Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fail Manis & Important Info

hi! :)

ok, this first fact of the matter is really not important. haha. but i would like to mention that i finally made a facebook page for my nail stuff. if you would like to "like" it..then feel free~ click here for a link to fb. i havent done anything fancy to it yet...just some nail art & my fugly banner... haha. one day, i'll put better stuff on there and add a like button to the side of my blog here.. but for now, thats it~

next, i sure hope you all have read my review on Younique Nails because i have great news for you! starting yesterday, February 7, and running til March 7... Younique Nails has dropped the price on their polishes! from $13.90 down to $10.90! but, dont forget that i have my 10% coupon code that you can use! meaning, you'll be paying around $9.81 for a bottle [plus shipping].

its definitely something worth trying out~ :)

ok, onto my fail manis... first we have a failed kpop inspired one.

Miss A is a newer girl group that came out some time last year i believe. an anonymous person on formspring kindly suggested for me to do a mani that was inspired by Miss A's Breath music video...i got this far and then i stopped.

here's the mani i have on right now..

3 coats of Milani's Fresh Teal. the polish is REALLY not this peacock blue-ish shade irl. its more teal...but this picture sucks. boo T___T if you couldnt tell, its supposed to be Agent P aka Perry The Platypus..from Phineas and Ferb. [ yes, i still watch Disney Channel. dont judge me :P ] i dont like how this turned out...my sister said Perry looks really mad. HAHA -_____-

anyway, this is it for now!

have a great one!,


  1. nice mani :) and i just liked ur FB page!

  2. I like it. I really don't think it is a fail =). AS I said many times. You truly are an artist =)

  3. hahaha I saw it was Perry right away!

  4. :) I love both of these. That blue looks perrrfect.

  5. haha! i like watching disney channel too and that sure is Perry! :)

    i wish you continued your Miss A mani. that's not a fail!

  6. I LOVE Miss A. My favourites are Jia and Suzy :P Great manicure!

  7. Loved these! And I Like you on facebook now. :)

  8. I think both manis were so cute! And not fail at all!

  9. i can't see the pictures.. it says "Upgrade to Pro today! Photobucket" ... how can I see the pictures well??