Saturday, November 13, 2010

Love-Hate Mani


^^ thats something that my favorite, cute Korean boy always says. along with "bye-yeom~" i think im gunna start using those two more often now :)

here is a mani that i had on in the beginning of the week;

3 coats of Maybelline's Pink Sombrero. the polish is slighty squishy & jelly like, but its super cute!

on my ring finger, i used a 3d acrylic bow that i received from Born Pretty Store to review. might i add again, I LOVE THE 3D ACRYLIC MOLDS!!!! :)

this mani, i had a love-hate relationship with. at some times when i looked at my nails, i liked them. and then at other times, i just really hated them! i dont know why :P

oh, by the way... guess who has two thumbs and got her first Helmer today? MEEEEE :) guess i'll be rearranging my polishes tomorrow :)

enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. :) Congrats on your first Helmer! I just bought my second Helmer! :X Maybe we ran into each other at Ikea haha.

  2. So cute! Do you know of any other polishes which are 'jelly like'?

  3. Super cute! Oooh, I can't wait to see pics of your organized Helmer! I plan on buying one by Christmas. I NEED it, lol!

  4. mmmm, the 3D molds sound interesting... enjoy your new Helmer!

  5. hurray for Helmers!! :) Have some great fun organising it, we`ll be looking forward to the pics :)

  6. im excited to see you collection in helmer! :)

  7. Cute mani :D
    The acrylic bow looks adorable *__*
    Haha, Hi-Yeom~ xD
    OOOHHHH, a Helmer!
    I never had one of those before, maybe when I expand my collection a little bit more :3

  8. wow I really like this mani and I would totally steal that bow! ;)

  9. Beautiful! Show us your nail polish collection. xD

  10. It doesn't get prettier than this :) I've always wanted to try acrylic molds but I'm too scared :(

  11. Super pretty, reminds me of Kawaii nails :).
    Are those rinhestones?? they look like little bubbles ^_^

  12. The bow is so cute, and I like the crescent shape with the rhinestones on your thumb :3

  13. ah so cute! I love love love it! I need to invest in one of those molds... do you just use regular acrylic?