Thursday, March 18, 2010

3D Acrylic Nail Art Attempt

i've always wanted to try 3d acrylic nail art but i've never bought a kit cause i was a bit nervous about trying it out. but after reading Asami's 3d acrylic nail art tutorial on Tuesday, i really wanted to try it... so that night, i went out and bought a kit. then today, i finally got to attempt 3d acrylic nail art! woo!

this is my first time trying, so please be nice =)
here's how it went:

*group shot =)
the polishes i used were on each nail were: L.A. Colors Bright Pink + Orly's Cotton Candy; Orly's Pixy Stix; & Orly's Lollipop.

my 3d bow. i made the bow before adding the pink the bow looks super small in comparison to the dots. then i added a rhinestone to pretty it up. [also, the light from the sun, in this picture, left a blob on the nail. see how one side is pink & one side is kinda orange-y? yea, thats the sun.]

[ew. blurry picture. too lazy to retake another one.] 3d heart! i made a decent heart at first & then tried to fix it..and it kept getting bigger/ i stopped. then i added little pearls to it wasnt so plain... and while it was drying, one of the pearls [at the bottom of the nail] slid down & joined the other pearl. haha.

my flower. turned out...ok? not much to say about this one. haha oh, besides for the sun making the left half of the nail look white.

i spent almost an hour doing those three in my backyard...and i was going to do more but then our backyard neighbors came outside & started arguing. i felt awkward so i stopped & went inside.

thats all i have for today; have a good one!


  1. looks great for your first time. =)

  2. Oh my gosh, that is your FIRST TRY?? No freaking way! You are great! The first time I tried it was a melted mess! XD

    You are a very fast learner. Thank you so much for the link, you will be professional in a few weeks at this rate!

  3. Pang & Ryan, thanks! =)

    Asami, thank you! i was quite nervous at how it would turn out..but it came out much better than i expected, thats for sure. haha & about the link, not a prob. ;)

  4. I love how girly they are! Very cute. I don't think I'll ever be brave enough to try acrylics. haha. Well done!

  5. I tried it yesterday too! but mine came out nothing like yours great job girl I love your designs

  6. Jessica Leigh, thank you =) i didnt think i was brave enough to try acrylics either, and then one day...bam! here i am! haha its definitely something different but fun! hopefully you'll feel brave soon & try it =)

    Nails by Lizzy, thanks! i just checked out your post of your 3d nail art...too cute! it turned out great!