Monday, March 29, 2010

Chubby Pucca

Pucca gained a little weight in my nails...

Pucca's left eye looks like it got punched...but really, thats just the paint smudging. haha

i do wanna say, however, that i recently bought one of Nailene's Acrylic Strong Topcoat and i absolutely hate it. i know its not a fast-drying topcoat, but it literally takes so long to dry! i waited for a good 30 minutes or longer, and when i woke up the next day, smudges and imprints were everywhere on my nails! i even waited an hour for one nail and there were still smudges! i've tried the topcoat three times now and each time i wake up to the same thing. - - i also wanna mention that, the topcoat itself doesnt completely suck because it does keep my nails shiny, well, the spots that arent all smudged up stay shiny. but honestly, if you're impatient like me, dont bother getting Nailene's Acrylic Strong Topcoat. if you dont mind the wait, the $3.99 to buy the bottle isnt so bad.

anyway, hope your week starts out great!,


  1. love the nail art you did :)
    to me puccas left eye looks like she has really long eyelashes ^^

  2. interesting. i thought about getting that topcoat, but i too, am impatient. its annoying when you have to wait for your nails to dry. thanks for letting us know. =)

  3. That's too bad about the topcoat! It's my favorite. I always use drying drops if I'm doing my nails in the evening though.

  4. I love this mani! Hell, I love every mani you create! Too bad about the tc, but Pucca still looks fab!

    Big compliments, I enjoy reading your blog :)

  5. amusedPolish, thanks! i like pucca with "long eyelashes" rather than pucca "with a black eye" - haha =)

    hi Pang! yup! i saw some of reviews for that topcoat and i was so excited to get it! it just totally bummed me out tho -__-

    Asami, i know! i read a few some reviews about the topcoat & i considered getting it; but then i read your review & i was more excited to get it! i just really wish it turned out better for me .. but its ok =P

    Michelle!, you're awesome! =) thanks so much! it means a lot! and i definitely enjoy reading your blog too!

  6. wow, you are amazing!! :)

  7. tinypaperheart, aw! thank you =)

  8. love it! no dots on this one = progress ;)

  9. Anouk, i avoided dots..thanks for noticing! HAHA

    Mel, thank you ;)

  10. This is super cute! it reminds me of my pucca phase back in university :)