Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Beast - Bad Girl mv inspired

hi all! i hope you had a great holiday weekend!

i have -once again- another kpop inspired mani!

we all know by now that my favorite kpop group is Beast right!? haha well, here's a simple mani i did last night. Bad Girl was their debut song & its such a catchy song. since i only have 5 fingers on one hand & there are 6 members in Beast, you'll notice that i included all 6 members in the picture above. haha

here's the mv;

ok, now i have a question: what is the max amount of polishes one should send out in a package? im sending my friends -who live in Malaysia- a package of polishes...and altogether, i have about 30 polishes for them. but i dont want to send all 30 out at once cause that just sounds like too much!...right? so i was thinking i'll send half first..and then i'll send out the other half another time.... ? what do you think?

have a good one,


  1. Because of you, I'm starting to get fascinated by Asian boybands... I like them and their music, although I'm just very European and have no connections whatsoever with Asia. At the moment I can't stop listening to 'Haru Haru' and 'Round One'. So, thanks I guess ;)

    Sorry I have no answer for you :(

  2. Thanks for the video, that is a really catchy song, I liked it!

    The mani is super cute too! :)

  3. Very cute! It's awesome to see where you get your inspiration! :)

  4. very cute.. u did the lines on the red&white nails so perfectly lol.. as for the package, I would send them all together, it just seems like it would cost more sending them seperately. I would wrap them individually in bubble wrap and then more bubble wrap to hold them all together so they arent jumbling around in box.

  5. Hmm... 2 batches of 15, or 3 batches of 10?
    I think 3 batches of ten sounds better!
    But then again, more expensive D:
    Gaaah, decisions up to you, dear. xD

    But for the mani (Course Kwikwang has his own nail xD) it's super cute.
    Your K-pop manis are (JJIANG! xD) Great~
    So creative!
    I dare you to do one for SNSD!
    (9 nails and a SNSD letter one?)

  6. this is really cute. i would send all 30 at once just to avoid the post office line!

  7. I'm in love with your thumb and pinky :P lovely manicure on those nails!
    Sending things separately or altogether has its goods and bads. I think if you send altogether it will be cheaper for you but if something goes wrong and it doesn't get to its destiny everything is lost; if you send separately it will be more expensive but if something goes wrong with one you still have the chance to make it right the second time.... I don't know, I would send it altogether ;)
    I am connected to Asia since I was 6, not exactly Korea but as I grew up I became interested in more countries and Korea was one of them. My favourite character from Tekken is Korean (Hwoarang), I watch some Korean soap operas and I listen to some K-pop and rock and I also watch lots of Korean movies so.... thanks for sharing your Korean addictions ;)

  8. I tagged you for "My Top 5 Nail Polishes, 2010"

  9. This is pretty ! Beast !! :D My all time favourite song ! bad Girl ! Ur sending to jade n xinyi ? HEHEHE :D

  10. I LOVE this! Your lines look so even, it almost looks like minx or something. :)

    I would wrap everything and see what you can fit in one box!

  11. thanks ladies!

    Linda, omg, really? because of me...you've grown an interest for asian boy bands?! AWESOME! hahahaha i looove Haru Haru & Round 1!! :) thats awesome!

    Jackie S, thanks! glad you like the song too :)

    AnnKiins, thanks for the suggestions! i already did a SNSD mani..but i can try another one! :P

    Akuma Kanji, awesome! thanks for sharing! :)

    kissbebez, you know xinyi & jade too!? awesome!!! :) yeap, the package is going out to them! haha

  12. haha ! yup ! ;D they are my friends and heard about ur nails from them so yeah :D pretty nail design you have :D keep it up ! ;)

  13. I am not really into kpop but I love your kpop manis and this one is no exception XD

    Hmmm I usually do not send over 10 polishes so that the package won't be too heavy and attract the customs attention.