Monday, July 12, 2010

Sad News

i know i havent been posting lately, but i have a good reason...well, two reasons.

first off, almost two weeks ago, i received an email from Julie of Incoco who generously offered to send me a sample pack of their products. the products came in last week & so i tried them on. i was going to post a review on the products after a week of wearing them - - one reason.

secondly, my computer died! its soooo sad because i had pictures of swatches that i uploaded onto my computer but didnt edit nor upload onto photobucket...those are all gone! i also took daily pictures of my nails while wearing Incoco for my review...those pictures are all gone!

i dont know when my computer will be fixed...cause we have to buy new parts & whatever. sooo i cant guarantee any nails/polish posts any time soon =(

- - - - - - -

lets go to better news..

so i went back to Skyline Beauty Supply on Sunday & i bought the last two bottles of OPI's Shrek collection; Rumples Wiggin & Who The Shrek Are You? . i also picked up OPI's Heart Throb.

i forgot to mention, Skyline also sells Essie..for $4.95 per bottle! WHAT A DEAL! but it gets better!!!! if you're a nail student, the prices are EVEN LOWER! they said Essie would be $2.95 if i was a nail student or if i go in with a nail student. thankfully, my brother's girlfriend is a student & she's willing to go in with me! and that means the prices on the rest of the polishes would be lower too! YEEE! so excited ;)

- - - - - - -

ooh! please check out Kathy's blog! she's such a sweet girl! :)

- - - - - - -

also, i've been looking at some Catrice polishes..and im in LOOVE! if anyone can get their hands on some bottles & is up for a swap, please shoot me an email ;) im a TOTAL swap newb though T__T

i might as well mention it now...i finally decided to get a free sample pack of nail art stuff from Viva La Nails. i placed my order in & i got an email this morning saying they shipped me my hopefully i'll get it in this week. i also have a few more Incoco nail i will have a review on them! whenever i try them again.

- - - - - - -

sorry to have you ladies like this... =( i'll still be checking out everyones blog though!

i hope to come back soon! if not, please wait for meeee! [hahaha]

have a great week!,

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hauls, Tutorial, + Stars

its Thursday...woo~

the week is almost over & i think this is my second time posting this week? yea..its another slow week for me.. =/

anyway, here's my Orly mini-haul from last week;

Prince Charming, Royal Navy, & Purple Crush.

heres my haul from yesterday;

OPI's Fiercely Fiona, Whats With The Cattitude?, Funkey Dunkey, & Ogre-The-Top Blue.

an unnamed Charlotte Russe polish, China Glaze's Nasty, VII, & Ruby Pumps.

yesterday, i stopped by Sally's to pick up another bottle of cuticle cream & i also picked up VII & Ruby Pumps. i've been contemplating on Ruby Pumps for a loooong while now & i finally decided to grab myself a bottle. after Sallys, i went to the mall where i found a dress for my cousins wedding next weekend & i picked up the unnamed Charlotte Russe polish. on my way to the mall, i saw a new beauty supply store that just recently opened so i called to see if they are opened to the public..and thankfully, they are! so after the mall, i stopped by the store, which is called Skyline Beauty Supply. they had sooooo many display cases for OPI's & one huge case for Essie. then random little cases for Orly & China Glaze. at the counter was OPI's Shrek collection -- the one that i've been wanting to get my hands on since they first came out! sitting next to the Shrek collection was the summer collection of OPI. i asked the lady for the price of OPI's & she said "$5.95" and i almost lost it. i was so excited! $5.95!!!!!!!! then i picked up a bottle of CG's Nasty. CG are $4.95 at Skyline. sadly, after the mall, i only had $30 left =/ so i was only able to pick up 5 bottles of polishes...but trust me. im going back to Skyline soon!! :)

- - - - - - -

please check out Jana's blog; Jeweled Tips.

and Bella's makeup blog.

- - - - - - -

last night, i was able to make my second video tutorial. it was a request from Jakyla on tumblr.

in the video, it shows how i apply my rhinestones -- so for those of you who have been wondering how i put my rhinestones, pearls, or googly eyes on my nails..its in the video.

- - - - - - -

last night, i was also able to try out my new unnamed Charlotte Russe polish. here are pictures from an hour ago..

here's 3 coats. 2 coats would've been fine, but i was painting my nails at 1am so i didnt do too well... =P its a dark, charcoal gray polish with silver & iridescent glitter. the polish kind of reminded me of a night sky with stars i added little stars onto my ring finger for something subtle.

personal opinion: the polish looks prettier in the bottle. look at that glitter in the bottle! its a beauty! i think its a little too dark when its applied.

- - - - - - -

hmm, guess im done here.

enjoy your Thursday!,

Monday, July 5, 2010

Elmo Mani

Happy Monday! ;)

i hope everyone had a great & safe weekend! i know some people have today off too...youre so lucky! i have to head to work in a bit.. =/ but straight to the new mani --

Elmo themed! my baby nephew turned 1 on Saturday & his party was Elmo themed. for some reason, he really likes my i decided to do my nails according to his party theme.

2 coats of Wet n Wild's Cherry Pop. 3 coats of Sally Hansen's White On. acrylic paint. and googly eyes.

- - - - - - -

also, Bella just started her own makeup blog. please check her out ;)

- - - - - - -

enjoy your Monday!,

Friday, July 2, 2010

Bag-Inspired Water Themed Mani

its Friday!~ at last!

this upcoming Sunday is Independence Day in the States. usually, my work place is all about taking holidays off & spending time with family, but since we dont even open on Sundays, we're not even given a "holiday" break. we're still opening on Saturday & even on the following Monday! its ridiculous! and this Saturday is my first time going back to work on a Saturday since last September! i took a Korean class in September..and the only day that the class on Saturdays. so i've had Saturdays off for the past..almost 9 months! I DONT WANT TO WORK SATURDAYS AGAIN!!! T__T really not looking forward to it...

ok! done complaining now! ;) onto nails...i was at Wal-Mart & saw a cute bag & thats what inspired my nails.

the super light blue is Finger Paints' Blissfully Blue & the darker blue is China Glaze's Flyin High. the rest is acrylic paint.

water-themed nails?..dont know how to describe it. haha but i have a seastar / starfish on my pointer finger, a ducky on my middle finger, a somewhat blend of some water & waves on my ring finger, and a turtle on my pinky. the bottom half of the turtle kinda blends in with the darker part of the water.. =/

if youre wondering where my thumb went..its hiding. i did a hideous design on it & im going to do you the favor of not showing it ! haha

enjoy your Friday & your weekend!,