Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Polish Haul

its like i have no self-control around nail polishes! i just want to pick up every one of them! haha

this is my haul from last week;

and this is my haul from today;

i also bought a Nailene's Acrylic Strong Topcoat =)

i tried a few of the polishes from last week on my younger sister, Kiana, but that was it. the others are still sitting around, not even opened yet. i was especially excited to find China Glaze's Up & Away at Sally's cause i've been waiting for them since November/December when China Glaze on twitter was posting swatches! haha i still have to find the rest of the collection, they're sold out at two of the Sally's by my house.

anyway, just wanted to post a quick blog. maybe i'll do swatches? -i have spring break next week so i'll try to swatch em.

have a good one!,


  1. Sweet Haul!! I'm still a Pure Ice Virgin. :( I've noticed their awesome colors, but still haven't tried them. I guess now is the time.

  2. thanks Laura =) and you definitely should try Pure Ice! i have about 10 bottles or so in my polish collection; good polishes--i like em! and they're cheap! haha =)

  3. I'm looking forward to see if you're going to do any swatches! I'm hoping to get Lemon Fizz soon, hopefully :(

  4. im gunna try to swatch the polishes next week =) hopefully you can get Lemon Fizz soon =D