Friday, March 26, 2010

Sanrio Nails = FAIL

gosh, its been a bad nail art week for me. first, my pokemon my sanrio nails. epic fail. i thought my pokemon nails were bad...these are worse!

if you havent noticed, i like to do my nails at night. i ended up starting at 11pm and finished around... 1am? by 1230am, i was getting kinda sleepy so i started to rush...bad idea. so when i first finished my nails, i thought they were dried - obviously, they werent. when i went to put on my topcoat, my middle finger smudged everywhere! so i ended up fixing that. then after i was done fixing that, i went to close the lid on my paint & the paint ended up falling on the floor, all my paint spilled out, and then i had to clean it. after i was done cleaning it, my other middle finger was messed up. so i had to fix that. then after that was done, for some other middle finger was messed up, again. so i got mad, quickly fixed it, took a picture..and yea.


this is what they were supposed to be. only Badtz Maru looks decent. everything else looks so dumb -__- my Chi Chai Monchan kept getting messed up. when i first finished it, he looked cute. not anymore.

i was so disappointed after i did my nails; i almost convinced myself not to post a blog. but since im here showing nail art & all, i decided i might as well show the good & horribly, bad nail art designs.

ew. i hate my nails so much. im reallllllly disappointed. gotta take them off asap.

besides for that, i hope you have a great weekend ;)


  1. OMG! I love Chococat because I has me a chococat. Your Keropi totally looks cute! Don't be so hard on yourself!

  2. that's not bad at all! LOL! you are so talented and you put so much effort into your nail art! keep it upp! : ) you're doing great!

  3. aw, thanks ladies ;) that made me feel a bit better =D just as long as i dont look at my nails...haha .

  4. lol..i love the keropi!!!with the 'eyes'!!!haha
    is stil so cute!!!

  5. Very cute nails as usual! I love the 3D eyes on Keropi~so creative ^^

  6. yokeMun & joygeng . . . thank you =) google-y eyes do the trick! haha