Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dalmatian Inspired Nails

hi! hope your weekend has been well! i've been MIA again this weekend. after i post this, im going to try to catch up on the posts that i've missed.

i've had this mani done since Wednesday but i havent really had time to post until now. this is another kpop inspired mani; the group name is Dalmatian, like the dogs, but they're clearly guys. ha. ha. they just recently debuted with their song, Round One, which i looooove.

just something simple. writing out "Dalmatian" wasnt really difficult..but i did mess up a bit. =P

sharing the kpop love again, here is Dalmatian's Round One music video.

hope your week starts off great!,


  1. That's such a cute mani! lol all my friends seem to be getting into k-pop lately except me. I cannot abandon my JE boys XD

  2. thanks ladies :D and kpop..woo!! :) hahaha

  3. woo, this mani is so cute, especially the little pad ♥ But reminds me dogs 101 =D!!!

  4. This nail art is very cute, lovely ^^

  5. I love their song Round One as well <33
    My fav is the guy who sang the really high note at the end. I don't know their names cause I haven't been too into them >o<
    Lovely mani 8D

  6. Cool! What polish did you use for the base color? I'm having a hard time finding that white that's not primarily used for french tips.

  7. thanks! :)

    Annkiins, i kinda know their names..the one who sings the high note @ the end is Jisu! i like Drama/Daniel. so cute!!! :D

    rins, i used Sally Hansens White On. its my favorite !! :D

  8. for halloween you should dress up as a d dog =)

    how's the korean class going?

    can you understand everything in the song?

  9. thanks Li Lian. class is going well..i need to study a LOT! HAHA i can pick up words but not full sentences.