Sunday, March 27, 2011

DBSK - Balloons inspired mani

heyyy! its been a while, i hope all is well. i've been lazy. i havent really done any manis lately; i've just been painting my nails a solid color & ending it there.

i have another kpop inspired mani today. this one... i did 2 weeks ago but was too lazy to post until now T______T

Balloons was one of the first DBSK mvs i watched & they’re just too cute - especially in those outfits!! :D i know…its a really, really simple mani :X oh, and please dont laugh at my right hand. i wrote 동방신기 all sloppy & lopsided =’( but that 5 in the heart is kindaaa cute though, right? haha.

here is the cute mv for you to watch;

this is it for now.

enjoy the rest of your weekend!,


  1. I love how you take the inspiration from their music videos & you have amazing free hand painting skills - I think your right hand came out perfect!!!

  2. Ahh, so cute! Balloons is one of my favorites. ^^

  3. ahhhk! i miss TVXQ so much T_T... why did they have to break up. boohoo...
    btw, i always love these kpop inspired nails :D so cute!

  4. Omgawd, Balloons video still - L.O.V.E <3
    Yunho Oppa saranghae <3333
    -Coughs- Anyways! >o<
    Cute mani! And I hear yah, I've been lazy as well, maybe it's an ifectious dicease- being lazy to design your nails D:

    Always Keep The Faith <3
    Cassiopeia forever!!
    The sea of red balloons shall be indented in the sky which we are all underneath :'D

  5. @Laheelahee-
    Always Keep the Faith!!!

  6. The letters look nice and it doesn't look messy :) I love your kpop mani's!

  7. Awwwww, that's such a cute mani! And believe it or not, even I know Tohoshinki XD

  8. Soo cute :) I don't care how simple you think your nail art is, it's always amazing how you get inspired! :D And it always looks good :)

  9. you're so good in creating those kind of designs :D

  10. thanks ladies!~

    AnnKiins, thats right! ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH!! <3 :)