Tuesday, March 30, 2010

mini swatch & update!

back when i first started my blog [a month ago. haha] i posted "all" of my past nail art into a blog. guess not! i found more that i forgot i did & i didnt post em! so i just wanted to add them in here. [pictures open up in a new screen]

i also bought a few new polishes from over the weekend and today & swatched a few of them.

picked up the Finger Paints polish today & the F21 polishes were bought on Sunday. [icky picture, sorry!]

Finger Paints Blissfully Blue. i LOVE this color! i guess FP came out with a new spring line of colors cause this was with its own display case with 4 or 5 other polishes at Sallys. anyway, two coats for this adorable baby blue! i loooove this one!

Love & Beauty Teal Blue. this color is a real beauty! i didnt think i would like it as much as i do! here is two coats of the polish but one coat would've done fine! there are tiny teal glitters? in the polish so [as in the picture above] in the light, the glitters will seen.

Love & Beauty Orchid. sorry for a bad, goopy looking picture. i got really impatient [again] and yea...thats what happened =P anyway, this looks all silver but theres purple/orchid glitters? in the polish too! when i was putting this on outside, the reflection of the sun in the polish was blindingggg me! haha but this one is two coats; again, one coat probably would've been fine.

i have to say!, im really impressed with Forever 21's polishes! i gotta go hunt more! =)

also want to mention, i've already bought the stuff for my giveaway!!! so excited! i just need three more followers to get to 50! even if i dont get my three followers, some time this Thursday...im going to post up the giveaway details cause i wont have time this weekend to post.

hope you had a great day!


  1. love the one with the ribbon!!so cute..
    i have 1 baby blue nail polish from The Face Shop as well...
    i prefer darker color like the Love & Beauty Teal Blue..nice!!:)

  2. omg, i love forver 21's polishes. they're a great price, and they're not too bad either.

  3. yokeMun, thanks =) im not a big fan of blue but i loooove the light blue & teal blue! glad you like the teal blue too :D

    Pang, i know what you mean! $2.80 for a bottle of amazing polishes from Forever 21. ah-may-zing! haha its really worth it! =)