Sunday, May 5, 2013

SUPER BLACK Lacquers Drunk Dial + Whip Swatches;

hey :)

A few weeks back, Natalie Dee of SUPER BLACK Lacquers sent me two polishes to review, here are the pretties that I received --

Drunk Dial and Whip. Aren't they beautiful!? 8D I absolutely LOVE the bottles! The font, the design, the brush -- everything, it's almost perfect. I just wished the bottles had the polish names on it. Aside from that one, teeeeeny weeeeeny thing, I looooove them! :D

2 coats of Drunk Dial. It builds up so well; a purple-based magenta with red, orange, and yellow glitters. It's so fun and pretty!

2 coats of Whip. OHMAHGAH!! IT'S BEAUTIFUL!! :D Pictures do not do justice for the amazing holo-ness !

I did a comparison of Whip & Color Club's Revvvolution (which I took swatches of it here three years ago!). Whip is a linear holo and it has a stronger holo finish whereas Revvvolution is a scattered holo.

Aren't those lovely!? :) Be sure to check out SUPER BLACK Lacquers for other beautiful polishes. And a big thanks to Natalie Dee for the polishes~

Have a good one!,


  1. OMG, I love those! Love the bottles too, I need some of those...

  2. Both polishes looks amazing!!! Yeah... definitelly looks great!

  3. wow, what an awesome polishes <3