Thursday, May 23, 2013

L'Oreal - Lacey Lilac + The Palace Life + Gradient Triangle Mani;

hey :)

When I received Royally Yours from Victoria of ABPR a while ago, I also received Lacey Lilac & The Palace Life - which are part of L'Oreal's Paris Versaillis Collection.

2 coats of Lacey Lilac. Very pretty lilac with pink undertones.

3 coats of The Palace Life. This one is a beautiful pastel, baby pink -- kind of streaky but it covers well by the third coat.

I used TPL as the base of this mani. I'm not sure why TPL looks a bit darker in this photo compared to the other swatch photo .. hmm.

L'Oreal's Paris Versaillis Collection are at drugstores for purchase.

Have a good one!,