Wednesday, March 9, 2011

SS501 inspired mani


first things first...i just wanna mention that i finally got a new layout for my blog. its super simple & thats how i prefer it :P im not done putting in new links & what not, but hopefully it'll be done shortly :)

next, my mani! it's been a while since i last had a kpop inspired mani. but today, i bring you another one.

this is my SS501 - A Song Calling For You mv inspired mani! there's a reason why i specifically did this mani is because ... two years ago, around the end of February onto early March, i got into kpop. i fell in love with SS501 through this music video & so i just wanted to make a mani in celebration of my 2nd year into kpop! :) omg. i cant even imagine what my life would be if i hadn’t got into kpop. haha

on my nails… i didnt put my SS as close together as it is in the mv. & i couldnt find the right shade of dark yellow-orange for the font :( on my pointer, i have a checkered pattern from the floor tiles of the second picture. next, the black dress is supposed to be like the dress that girl in the 3rd picture is wearing. then i have the cute cardigan & bow tie design is on my ring finger. & i bet you’re confused about my pinky design huh? haha. thats supposed to be the garage door & that black thing is supposed to be part of the car :P i didnt include Jungmin [who is the guy in the last picture] in my mani but i still left him in this picture anyway :)

p.s. dont laugh at how ridiculously sloppy my checkered design & “garage” design is..i rushed through those two.

here's the mv for you to enjoy :)

lastly, if you follow me on twitter, you'll notice that yesterday i was complaining about school. once i finish this semester, i'll get my associates in general studies... so i really need to finish this semester out well. for the first half of this semester, i felt like i had school under control. i worked out a nice study schedule & what not & im actually doing well in my classes. but just on Tuesday, my online money management class started & im already feeling overwhelmed. i have homework due tonight, 4 assignments due Friday night, 2 tests due Sunday night, and a project to start - AND THIS IS ONLY MY FIRST WEEK OF CLASS!! im kinda freaking out because i dont think i can manage everything anymore. i know online classes are harder but this is the toughest online class i've had yet & im really freaking out. gahh, i hate school! and not to mention, i have two midterms tomorrow. :(

im done complaining now. i need to finish my homework & finish studying!

have a good one!,


  1. aww, this is so cute!! love the inspiration!

  2. Love this group and this mani!!

  3. awww!!! I love the nail with the shirt and tie! that is too cute. It would also be super cute for a father's day mani <33

  4. I love the dress nail for some reason. I keep giggling about it. You did a really good job but it seems so silly to me. :) In a good way!!

    Katrina, sometimes you have to take a deep breath and then just throw yourself into school work. It sucks but- you can pull through!

  5. I love the manicure! Good luck on your school odissey -___-

  6. I love how crazy detailed your mani's always are, they look so creative and funky :)

  7. I'm so in love with this MV!!
    I love it!
    Great inspired mani!!

  8. This is so super cute, I love it. I wish I had skills like that! And gah, I know how you're feeling about the school stuff. Semester is ending soon and I keep having panic attacks in the middle of the night because I can't stop thinking about everything that's due. Good luck with your school stuff!

    - Kirsten

  9. Totally awesome mani! Thumbs up for the cool designs, I really like the design with the tie-outfit. If you can create mani's like this, then you can easily handle the crazy school stuff, right =] Good luck!!!

  10. haha! i got into it 2 years ago too because of boys over flowers XD I think that drama converted a lot of people haha! Love the mani!

  11. Nice mani Katrina I especially love the yellow Cardigan and tie. It's so cute!
    I'm sure you'll manage your studies. Take it one step at a time.

  12. your manis are more amazing and cute!!! ;p