Monday, March 8, 2010

Giveaway?! + Up-to-date Nail pictures

-well, im not going to have a giveaway, yet!

so this past friday, Natasha and i spent an hour or so entering was quite fun. haha and for the past few days, i felt like i really want to have my own giveaway too! but since i only have... 7 followers...i dont wanna do one yet. haha but when i hit my 50th follower, i will do a small giveaway =)

also, i wanna say thanks to Thess over at The Nail Farm for being so sweet and tweeting about my blog.. thanks! =D

ok, so i've been into nails & nail polishes as a young girl but i've just recently gotten into nail art since last June/ im still like a newbie--haha. but i've gathered up pictures of my nails from then til now...and im gunna share em =) the pictures are pretty much in chronological order...the old ones are in the beginning and the newest ones are at the end.

[click the thumbnails to see a bigger picture--the link will open up in a new tab]

have a good week!,


  1. Omgosh Katrina! These are amazing! :)
    I LOVE the last one!! & the...5th one!
    Ahh, leopard print! Haha, I'm gonna have
    to learn how to do that! :P
    && a giveaway!! I want! xD
    LOL! <3

  2. love the zebra, 2PM, the pink love!!!!
    love them so much!!

  3. WOW. These are amazing. I see no "newbie"ness whatsoever. haha.

  4. thanks ladies! im glad you like em =D