Monday, December 13, 2010

Beast Airline Inspired Mani

happy Monday! i hope you had a great weekend.

i was lacking inspiration for my nails last week so thats why i didnt post often last week. as of right now, i am lacking inspiration as well..but hopefully something will come to me soon~

on Saturday night though, i did quickly find inspiration & so here i have another kpop-ish mani to share~ this one was inspired by Beast's first concert theme - which was Beast Airline.

the concert was on Sunday night & was only in Seoul, South Korea so -clearly & sadly- i couldnt make it T_____T

the green polish is 2 coats of OPI's Jade Is The New Black. p.s., dont laugh at my fugly design on my ring finger. haha =/

hmm, i have an exam on Wednesday so i gotta start studying. to everyone else who has finals this week, good luck!! :)

have a great day!,


  1. It matches their uniforms perfectly! Good luck on your exams!!!

  2. Wow you are REALLY into k-pop huh. Haha. All the Korean pop stars kinda look the same to me :/ I like how the green is almost the same as their uniforms. Good luck for Wednesday! (:

    PS: I saw a photo of nail art on tumblr, and thought, that's cute. Then I thought, it looks like Katrina's. And then I saw the watermark at the top of the photo. Last year's Christmas mani (:

  3. I have to say, your nails fit the theme perfectly ^_^
    Good luck with your finals!

  4. This design is very cute. I especially like the logo- it came out REALLY well! What kind of brush do you use for that detail work?

    :)Good luck on your finals!

  5. I love JITNB, what a great color! This looks fantastic!

  6. Those guys look HOT! And the manicure looks fantastic too!

  7. Great mani, though they're probably my least liked group in Kpop :P Good luck for your finals!

  8. that is so nice!!!i love their outfits!!men in uniforms are the sexiest!!haaha..
    good luck on your finals..

  9. thanks so much ladies!!~ :)

    Abby, yup~ i sure am into kpop! haha
    Rachel Marie, i just use a really thin brush that i got from Michaels. nothing fancy.. :P
    yokemun, AGREED! men in uniform = sexyyyy! hahaha

  10. cool.. im always amazed with ur freehand designs..

  11. Omg they are so cute, and your mani is so cute :3

  12. omgosh that's the kind of green i've been looking for O_O maybe something darker actually... i'm definitely buying that! : )

  13. this is gorgeous! what kind of camera do you have?

  14. I really like your Kpop inspired nails!!
    Just as you, I also like nail polishes and Kpop!! Keep the good work!!~