Monday, November 22, 2010

Mani Catch Up

hello, hello! its time to play catch up on manis again! :P

alright, first, from 2 weeks ago, i bring you...

3 coats of Color Club's Wild And Willing. the polish looks so much prettier in the bottle. its a copper/pink/burnt orange duochrome.

here's a picture in the shade; the duochrome-ness is more visible. the stamps are from Born Pretty Store's m14 & Konad's m69. on the middle finger, i layered one coat of Sinful Colors' Pearl Harbor. its barely noticeable though.

3 coats of Orly's famous Space Cadet. is there anyone else who doesnt love Space Cadet? cause really, i DO NOT like it. *shrugs.

shade picture; more visible duochrome-ness again. stamps are used from the same plates as i mentioned before. and the middle finger is, also, layered in one coat of SC Pearl Harbor.

*side note; eww. i hate my nails that long T__T

here is my first Ruffian mani from some time last week..

2 coats of Zoya's Trixie & 2 coats of Sally Hansen's Black Out & one coat of China Glaze's Matte Magic. - - - this picture was taken after 2 days of you can see all the scratches & fuglies on my nails =/

another mani from some time last week,

3 coats of China Glaze's Mrs. Claus. omg, so cute! i loooove this one~!

and today, i am wearing some fake nails;

i found these Broadway Fashion Diva fake nails at Walgreens for $3.19 so i bought em. i love the chrome / metallic / mirror look but i HATE it on my nails. they make my nails look so wide :( well, after this post, im probably gunna take em off anyway :P

dont forget, my Woo Hoo Giveaway ends this upcoming Sunday! so feel free to enter if you havent yet!

hmm - i think this is it for now. hope you had a great weekend & have a great start to your week!



  1. Haha. I'm not a Space Cadet fan either. I knew that too, but got caught up in the hype. I love the stamps...I'm going to have to make another Born Pretty order soon!

  2. my faves out of all of these are the ruffian and wild and willing manis. I'm actually wearing wild an willing right now, one coat over black. It looks totally different, almost closer to space cadets shade!

  3. You don't like Space Cadet?! :O You can give it to me :D I didn't get the chance to buy it ):

  4. I just love the little ghost you stamped on both manicures! I must admit that I love duochromes, but I like Galaxy gGirl much better than Space Cadet.

  5. Love your ruffian and of course Space Cadet rocks!

  6. I love your ruffian the best...and fake nails too :-)

  7. I'm sorry to hear that you don't like Space Cadet, but everyone has it's own taste=).
    I like every single one of your manicures, but I find ruffian the most beautiful =)

  8. I am so glad I found your blog! I love your nail art. Oh wow! wild and willing is so beautiful. I just bought it not long ago but haven't used it yet. I just love SC such a unique polish. Now your ruffian is awesome! What did you use to make it look so even? :D

  9. :) All of these are so cute Katrina!

    I love your 3rd mani the best. It looks elegant and simple.

    I heard space cadet is hard to work with? -_-
    I have a bottle of Mrs. Claus I am now excited to open!

  10. Oh, I love Space Cadet! Too bad I couldn't find it :( I think I'll be picking up Mrs. Claus! Thanks!

  11. I LOVE those fake nails, they look so spacey and awesome :D I also love the ruffian mani and the little dude on your thumb nail in the first one XD

  12. ooohhh u bought Mrs. Claus!!!!i wan that color!!
    i'm gonna nag my sis to buy that for me!!

  13. i love all these manis. but specially the first duochrome. :)

  14. hello!!!
    wow this is a pic spam! I like it =)

    how much did you get your orly's for? $10?

    you know the image plates from bornpretty, can you read the Korean on them?

    maybe try filling down the sides of the fake nails to narrow them a bit? i'm not a huge fan of fake nails. I have never worn fake nails. I have stuck them on with tape for nail contests and designs but nothing permanent.

    Im gonna go enter your contest now =)

  15. What happened, I can't see any pics. :(

  16. I like the black and silver and the chrome as well. So pretty!

  17. Wow, those fakes are quite something! I haven't tried fakes in a long time.

  18. Wild and Willing is sooo pretty. It would be a perfect fall or thanksgiving color. I can't believe you don't like Space Cadet! lol But at the same time I say I love it so much but I only used it once so far lol.

  19. thanks ladies :)

    for my ruffian, i just free-handed it!

    Li Lian, yep! i can read the Hangul/Korean on the BPS image plates :) hahaha

    thanks, Ivana, for letting me know my pictures werent working! i got around to fixing them :)