Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Handwriting Tag + Giveaway Update

first, my mani from last weekend-ish.

my awesome friends from Malaysia sent me an awesome package of polishes the other week... which i'll post about later. but im using 2 of my new polishes in this mani. the polishes i used in this mani is Wet n Wild's French White Creme, the minty green is Sasatinnie's FCW032, & the periwinkle blue is Sasatinnie's FCW034.

onto the handwriting tag...

1. What is your name? And your blog name?
2. Blog URL
3. Write: the brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.
4. Favourite quote
5. Favourite song
6. Favourite band/singers
7. Say anything you want
8. Pass it along to a few bloggers

im tagging Rachel, Katherine, Tara, Che, & anyone else who wants to do this!

thanks to Julie & Ivana for tagging me :)

last order of business for tonight, i wanna update you guys on my giveaway. i had planned the giveaway to end on "Sunday, March 18" but we all know that March 18 is a Thursday! i -honestly- really wanted it to end on Sunday, March 20 so i changed it. its not gunna affect anyone but im just letting you all know.

have a great one!,


  1. very cute mani and color combo! i love this =]

  2. Loving your nails! The colors are adorable. :]

    Ah...I can't help but comment on your handwriting meme. JYJ! JYJ! I love JYJ! <3 Did you get to see them while they were here in the states? ^^
    (Might do this meme too~)

    Looking forward to seeing who the winner will be!

  3. ooh the mani is sooo pretty! i <3 the colors! & yay!! u did the tag! I love ur handwriting and how both me and u use capital letters innapropriately lol <33

  4. your handwriting is perfect and your mani is too cute. i like how crisp the spots are against the white background.

  5. I LOVE your nails! and your handwriting should seriously be a font! :)

  6. Your handwriting looks like the font on your banner. Its cute (:
    and I love the colors you used for your mani

  7. Oh gosh, how cute is your handwriting!!!

    This mani is darling; I must try to copy. I can't even get near your look, yet I still want to own it!!! lolol!

  8. Love the mani. & thanks for the tag! Awesome handwriting :P

  9. cute mani! thanks for the tag :D

  10. You always have the best color combo in your mani! =) & What part of CA are you going to?

  11. These colors are super pretty!!!! :)

    And you have such a nice handwriting :D

  12. such a cute manicure! i love the leopard print!

  13. This is so cute!! Very pretty and the colors are perfect for spring!

  14. love the mani and also handwriting =)

  15. your mani is great ! I love those colors together, very pretty

  16. I love your handwriting! And that mani is very cute :)

  17. mani is cute but handwriting is awesome - i love it :-D

  18. love the twist you put on the leopard print mani :D you have very bold handwriting :D keep them coming!!!
    emily @emilysnailfiles xxxxxxxxx

  19. are u a leftie? my sis is one ^^
    how ruler straight ur handwriting, so nice!

    xoxo elle

  20. This manicure is CUTE! Love the pastel leopard pattern

  21. The periwinkle blue is unreal, I was just about to ask what is it!!?! Then I read the description of course, can't wait to hear more about it! The minty green is nice too, but I need to stay away, I have so many minty greens now :/ Cute over all mani as usual!

    And thanks for the tag dear :) Yay! I'll do it soon.

  22. Loving the mani <3
    And wow your handwriting is so neat and pretty ^_^

  23. I need a picture of the periwinkle blue is Sasatinnie's FCW034 bottle!!!! its a gorgeous color! swoons..i think i need the color

  24. thanks much ladies!~

    Tiffyama, nah, i didnt get to see them in their first US tour..and now i wont even be able to see them in their upcoming tour cause they're not coming anywhere near me :(

    Julie, yay for inappropriately ysing capital letters! hahaha

    omgnoodles, im gunna be in the LA for most of the time..but we're also heading to Lompoc & Fresno to visit family for a few days ;P