Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

here's the mani i finished last night but didnt post until today cause i waited for the sun to come out for pictures =)

i used China Glaze's Four Leaf Clover & Re-Fresh Mint. i was only going to use one green but i couldnt decide which one to use since i love both of them, so i decided to use both in the end! =)

i used glitter for my four leaf clover [on my pointer finger]. it doesnt exactly look like a four leaf clover from this angle...but it is. haha and then more glitter was used on my rainbow. and for my "gold" in my pot of gold, i used small gold beads.

then i decided to put dots on my thumb, middle, & pinky cause it looked...boring. i do like it, but now that i keep looking at it, i always have dots on my manis. im gunna avoid that for next time =P

oh, on yesterday's post, i said i was going to do swatches...nope. i didnt get the time to do it -__- hopefully i'll have time to swatch em soon..

anyway, enjoy your day & the sunshine =D


  1. Your "Four Leaf Clover" actually looks green like it is! Good job, so many have been unable to capture the color like you have.

    I like your pot of gold and your rainbow is so cute. :)

  2. aw, thanks Asami =) i know what you're saying, some people had pictures of Four Leaf Clover that looked turquoise/teal...thats why i waited for the morning to take pictures, cause i wanted to be able to get the green-ness from Four Leaf Clover. haha

  3. omg you're so creative! i love itt! :)


  4. I just discovered your blog today! This is my new favorite St. Patrick's Day manicure! Great job! I love the pot of gold!

  5. gildedangel, thank you =)

    hi April! im glad you found my blog & like my manis =D ha. ha. thank you =)