Wednesday, March 24, 2010


i had another mini-haul from over the weekend, so i took some time, yesterday, to swatch a few polishes. [i still havent swatched any of the polishes from 2-3 weeks ago.. -__-]

i picked these two up from Forever 21. only $2.80 per bottle, its worth it..and i actually really like em!

Love & Beauty Purple. this polish is more...dark magenta [to me]. definitely not purple..but here's two coats.

Love & Beauty Salmon. salmon is a good description of this color. even coral would be ok to describe this. its very pretty, here's two coats.

from Maybelline's limited edition Something Sweet collection.

Maybelline Bubble Pink. bubble pink is the perfect description of this! it was a pain to apply cause it was streaky. here's three coats. i think i have a Sinful Colors polish that is similar to this. if i remember, i'll do a comparison.

Maybelline Goody Plum Drop. small, tiny shimmers in the polish. application was much better for this one than the Bubble Pink. here's two coats.

did Sally Hansen come out with another new line of polishes? i saw these out on Rite Aide over the weekend; these are different from the other line of polishes that SH just came out with. the box/showcase for these polishes said "limited time" so i picked up these two. i wanna go back for the rest =)

Sally Hansen Blue Blast. such a pretty blue! i love it! two coats & bam! perfection =)

Sally Hansen Pronto Petal. this color reminds me of Pepto Bismol. haha. here's three coats, two coats would've been fine but i found a bald spot on my nail & went ahead with my third coat to cover it.

some random Sinful Colors polishes.

Sinful Colors Mint Apple. not my kind of mint, but its very pretty. this polish has a shimmer in it, here's three coats.

Sinful Colors Soulmate. the picture really doesnt depict it, but to me, this polish reminds me of a terracotta pot - not so orange-y, but around that shade. two coats here.

Sinful Colors Feeling Great. dark, raspberry pink. super pretty - two coats.

thats all the swatching i did =) hopefully i'll make time to swatch my other polishes from a few weeks ago. haha.

have a good one!,


  1. I love that Salmon color! I think the Sinful Colors shade you're thinking of that's similar to the Maybelline is Easy Going. It's also a pretty close dupe for Essie Fiji.

  2. the orange colour is so nicee from forever 21!

  3. Steff, i think you're right! i think its Easy Going that i similar to Bubble Pink - but im too lazy to go through my stash to look. haha but the salmon color is definitely a new favorite! =)

    priincess, i know, its pretty! and its cheap! i love it! haha

  4. Oooh, I might have to make a drugstore run! (I'll try to be self-controlled though . . .) That purple Maybelline and pink Sally Hansen are amazing!

  5. I love the Love & Beauty Salmon, I got Essie's Van D'Go and it didn't look right with my skintone.. now I'm considering Salmon and hopefully it'll look nice with my skintone. :) I was debating whether I should get Sinful Colors Mint Apple but I thought the bottle looked really similar to Essie's Mint Candy Apple and so I didn't get it. The color does look a little dull but I like the shimmer. Now you've got the idea of getting nail polishes from Forever21 and Sinful Colors from Walgreens (they have a larger collection than Rite Aid and Duane Reade)! :) Oh and I LOVE YOUR NAIL SHAPE!♥(:

  6. LOL the pink is not quite as saturated as pepto bismol so I think it could work

  7. thanks Katherine =) i've always eyed sinful colors' mint apple...and im glad i finally picked one up. haha but forever21's polishes really impressed me..gotta check those out =)

    and Daphne, you're right! not as saturated, but it can definitely work! haha