Thursday, September 2, 2010

Viva La Nails Review

[ahh - this post has been long overdue.]

when i found out that the sweet people at Viva La Nails offer bloggers and youtubers sample packs [PLUS FREE SHIPPING!!], how could i resist?! well, honestly, i originally didnt want a sample pack..but after seeing everyone's sample packs & the awesome things you could do with it..i just knew i had to try a sample pack! plus, you know me & nail art..we're friends [sometimes] =P

once i signed up for my sample pack, i was SUPERRRR thrilled! but it look -literally- two full weeks for my sample pack to finally come to me. each & every day that i waited, i slowly started to think i wouldnt get it ..but thankfully, i was wrong :) by the end of the two weeks, i wasnt so thrilled anymore. so i've put off the samples til now.

today, im going to share with you the water decals that Viva La Nails offer. when i first saw everyone's posts about the water decals, i was wondering how "easy" it really was.

here is four coats of Milani's Creme Brulee. thats right, four coats *ugh. i hate doing more than three coats of polish. anyway, i loved the design of this decal. and yes, the water decals are really as easy as people say it is :)

recently, i used another water decal for a mani. just a simple french tip with pink [i cant figure out if the pink things are "glitters" or "dazzlings" oh well..] circle things. i really liked the look of the decal + pink things, but i hated the pink part of my mani - too pink for my likings.

anyway, this is it for this part of the review. if youre a blogger and would like to receive a free sample pack, its really worth it. i think they are currently out of stock, but definitely check back in & get your sample pack!

thanks for tuning in,


  1. Nice package!!!
    and your nails looks uber pretty! such lovely flowers! very cute!

  2. :) Water decals are the best!! I really like the ones you recived!

  3. Heyyeyyy enjoy with them!!! Combs are really great!

  4. thanks ladies! <3 i really enjoyed the water decals too :D

  5. Your ones are better than mine!
    But I still love mine <3
    I recently did the water decals they gave me and it works like a charm. SO easy, totally buying more when I have a chance!
    It removes with remover as well (big +)

  6. Forgive me for being dense--in the last pic, the water decals are the flowers, or were the pink glittery things decals, too?

  7. AnnKiins, thanks!~ but i totally agree! the fact that the water decals are easy to remove..thats a BIG plus!! :D haha

    hey Karen, the water decals were the flowers. and the pink things are kinda like big glitters. i looking at VLN's website to find out but i couldnt figure out if they were considered "glitters" or "dazzlings".. =P

  8. I guess you're super special because you got free shipping, I didn't *pouty face* you got good stuff and it looks like those glam kelly green sparklies!

  9. you didnt get free shipping? was it the blogger sample pack that you got? =(

  10. Hey hun!
    You have a blog award on my blog:

  11. Yes ma'am! I mean it was only like $4.95 US but still....

  12. yea, i know!.. its only $4.95...but...still...not cool.

    thanks Camy!

  13. nooo the free shipping is goneeeee :( & i dont have paypal boo :( i really loved the water decals- they're very elegant :)!