decently. hahah

    Freshie, thank you! definitely a cougar song! HAHAHAHA

    thanks Joanna, Jin, Fionna, rock-or-not, & Brittany :)))

  17. This design is amazing=), you are like a painter, only that a painter couldn't draw so nicely on nails =).

    I like the t-shit inspirations =)

  18. haha how did I miss this one out! crazy beautiful and accurate, as always!!!

  19. AHH! It would take me years to do that. :)) Cool.