Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Born Pretty Store items Review + Free Gifts

long post ahead, but i have great news at the end of this post so bear with me :)

as promised, today i am going to share with you a review about the items from my awesome package. Jessica over at Born Pretty Store was ever-so generous and sent my a beautiful package to review.

- - - - - - - -

starting with the nail polishes..

NL B26, NL B32, & NL B33.

NL B26, two coats shown. the site describes this polish as "brown" but its not.. its a pretty, dusty-mauve-ish color with tinyyy gold flecks.

NL B32, three coats. the site calls this color "gray" but thats not very accurate either. this one is tons of gold glitter with lots of red and turquoise-y glitters.

NL B33, three coats. beautiful, dark turquoise with silver flecks.

the bottles and brushes are pretty small; my hands look huuuge in the pictures above. haha. the bottle contains 8ml of polish; although the brush is short, it was easy to work with; application was great for all the polishes. there was one thing that i didnt like about the polish - the smell. the polish smells like a nail salon; so it literally smelt like nail polish and lots of acrylic. i had to paint my nails outside because i didnt want the house to smell like acrylic [my parents wouldve killled me!]

Born Pretty Store nail polishes run at $3.19 a bottle and they have over 45 different colors.

- - - - - - - -

onto the image plates & the acrylic molds...

i used image plate m39 in my not-so-Halloween mani-

let me start out by saying that the acrylic molds are my favorite! they're so easy to use and they are so cute! in my mani, i did 3d acrylic kitties. i didnt have black acrylic powder so i made my kitties with white acrylic powder and then i just painted them black.

i've also used my bow mold and its the cutest thing everrr! i love it! the molds are sold at only $2.26! what a deal! BPS sells a bow mold, a kitty mold, and a stars + moon mold. there are different sizes of each shape on the mold.

the image plates are so cute! but applying isnt the easiest. when using Konad, you apply the polish, scrap off the excess, and then roll your stamper across the image, and roll the image onto your nail - right? well, BPS image plates dont exactly work like that. i tried those steps when i first used the image plates and most of the image wasnt picked up. but i learned the trick: instead of rolling across the image to pick it up, you have to PUSH DOWN on the image. every other step is the same though.

i used my white Konad stamping polish for the mani above. besides for that one issue about picking up with image, everything worked great! image plates run at different prices over at BPS, between $3.49-$22.32 ... depending if you buy one plate or if you buy the package.

- - - - - - - -

i still havent tried out my pack of nail art candy decoration, glitters, or pack of dried flowers yet, but im sure i'll love them as well :)

- - - - - - - -

ok, onto the good news! Jessica is kindly giving my readers free gifts until December 31. so pay close attention here;

- the first 100 visitors that register with over at that Born Pretty Store website can get hello kitty template for free. you dont even have to purchase anything. the hello kitty template is this one. im not sure if you'll get the scraper & stamper or not though.

if you just want the hello kitty template and do not plan on ordering anything else, the code is K388. put that as the coupon when checking out.

- - - - - - - -

- all of you who order from BPS will get 1pc Christmas nail sticker for free, no order amount limit!

- if your order amount is more than $20, you will get the 1800 NAIL ART RHINESTONES Glitter + 3g PRO Acrylic Glue for free!

- if your order amount is more than $50, you will get one color cracking nail polish for free INSTEAD of the rhinestones & glue.

- if your order amount is more than $80, you will get the nail art glitter balls for free INSTEAD of the rhinestones + glue & the crackling nail polish.

- if your order amount is more than $100, you will get all of the items listed above PLUS a 12 pack template with stamp for free.

if you plan on buying items, you WILL get the Hello Kitty template as well as the gifts that are according to your order amount. the code you would use at the checkout is K2010. be sure to enter that code as the coupon.

- - - - - - - -

just to clarify one more time..

- if the order is $2, you will get the items you ordered, plus hello kitty template, plus the xmas sticker.

- if the order is $60, you will get the items you ordered, plus hello kitty template, plus the cracking nail polish.

- if the order is $120, you will get the items you ordered, plus hello kitty template, plus xmas stickers, plus the rhinestones, plus the cracking nail polish, plus the glitter balls, plus the 12 templates with stamp.

- - - - - - - -

i am in no way, whatsoever, make any profit off of this. Jessica is just really sweet and is offering this to my readers please take advantage of it!

i hope you ladies [and/or gents?] do order something, i know i will order more for myself! if you need help placing orders, here is a description of how to place them. BPS does ship internationally and here is the overview of shipping costs. everything on the site is in US dollars & BPS is currently doing payment by paypal.

remember to check out the Born Pretty Store! and again, a big thanks to Jessica!

thanks for making it through this post with me :) if you have any questions, please feel free to shoot me an email.

have a great day!,


  1. great review i love the second polish!! so glamourous. i just signed up and ordered the hello kitty template :) i hope it comes with the stamper and everything or else i would have no idea how to use it! lol

  2. Wow, so many awesome things <3
    And the polishes you got look fabulous. Especially the glitter one :D

  3. NL B33's gorgeous. I love the glitter flakes in them :3
    OMG, I love you Katrina!
    Totally taking advantage of the Hello Kitty plate >:3
    It'd be awesome if the stamper and scraper were included

  4. wooptiedoooo :) I`m soo happy haha. All I ordered was the template tbh, cause I need to finish my stash of nail arty stuff from Viva La Nails it was only 3 dollars shipping costs. I wanted this plate for so long, thank you Katrina!! I will keep this shop in mind for next time though ;)

  5. Awesome post, they really seem to have great products! ^__^

    And I just saw that they ship to Brazil (unregistered, but still that's great!) for free, so I ordered my template as well, I'm so happy! :D

  6. She is very generous to be giving that plate away like this. Id be jumping all over this if I didnt already have the plate.

    Look forward to seeing the dried flowers post.

  7. Oh my goodness, those polish bottles are so cute and looks like the polish in them is great, too.

  8. AWesome post. I love learning about nail stores. Thanks for the great info. :)

  9. do we have to pay shipping or is it free? it said it was free when I clicked it. it's def free though right?

  10. Maria, i dont think shipping is free..

  11. I love those polishes! I totally ordered and got the free Hello Kitty plate! I cannot wait because I have wanted this plate forever! Thanks for doing this :)

  12. Cool!.
    Maria asked a good question, I was wondering the same.

  13. NL B32 awesome color! I kind of wish I got that too!

    so much text but good text! jessica is super generous! did the acrylic smell really bad? I've heard people say you should do it in a well ventilated room/ outside. and was it difficult to use? or did you get perfect on the first try...welll..actually you do have experience right since you've done acrylic nails before

    And I was wondering if you have free time could you fix your old images? I love some of your old manis and the photos no longer show =(

  14. they are really pretty, thanks for sharing! :)

  15. I don´t know the first three polishes but they all look good!

  16. Nice! Cool Stuff! :D


  17. does anyone know if the shillings free? I already ordered it and if it's not free I don't want it anymore

  18. Maria: I already received my order confirmation from Jessica and shipping is free unless you want it to be shipped via Express mail or want a tracking number.

  19. you have got to tell me how to use those acrylic molds!

    i love you blog so much i gave you an award :)