Monday, September 27, 2010

Hey, Mister!

honestly, thats such a lame title! -ahaha.

hello, hello! i apologize for my week disappearance! schools been kicking my ass and i cant seem to catch up o__O all the studying i do isnt really paying off. including today, back to last week, i've been packed with school work. i had two exams, three quizzes, an essay, and trying to memorize everything - - but it didnt really work out =( i didnt have time for my nails all week last week nor did i have inspiration. but today is a different story; i treated myself to a little polishing & i, literally, just finished this mani =P

this kinda explains my lame post title; each time i look at my nails, i think "HEY, MISTER!" ...for some odd reason =P i used Sally Hansen White On & Black Out. the half-moons took FOREVER & even with the help of paper reinforcements, i didnt like how they turned i basically free-handed them. i also free-handed the little tuxedo which didnt take as long as i expected.

im freakin exhausted so im going to end it here.

be back soon,


  1. I love the tuxedo! I just did a ruffian manicure free hand and I was like oh god I wish I had those French manicure stickers LOL! It looks really cute though! In the picture I thought the black was brown, maybe it's the lighting? ♥

  2. omg that's so cute! love the tuxedo ^^

  3. thanks Katherine! i wanna try a ruffian mani next!! and im sure the french mani stickers would really help! =P haha oh, and its just the bad lighting in the picture...the polish is definitely black =P

    Zuzu, thank you :D

    thanks Jennifer ;)

  4. Haha! You can't say "Hey Mister!" and show me a picture of a suit without making me think of Mr. Pinstripe Suit by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy.

    I love your nails right now, they're so adorable!

  5. awwwww so cute.

    here's the you also draw on your right hand or you only draw designs on your left?

  6. The tuxedo looks so adorable! I can never get over how talented you are :)

  7. cute!! i dont like black nail polish on myself tho =( i should try with diff colors! haha

  8. I love this mani. It is so unique. And the tuxedo is just fabulous.

    Good luck with all the school work, it can get too much at times but hang in there :D

  9. They are amazing :) good luck with school <3

  10. I love this mani- and the accent nail looks great :D

  11. thanks Thriszha :)

    Erin, haha - thanks! and thanks for the vid link =P

    thanks Priscilla!

    Li Lian, thanks! and i draw on both my hands...although my right hand always looks a bit messier... =P

    aw, youre so sweet! thanks Alison!

    thanks Allison! yea, im sure different colors besides for black would definitely look cute! ;)

    thansk Brittany!

    aw, thank you so much Cel! :D

    Pixie D, thanks! :)

    thanks Alice! <3

    amusedPolish, thank you :D

  12. this is so cute!
    I hope school slacks off a bit for you...

  13. OMG. This mani is gorgeous.
    I cannot pulled off the half moon mani.
    It was epic fail.
    Your one turned out great.
    Very classy :D

  14. Love this mani. Sometimes its needed to pull away from the books and do something totally different.

  15. i think i saw this somewhere on youtube but i'm not too sure. anyway, they're awesome... i love nail art! but i cannot do it myself.. sighhh ;( good job though.

    come check out my blog and hope you follow me too! thanks.

    join my giveaway, Coach poppy charm

  16. thanks Samantha =)

    thanks Jillian~

    AnnKiins, thanks :) hopefully it'll work out better for you next time =P

    LWTT, thanks :D its true..stepping away from the usual is definitely good sometimes :)

    Janelle, thanks!

    thanks Camy!

    SilhouetteScreams, thank you :D

  17. Thank you for followingggg!!! =)

    Love your nail arts <3

  18. I like the half moons! and paper reinforcements are tricky for me! Overall it looks great (: - Jakyla.

  19. missPukka, thank you :)

    Donna, thanks!

    thanks Jakyla! :)

    Beauty Addict, thank you!

    Prettyfulz, thanks :D

  20. This is looking so hot! What a details, it's just looking perfect

  21. This is sooo cute! That is a pro little tux. I wish I could do that on my nails!