Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Package + Swatches

im currently on my Spring Break this week...and yesterday, on my first day of break, i had to work.. a full-almost 10hr day. it was a bummer. but then, i got a tweet from my sister that my package from Steff, over at Short 'n Chic, had come in - already! [i was lucky enough to win her awesome giveaway! =)] i was so excited for work to hurry up & end so i could go home and open it up!

here's what i came home to:

i opened it up to find:

these beautiful polishes and

two Dior Addict perfumes - smells soooo nice!, Wet n Wild eyeshadow, and a card!

i did some swatches of my newly arrived polishes last night as well... it was late at night when i took these pictures so the lighting in some of the pictures suck & my hands are different colors in the pictures; so im sorry in advance.

Sally Hansen Going Green. here is two layers of this very pretty green! im bummed that i wasnt able to capture the tiny little shimmer that is in the polish.

Sinful Colors Surf'n Blue. im not going to lie, i wasnt sure how this one would turn out...but after two coats of this polish, i fell in love! i really like it!

China Glaze For Audrey. i love this color! my old For Audrey was getting kinda thick & i was just about to buy a new bottle, but no need! here's two coats of F.A.

Essie Mint Candy Apple. ever since i got into nail art, almost 6-7 months ago, i've always wanted this polish! for some reason, i just never found one. but im so glad i finally got it! i love it! [i couldnt get a good picture of this one. bummer. the polish is a bit more aqua? a little less blue.]

Claire's Cotton Candy. this one definitely smelt like cotton candy! even after i took it off, i could still smell a small bit of it. haha to me, the polish looks a little frosty? [can i describe a polish like that? haha] it took me three layers to get to this. there are small glitters and bigger hexagon glitters in the polish. very pretty!

this was my first blog giveaway that i entered and i luckily won! so, again, thanks Steff! =)

speaking of blog giveaways, i did say that once i hit 50 followers, i'll do my own giveaway! i've really had the urge to do a giveaway! haha so..21 more followers.. =D

anyway, today is my first official day off. im getting lunch with my friends in a bit, but i hope i can come home and swatch a few more polishes from my haul from last week. and i also have to post up my St. Patrick's Day mani!

so i'll be back later. have a great day & enjoy the sunshine! =)


  1. you blog in such a cute way haha. i LOVE the Sally Hansen Going Green one :) and i would so enter for your giveaway haha

  2. Those Wet & Wild eyeshadow pallettes are SOOOOOOO good! I have the purple one called Lust, and I love it! They are so pigmented, huge color payoff, and fantastic staying power!

  3. Anouk, haha! thanks =) and giveaway, yes! haha

    binky1217, awesome! i still havent tried the eyeshadow but i'll definitely try it! and i should check out Lust too, cause i LOVE purple! =D thanks!

  4. Aaahhh, sorry it took me forever to comment!! Holy shit, Mint Candy Apple looks AMAZING on you!! It looked crap on me, man. I'm so glad that package arrived! I'm adding you to my blogroll right now 'cause I forgot to earlier. Your swatches are so pretty.

  5. hi Steff, thanks! and thanks for adding me to your blogroll =) i really love my new polishes, so thanks again! =D

  6. I recently found Mint Candy Apple after lusting after it for ages. Now I'm on the hunt for CG For Audrey... if only we had China Glaze in Canada!


  7. hi Alison, i sure hope you are able to find CG For Audrey soon, its a beautiful color! but im glad you found Mint Candy Apple! im glad i have a bottle too! haha i absolutely love it! =)

  8. i want that For Audrey nail polish for the longest time! and i can't find it anywhere!

  9. ur so lucky u won tht!!

    grt giveaway!

    the polishes look awesome