Friday, December 31, 2010

FT Island - I Hope mv inspired

two kpop inspired mani's in one week? wow.

today i bring you a band that i havent talked about before, FT Island. they have been in the kpop industry for about.. 3 years now, and yet they're still slightly underrated. because FT Island is an actual boy band group & the kpop industry is more for boy groups who dance, FT Island isnt noticed as much ... although FTI probably has some of the most talent out there. and their lead singer Hongki has one of the best voices in the kpop industry - he sings soooo perfectly live too!! ♥ anyway, let me end my ranting here & show you the mani~

this is inspired from FT Island's I Hope - which they promoted last year. yes i know, i have such bad screen caps T____T and those silver lines are supposed to be the outlines of their guitars. omg, my FT Island writing is so sloppy! my left hand was extraaa shaky :(

here's the mv:

here's my favorite FT Island song - from 2 years ago:

omg, you hear Hongki singing? <3 so awesome.

anyway, today is the last day of 2010. let me just say that 2010 was a sucky year for me & im pretty sure 2011 will be sucky as well, but i just hope that it'll be better than this year :P

have a great one! & have a safe & happy New Year!

i'll catch ya next year!,


  1. I love Seunghyun. He was so funny on Idol Maknae Rebellion. I don't know anyone else from that band apart from Hongki because he was Jeremy in You're Beautiful.
    Anyway, awesome mani as usual.

  2. Your nails are so cute! Love them and the leopard ones from the post below!! I am also a college student-- i just started my blog!

  3. Happy New Year!
    I'm loving the sharing of kpop!
    And I love your imagination for manicures! I think it's amazing the way you can pull out a manicure from a kpop band or a t-shirt or a pair of socks! You rock!!! I wish you all the best for 2011 and please keep up with your blog 'cause it's amazing! ;)

  4. You kpop inspired manis are always so AWESOME! Hope you had a great New Year!

  5. Yay I love Hongki's voice and his cute acting in You're Beautiful. I love the multicolour tie and red bow tie. They're so cute :)

  6. Happy new year!

    Lot of love and happiness!

    OMg it's my favorite song!!!!
    Love it so much!
    Your nails are awesome!

  7. So fun, the top picture reminds me of nautical manis!

  8. hello!!!

    my fav of the bunch? thumb , left hand.

    have you been to any korean concerts? or plannng to go? you have to go to at least one concert!!!

  9. I like CNBlue more than FT Island.
    I'm not really into FT Island, I only like Hongki. xD
    Their song Love Love Love, is awesome though!
    Me thinks it's my favourite song by them.
    Awesome mani, yet again :D
    (Jaejoong is an awesome singer <33)
    You should do a DBSK inspired mani, cause they're just awesome like that.!

  10. amazing, i soooo love your nails!!!
    im throwing a giveaway on my blog if you'd like to participate dear :)

  11. I've probably told you this before but I'll say it again: I love entries like this where you show the inspiration for the mani!

  12. I have awarded you the Stylish Blogger Award! Please see the post linked below for more info! Congrats! :D

  13. Hello Katrina,

    I have stumbled across your blog and I like it! Your manis are so so cute! You are very talented. :)