Friday, September 3, 2010

Personal, Non-Nail Related Post

i usually keep my life out of my posts; sometimes i'll complain about my day[s]..or i'll briefly describe my weekends, but generally, i dont like to get too personal. not that im shady or anything, but i dont get too personal with people very easily. with that said, im going to make an exception for today. i feel like im in a hole & i need different peoples advice. so if you dont mind reading about my slight issue, please continue on. if you'd rather stay out of it, its totally cool.

k. lets start. so, if you didnt know already, i LOVE Korean music; just a little more than a year & a half ago, my sister got me all addicted to kpop. & all & my mom thought i was a total freak! so last September, my sister, our friend, and i took a Korean class. [the class is NOT part of any college, so there isnt any credit earned.] my parents hated it but my mom hated it more than my dad. she thought we were just going to learn for the [hot] Korean guys, but really, we werent. plus, im not Korean so she thought it was a ridiculous idea to learn about another culture + language. but after the first semester ended, my sister & our friend didnt take the second semester but i loved it SO much that i took the second semester by myself. i guess i caught on pretty quickly cause i got moved up to the second level during my second semester only.

now that its September again, the Korean class is about to start - - next Saturday, the 11th, to be exact. [ ONE DAY AFTER MY 20TH BIRTHDAY!! - just sayin' ;) ] my little heart has already decided that it wants to take the class. i've already told my boss so my work days are already starting to work around the class. the only thing is that i havent exactly told my parents. i've tried talking to my dad about it & i just slightly brought it up & all he said was "dont waste your time, just finish college." i know if i bring it up to my mom, its gunna end UGLY so im avoiding that for as long as i can.

its $225 [or something] for a semester & i would obviously be paying for it myself - as i did in the other two semesters. but right now, money is a slight issue. since i got into my first car accident a few weeks ago, i need to save up to buy a new car. plus i, literally, had to pay out of my pocket for this semester at college since i was lazy & late and i didnt file for financial aid <--my mom is still SUPER pissed about that. but my mom was sweet & bought my books for me.

so my problem is... should i take a class that i really enjoy but my parents hate or should i not take it cause my parents dont want me to and i know i'll regret it ?? =(

i've only told four people about this problem of mine; my sisters both said "mom's gunna kill you." my cousin said i should just take it, and my awesome friend, Anouk, agreed and said to take it since i know im going to regret it later.

if you made it this far, thanks! <3 i really needed to get this off my chest cause EVERY time that i think about this, i go crazy - literally. i cant sleep because of this issue.

i'd really, REALLY, really appreciate some feedback. and again, sorry i had to get personal on this post =/ i'll get back to nails soon.

thanks much! <3333


  1. This might not be much help....but you should totally go where your heart takes you. Life is short (really) and we spend so much of our time in our heads doing what we think is 'right' and we miss spending time in our hearts doing what feels 'right'. We then look back on our lives later and have regrets. This is not hurtful to anyone (although it sounds like it will annoy your parents) so my advice is to go with your heart. At the same time, be prepared for the fall-out it sounds like you might end up having. If we go into our heartfelt decisions with our eyes wide open it prepares us for the consequences overall (good ones, bad ones, and indifferent ones). Like I said, I'm probably not much of a help but I wish you luck in your ultimate decision.

  2. No worries about a non-nail post. I recently asked in my blog about changing my major in college and it was helpful to get other peoples insight. :)

    As long as you can pay for it where it won't be a financial burden on you . I say 100% go for it. I think parents have the best intentions for you. As you get older you realize you're parents can be wrong. They love us and they care for us but sometimes they can't see things through your eyes. I understand your hesitation too, we always want to make our parents proud and don't want to disappoint them.

    You're an adult now and I don't see how a class is going to negatively impact your life. It's something you really enjoy and you get something out of it. I think you you need to make sure to prioritize though. Your college classes that you do get credit for should come first. You also need to be sure like I said before that the money thing won't be an issue. If you feel comfortable with all that, then take that class!

    I'm sure you'll have to have this conversation with your parents soon. I think you should have some things to backup your argument. You mentioned you were lazy and forgot to file to financial aid. I've done that too. I got in BIG trouble! I think you should try to make an effort to show your parents you are taking a strong initiative towards school. If you make good grades tell them about your grades. If you make a study schedule show them that. I think just provide them with some confidence that you can handle yourself and you have things figured out. I'm not saying this will work, but it maybe helpful. If the conversation doesn't go over well at least you know you gave it your best shot ,and you should still take the class. They'll have to accept it eventually and they'll of course still love you. :)

    I hope this is somewhat helpful. I know it's not easy to make these types of decisions! <3

  3. I definitely think you should take it, if it were me I would regret giving up something I love for someone else. I know how you feel, I love Japanese music, culture, food, language, tv shows, etc. but my mom thinks I'm stupid for it. She mocks my Japanese music and rolls her eyes when I practice writing katakana.

    If you can fit this class in your budget reasonably then go for it. I don't understand why they have so much of a problem with it as long as it isn't putting you in financial trouble or negatively effecting your college grades. Don't feel bad about posting this either, I find writing about things and talking to others about my problems helps tremendously.

    I hope everything works out!

  4. If you have the passion to learn, then go for it girl! I myself love kpop and would love to learn but my school doesn’t offer Korean classes , your parents should stay out, its your life and yes, do whatever makes you happy!

  5. Take the class! If you know you will regret not taking it then do yourself a favor and save yourself the wondering and what ifs later in life. Live for the moment and do what inspires you!

  6. You should take it! I've always wanted to take it but no money and it's not offered at my college. If you really love it and are passionate about it like you said, you should go for it. You never know if it'll come in handy one day, and if you travel there in the future. If you're saving up for a new car, that might take a while and I don't think $225 would set you back very far off your goal either. Hope it helps. It's okay, your blog doesn't always have to be about nail related stuff. :P Good luck and tell me how it goes! :)

  7. take the course. it helps to always to know a second language. tell your parents that you really like korean and that ALSO you want to learn korean to help your resume when you graduate because the job market is pretty bad right now and if you can speak more than 1 language it will really help you. it will give you a boost compared to other applicants. you can also then say that you may want to pursue other languages too. i'm sure their are other languages that you are some what interested in.)...and maybe become a flight attendant. maybe you do or not..the possibilities are endless but having another language will really help you. especially if going into customer service they will hire a person with a background in X language versus a person that can only speak 1 language.

  8. i'll say take the course cos if u don't you are really gonna regret it (like me)!!i wanted to take the korean class during my uni period but because it clashes with my major courses, i didn't get to take i thought nevermind, i'll take it the next semester. but then again, it clashes with my major courses the next semester...and it just keeps repeating every semester up til my last year in my uni....
    so, if u really like it, then u should really continue on..i know how exciting and fun learning korean is(i can read, and write in korean a bit =D)so it'll be such a waste if you do not continue on...
    try and talk to your parents properly, i'm sure they will understand. even if they don't agree with u, just tell them u really love the language...
    all the best!!!

  9. I'm a regular follower, but I usually don't comment. But I felt I had to do it with this post. I'm going to say almost the same as the rest, but first of all: Take the class. Your parents doesn't decide what you do..
    The thing that made me wanna say something, is that you mom is saying it's stupid to bother about other cultures and languages.. I'm an anthropology student (well I just started, but anyway) and that education is all about learning about other cultures and keep an open mind to everything that's not like your own culture.. And even though you don't study anthropology, it's SO helpful to know about other cultures and languages. It makes you perspective at the world so much better.. So it did hurt in my heart a little when I read you mothers opinion :p
    But I don't really have anything clever to say.. I would take the class if I had the money for it. But my parents would be totally supportive, so I cannot put myself in you place..
    But I hope you'll figure it out :)

  10. Ithink that you shouldtake those classes it can really be helpfull to speak many languages once yourparents will see you happy they will be proud just prove them that you can doboth your job and the lessons

  11. I think you should go ahead with the lessons since it's something you love and won't put any financial strain on anyone else.
    Sometimes our families even though they love us so much fail to understand some of the choices we make at first but it all works out in the end.
    So I say go for it :)

  12. Hey Katrina! I had a car accident last month aswell. I crashed with a huge bus :D Anyway, you should take the class- because you love it, enjoy it! Besides, if you don't take it, maybe you can forget wot you learned. We have some saying in here maybe you heard of it - 1 language 1 person !!!

  13. I'm not good at handling situation but I do love my K-pop!
    SNSD, DBSK and Cnblue love!
    If you know them.
    I've been into Korean music for about 4 - 3 years now c:

    I don't think you should take the classes.
    I wanted to learn Korean at one stage but then it'll come no use to me since it's none of the worlds main languages.
    Theres some guides to learn Korean on the internet so those might help with the basics.


  14. I think you do need to prioritise and focus on what's more important, if taking these classes means you're going to have to put off buying a car then I would put the classes on hold for the moment until you get that sorted out.

    I think you've already decided yourself that you REALLY want to take these classes, so just go for it! But like I said if there are financial problems then you should put it on hold and for the moment, and for the time being really try and convince your parents on seeing the good of studying Korean. Being multilingual does look good on your applications, and opens up communications with other people! Learning korean is just like learning any other language, difference is you're actually interested in the culture and have the will to learn. I took German for four years at HS, but it wasn't really that interesting and I just took it 'cause I might as well get the qualification... After a year+ of not taking the classes, my German is RUBBISH and I only use it for fun. So think about that too, you don't wanna waste money on something that you're just gonna forget in a few years time (or just make korean friends and watch a bunch of korean dramas XD).

  15. Wow this is a tough one, I guess I can see your parents worrying about this class taking away from college studies but I don't understand why your mom would be angry that you want to be exposed to another culture? If you don't mind bumming rides then I say do what makes you happy.

  16. Sometimes, the things that make us happy are not always the right thing to do. I think you have to have to weigh your priorities and consider the practicality of what you're going to do. If you're really passionate about it and believe that your other concerns can be set aside, then go for it. But if there would be other important things that need to go first, I think it's better to take care of them first.

    Whatever your decision may be, good luck! :)

  17. As a responsible adult, I say take the class and enjoy it. You are paying for it and you are an adult and can make decisions for yourself.

    As a deviant follower, I say: it's easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission. ;)

  18. It's an hard decision, but I think that your parents (that love you) maybe at first colud be disapponted but after a while they will forgive you... So... Go ahead and good luck <3

  19. i think you should, while you're still young have time..(and money) i'm learning hangul thru i wish someone can teach me it for free!advance happy birthday to both of us!

  20. Hi Katrina, sorry for the late post. I have been busy at work lately and have only just started catching up on reading blogs I follow. I really think you should take up the Korean class. Having seen the same situation happened before at home between my parents and my sister, I can really appreciate how you feel. My sister regreted big time, but eventually persued what she really wanted to study. Nothing beats doing something you're passionate about. If financials is a problem now, you can postpone the lessons. Also, take some time to discuss this nicely with your parents. I am sure they will eventually understand.
    I love Kdrama and Kpop too :) 'Hwaiting'