Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hauls, Swaps, & Blues

today has been a great day for me; this morning, i went to the school bookstore to sell my books since my online English class ended & i ended up dropping my History class - long story. i made $58 extra bucks. ^^ i headed to my Politics class to find out that class was canceled for the day. heck-freakin-yes!! i then raced over to the new Ulta that opened by my house & bought a few polishes. plus i went over to my favorite nail supply store - Skyline - and bought some more polishes. and now im eating a delicious bowl of curry while typing this :)

i havent had any major hauls recently but i've done a few swaps so i wanted to share those. starting with swaps..

this one is super overdue and this was also my first swap. toward the end of August, i posted about how much i wanted Catrice polishes & if anyone was willing to swap with me... an awesome reader - Hannah, from Germany, emailed me & we put a swap together. i got this package last month yet i havent posted til now. here are my first 5 Catrice polishes; I Scream Peach!, I Sea You!, Sold Out For Ever, Plum Play With Me, & From Dusk To Dawn.

this was a recent swap with Smita over at My Nailz. i expressed a LOT of interest in Joe Fresh, GOSH, & Etude House polishes. she was able to get me some bottles of each, so we swapped. Joe Fresh Mint, Powder Blue, & Butter. GOSH Silver & Ocean. Etude House WH004 & BL501. NYC Nail Color Pink Paradise, Sally Hansen Shocking Pink, and Ardene Matte About Blue.

the sweet Tiffani from Yardsticks 4 Lunatics also responded to my Catrice post and was willing to send me these babies, which just came in yesterday :) Catrice Clay-ton, My Hero, Lucky in Lilac, Hot Or Not, & Be My Millionaire. LA Colors Moody Red.

a BIGGG thank you to the ladies who swapped with me <33333
onto hauls, i only have a few since i was on my No Buy.

this was from last week. OPI "Sheer" Your Toys! & Brand New Skates!. China Glaze Atlantis - which i got for $1.99 @ Sallys!! and Studio M Get The Blues.

this was from over the weekend when my sister, cousins, & i went to an outlet mall - Birch Run. there was an Avon store there & i FLIPPED OUT cause i was so excited! i was going to order these 3 from my friend who does Avon but i never got around to it..but its ok, i finally have them :) Avon Urban Grey, Vintage Blue, & Jade.

this haul was from today. i finally picked up OPI Lincoln Park After Dark. and also Tickle My France-y, Tease-y Does It, Extra-Va-Vaganza!, & DS Extravagance. Essie Beach Party & Sew Psyched. Essence Sweet As Candy.

wheph! that took a LOT out of me! =X sad to say, i think i've only tried 3 polishes out of all of those posted above. i probably wont do swatches because i hate swatching. major props to all of you ladies who do swatches because i just cant stand swatching. its a dreadful thought so i avoid it.

onto todays mani, its just something simple.

i've got the blues - just kidding =P i used two coats of each polish: Sally Hansen White On, Avon Vintage Blue, China Glaze Bahamian Escape, OPI Ogre-The-Top Blue, & Studio M Get The Blues. i freakin love Get The Blues!

my cousins Homecoming was two weekends ago & i did her nails. shes all about simplicity so she just wanted a regular french tip mani but i was able to convince her to add glitter lines & rhinestones.

wow! this post was longer than i expected! i'll end it here!

have a great one!,


  1. Wow! What a day :D lol I wished my classes *could* be cancelled. Our school has a no class cancellation policy :S

    I love Brand New Skates and Atlantis!! Gorgeous colors <3


  2. Love your swaps! :) I still have to get more for our swap :P

  3. i know, right Steph! it was definitely quite a day! im glad our school doesnt have a class cancelation policy!

    yni, im so excited for the Joe Fresh polishes!! :D

  4. i love em too, Katherine! haha i have only a few bottles left to get for you for our swap :D

  5. Soooo many polishes *___*!! I've always wondered, how much polish is in the Catrice bottles oz/ml wise? I've got a few lemmings, but if they're small..I don't particularly like mini bottles :x.

  6. i know right! sooo many polishes!! o__O theres 10ml in Catrice polishes. whereas China Glaze polishes have 14ml & OPI + Essie have 15ml. height wise, the Catrice bottle is the same height as Essie bottles. theyre pretty much the same width too.

  7. Those Catrice polishes are soooooo pretty! I wonder if I can find them in Canada...

  8. By the look of the above comments, you have more swaps to come lol. Joe def is a good brand around here :)

  9. Great swaps and haul! I love the blue manicure!! Too cute!

  10. sounds like a great day with no class. shopping for polish will beat class any day!

    oh and your blue mani is so cute! i like how you made the polka dots different colors. very creative.

  11. Great swaps and all polishes are great! I really love Catrice polishes and their brush, it's just perfect! Can't wait to see these beautiful polishes on your nails, yay!

  12. Emily, sadly, Catrice is only sold in countries in Europe..and they dont sell online either! sucks!

    Halifax, yea, definitely have more swaps to come :D haha im so happy i finally got some Joe polishes too :D

    Brittany, thank you :) and the swaps are definitely great :D

    Enamel Girl, its definitely been a great day with no class :D haha thanks!

    Samantha, thank you :D

    Ivana, i havent tried out the Catrice polishes but im sure i'll love em too! haha :)

  13. I recently received Joe Fresh Mint, Joe Fresh Powder Blue, and GOSH Ocean as well. I hate swatching too, I don't see how people do it! I like to paint my nails and leave it for atleast a day or two.

  14. I think you'll like the Joe Fresh polishes - I own Powder Blue and Butter :) Totally jealous of your haulage!

  15. So many goodies! :D Love the nail with the dots

  16. omg! so many polishes! I would jump all around for happyness! :) I really like joe packaging and avon too!
    Nice manicures :)

  17. Omg, so much to play wiht *-*
    I have Catrice's over in my area as well but seems like you wouldn't be needing any more >o<

  18. Wow, look at all those pretty polishes! I love your blues mani; great idea to use all the colors on the thumb!

  19. Love your mani and so glad you were able to swap for such great stuff! I too hate swatching. But I do swatch new polishes on a fake tip to see what they look like.

  20. Wow...some swaps...
    I'm jealous :-(
    I'm joking,hope you enjoy it :-)
    Love your blue mani

  21. All of your pictures and your background say that your bandwith is exceeded on Photobucket :(

  22. thanks for letting me know, Katt.

  23. Excellent hauls....I love Catrice. I don't know what else to say about your wonderful lacquer collection except....ENJOY!

  24. Hi, have you tried the catrice nail polishes?
    And how do you find them?

    I live in the Netherlands so we have them here.
    I like them, but I don't think there very special =P

  25. i've only tried like.. 2 or 3 of the Catrice polishes. they're nice..but you're right..they're not very special. haha :P