Monday, September 20, 2010

NOX Twilight Swatches

hi! i've been a little MIA in the blog world lately, although i did try to pop my head in every so often to check out whats new. again for today, i dont have much to post.

its been about 2 weeks since my no-buy started back up; but i had to break my no-buy on Saturday when i walked into Meijer's to find the whole collection of NOX Twilight nail polishes! i, legit, went crazyyy to see them with my very eyes =P

i ended up picking up my two favorites;

Citrus & Poseidon.

$6.99 per bottle, which is the same price online. i've wanted these two polishes since the first time i saw swatches of them. total beauties! im not sure if im going back to pick up any more of the polishes cause im not really diggin them..but we'll see. i think i kinda like Talon.. =P

on to the swatches -

the beautiful Citrus. i believe this is two coats. Citrus was a bit goopy but it was manageable. coral-ish pink with an awesome gold shimmer. gosh. i have mixed feelings about this one. this was my #1 out of the collection but after i put it on, i didnt like it. then the next day, i woke up & loved it. then i didnt like it again, and then i fell in love with it again. ergh. i dont know how i exactly feel about it. =P

gorgeous Poseidon. three coats here. this one was watery but manageable as well. kinda like a sky blue + turquoise color. total beauty! love, love, love!

im done here for now, hope your week goes well :)

have a great one!,


  1. I like it a lot! I saw them a while back but I wasn't in the Twilight craze though I did enjoy the book series and I didn't get them. Also kind of pricey.

  2. They just put these out at our Meijer stores here. I wasn't familiar with the brand, and I'm not a Twilight fan. These two were the ones I would have bought, though. I have mixed feelings about them just looking at them! lol

  3. I love the bottles....wait..they aren't cheap are they? like plasticy?

    they look expensive and all nice..and a metal logo

  4. I love Citrus! it reminds me NYX round lipstick watermelon LOL

  5. I am so far from being a Twilight fan but hot damn these are gorgeous!

  6. wow....i love those 2 colours!!!
    is so beautiful!!

  7. omg!
    i adore that pink!
    i want it :(

  8. Poseidon reminds me of Barry M's Turquoise.
    Or For Audrey

  9. I want both of these and Citrus looks wonderful on your nails!

  10. I saw these but didn't get any. For some reason I don't mind paying $6.99 for SH Complete Salon but $6.99 for these seemed steep. I may have to go back and get a couple for research purposes, though. :)

  11. I <33333 these colors!! I love the goldish sheen on the pink color. This reminds me how I also need to invest in a baby blue nail polish too. lol

  12. the citrus color is totally adorable. i want one :|

  13. those two are my favorites, too =) look so great on you!