Sunday, March 28, 2010

one month!

happy Sunday!

i just wanted to mention... its been one month since i've entered the nail blog world. thanks to all those who stay up to date with me...or even those who just drop by every so often, to those who like my nail art, and to those who comment me, i really appreciate it; thanks =) you guys girls are awesome!

oh, i also want to mention.. seven more readers til i do my first giveaway!!!! =) i guess i should start planning it, right? ;D

oh! last thing! i did buy 6 new polishes today! maybe i'll swatch soon? if not, pictures of the bottles...haha

hope your weekend was great!


  1. congrats on one month! you made it! keep up the amazingggg job! i want to see more nail designs...i love them all katrina! : )

  2. Congrats! *throws confetti*
    can't wait for more of ur nail designs...
    love them....
    n definitely can't wait for your first giveaway!!:)

  3. aw, thanks so much! =) i really do appreciate comments from ya ;) & im so excited about the giveaway too! haha

  4. how funny would it be if i won? but i won't, since i suck at nail art haha
    anyways, i do love what youre doing here! and i'm your groupie on the road ;)

  5. Anouk, it WOULD be funny yet awesome if you won! haha