Sunday, October 31, 2010

Not-So-Halloween-ish Halloween Mani

Happy Halloween, ladies! well, for those of you who celebrate it :) i honestly didnt realize how quickly Halloween came around.. which means, October freakin flew by!~

here's my not-so-Halloween-ish Halloween mani. i did this Wednesday night but i didnt have time to post about it til now~

2 coats of OPI's Funky Dunkey & 3 coats of OPI's Show It And Glow It.

i call those my "little ghost babies" - haha.

i used my items from my awesome package. the kitties are from my acrylic mold set & then i used some image plates for the designs. i'll write a review about those later~

- - - - -

please check out Rachel Marie's blog. lets give her a big welcome to the nail blog world, shall we? :)

- - - - -

i hope you all enjoy your Halloween!,

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Massive Greens + Award

as promised, i did a green mani for October since it is Depression Awareness Month as well as Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

not really digging this mani. but it definitely fulfills the green. my sister got an awesome new lamp so i took pictures under it. my skintone looks different in each picture - so please excuse that.

left hand, from left to right, here's a list of the polishes i used: Essie Sew Psyched with white hearts; Joe Fresh Mint with the lace design off image plate m57; OPI Jade is the New Black; Avon Jade, & Sally Hansen Going Green with green glitters on top.

please excuse my awkward hand. my right hand is still a little camera shy :P from left to right: Catrice Sold Out For Ever with white stamping from plate m57; OPI Who The Shrek Are You with glitters on top; Joe Fresh Mint with zebra print off plate m57; Essie Sew Psyched; & China Glaze Four Leaf Clover.

here's a picture of my most recent purchase;

Orly’s Space Cadet & OPI’s Show It And Glow It!~ i only spent $8.45 for the two. hehehe ^^

finally, Becky, over at Beck's Make Up Corner, gave me an award. thanks ♥

i cannot read/understand Spanish but thank goodness for Google told me that the award is for "I Love Your Blog" .. hopefully Google Translate translated it correctly :P

1. Why did you create the blog?
- because i needed an outlet for my nail stuff :P

2. What kind of blogs do you follow?
- loooots of nail blogs & a few make up & fashion blogs.

3. Do you have a favourite make-up brand?
- i dont wear much make up at all. the most is eyeliner & mascara; but i just use my sisters stuff; haha. so i dont have a favorite brand.

4. And a favourite clothing brand?
- im not all about brand. more about comfort. i like F21 & Charlotte Russe clothes as well as Target clothes :P

5. What make-up products is essential for you?
- i..dont wear make up.

6. What’s your favourite colour?
- pink & lavender~

7. What’s your favourite perfume?
- i dont wear perfume..

8. What’s the film you liked the most?
- cant think of any off the top of my head right now...

9. What countries would you like to go?
- South Korea~ thats where! haha. honestly speaking though, i would looove to go anywhere!

Now I have to give it to 10 bloggers;
- Annkiins.
- Katherine.
- Arie.
- Akuma Kanji.
- Brittany.
- Rins.
- Jackie.
- Ivana.
- Samantha.
- 'Chelle.

this is it for now, hope your week has been going well~

Monday, October 25, 2010

Freakin Awesome Package!!

in my last post, i posted how angry i was that i missed my package..and that i had to wait until today to get it, i'll share with you what was in that package.

i woke up earlier than usual today so that i would be able to pick my package up from the post office first thing in the morning. with that being said... i have my package in my hands! [ just sayin'...i usually dont get mad for missing the mail man/a package & having to wait two days to pick up the package..but this package was too AWESOME that i was super mad i missed it! =P ]

here it is! the beauties that i've been waiting for! *drool.

last week, i received an email from Jessica over at Born Pretty Store to review some products - - of course i was more than willing to! Jessica was so sweet and she even let me pick out the items i wanted to try ♥ within three days or so, my package "came" to me [obviously, i missed it & i had to pick it up today.] - - so withing the next couple days to the next couple of weeks, expect some reviews coming your way :)

lets get a close up of the items, shall we?

three beautiful polishes! NL B26, NL B32, & NL B33.

a pack of nail art candy decoration [just the cutest!], a pack of glitters [sadly, two of the glitters opened & spilt inside the box during the ride over], and a pack of dried flowers [<3333]!

this one surprised me the most! Jessica sent over - not one, not two, but twelve image plates & a scraper + stamper!!!!! ♥

lastly, i got 3d image molds!! oh my gosh, i've wanted these for FOREVER & Jessica was so sweet & sent me 4 different mold designs! the pictures arent clear because the flash makes the images disappear in pictures so i had to use a picture w/o flash.. but i'll describe each mold for you. - - a bow with tails mold; a kitty mold; another bow mold but the bows dont have the tails; and stars & moons mold! - there are different sizes of each design on each block thingy.

now you understand why i was so mad when i missed my package on Saturday, right? :)

a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig thanks to Jessica and everyone over at Born Pretty Store for being the greatest and letting me pick out what products i liked...and for sending me so many products to review ♥

they have so many more items that i loved & the prices are GREAT! i'll probably be ordering from there because i looooved everything so much!

hope your day is great,

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Super Pink

hi, hi~ i hope your weekend has been well so far :)

here's a mani i did a few hours ago..

i mashed up a whole bunch of pink polishes & design for this. since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, i wanted to sport a fully pink mani. [& October is also Depression Awareness month so i plan to do a fully green mani too.]

i honestly dont remember what polishes i i wont even try to name em. sorry~

i THINK i know which polishes i used..since i left a biggo pile on my computer desk =P lets see.. from left to right, from thumb to thumb..:

Icing Paparazzi with 2 hot pink glitters; China Glaze Something Sweet for the tip & CG Rich & Famous [& black polish] for the cheetah print; Wet 'n Wild True Love, Essence Sweet As Candy, OPI Elephantastic Pink + CG Something Sweet for the dots. then we have... Color Club Angels N' Pink, CG Something Sweet + white lines, China Glaze Sugar High, China Glaze Rich & Famous + glitters, & Essie Beach Party.

wheph! i think thats right! =P

anyway, i have a mini story to share today.

i’ve been waiting for my package to come in allllllll week! and my brothers missed the mail man today & so i got this notice instead. right after i found the notice, i drove straight to the post office in hopes to pick it up before the post office closed at 2pm… but the package wasnt back from the mail man yet so now i have to wait til Monday to get my package. daaaaaamn. it was a bad ass package of nail stuff & i wanted to play with my new stuff. shiiiiiiiiiet. - - - but i guess i can wait til Monday morning.

thats it for me!
have a great rest of the wkd!,

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Extravagant Zebra Mani

wow. laaaame title. ha.

for another short post, i have a mani that i did last night..

two coats of the gorgeous OPI DS Extravagance. two coats of Sally Hansen White On, free-handed zebra pattern, and silver glitter polish.

pretty simple mani. i shortened my nails down - a lot! and i like em short..but my nails look wide O__o

this is it for now..

till next time!,

Sunday, October 17, 2010

L0VE & nonfunctioning pictures

hi~ quick post tonight.

first off, any of my pictures beyond my last post will not be working / showing until next Sunday. i reached my max bandwidth on my photobucket - again. sorry. it sucks.

on Saturday, i went to Ulta - again. i ended up buying OPI DS Mystery, Essence Choose Me!, & i finally found China Glaze Something Sweet. !!

2 coats of OPI DS Mystery. a deep eggplant with gold flakes. you cant really see the mass gold flakes in this picture, but thankfully, you can see the tonsss of gold in the picture of the bottles. i got bored with just DS Mystery so i free-handed L0VE onto my nail.

ah, yea. this post is much shorter than i thought.

hope your week starts out great,

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hauls, Swaps, & Blues

today has been a great day for me; this morning, i went to the school bookstore to sell my books since my online English class ended & i ended up dropping my History class - long story. i made $58 extra bucks. ^^ i headed to my Politics class to find out that class was canceled for the day. heck-freakin-yes!! i then raced over to the new Ulta that opened by my house & bought a few polishes. plus i went over to my favorite nail supply store - Skyline - and bought some more polishes. and now im eating a delicious bowl of curry while typing this :)

i havent had any major hauls recently but i've done a few swaps so i wanted to share those. starting with swaps..

this one is super overdue and this was also my first swap. toward the end of August, i posted about how much i wanted Catrice polishes & if anyone was willing to swap with me... an awesome reader - Hannah, from Germany, emailed me & we put a swap together. i got this package last month yet i havent posted til now. here are my first 5 Catrice polishes; I Scream Peach!, I Sea You!, Sold Out For Ever, Plum Play With Me, & From Dusk To Dawn.

this was a recent swap with Smita over at My Nailz. i expressed a LOT of interest in Joe Fresh, GOSH, & Etude House polishes. she was able to get me some bottles of each, so we swapped. Joe Fresh Mint, Powder Blue, & Butter. GOSH Silver & Ocean. Etude House WH004 & BL501. NYC Nail Color Pink Paradise, Sally Hansen Shocking Pink, and Ardene Matte About Blue.

the sweet Tiffani from Yardsticks 4 Lunatics also responded to my Catrice post and was willing to send me these babies, which just came in yesterday :) Catrice Clay-ton, My Hero, Lucky in Lilac, Hot Or Not, & Be My Millionaire. LA Colors Moody Red.

a BIGGG thank you to the ladies who swapped with me <33333
onto hauls, i only have a few since i was on my No Buy.

this was from last week. OPI "Sheer" Your Toys! & Brand New Skates!. China Glaze Atlantis - which i got for $1.99 @ Sallys!! and Studio M Get The Blues.

this was from over the weekend when my sister, cousins, & i went to an outlet mall - Birch Run. there was an Avon store there & i FLIPPED OUT cause i was so excited! i was going to order these 3 from my friend who does Avon but i never got around to it..but its ok, i finally have them :) Avon Urban Grey, Vintage Blue, & Jade.

this haul was from today. i finally picked up OPI Lincoln Park After Dark. and also Tickle My France-y, Tease-y Does It, Extra-Va-Vaganza!, & DS Extravagance. Essie Beach Party & Sew Psyched. Essence Sweet As Candy.

wheph! that took a LOT out of me! =X sad to say, i think i've only tried 3 polishes out of all of those posted above. i probably wont do swatches because i hate swatching. major props to all of you ladies who do swatches because i just cant stand swatching. its a dreadful thought so i avoid it.

onto todays mani, its just something simple.

i've got the blues - just kidding =P i used two coats of each polish: Sally Hansen White On, Avon Vintage Blue, China Glaze Bahamian Escape, OPI Ogre-The-Top Blue, & Studio M Get The Blues. i freakin love Get The Blues!

my cousins Homecoming was two weekends ago & i did her nails. shes all about simplicity so she just wanted a regular french tip mani but i was able to convince her to add glitter lines & rhinestones.

wow! this post was longer than i expected! i'll end it here!

have a great one!,

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dalmatian Inspired Nails

hi! hope your weekend has been well! i've been MIA again this weekend. after i post this, im going to try to catch up on the posts that i've missed.

i've had this mani done since Wednesday but i havent really had time to post until now. this is another kpop inspired mani; the group name is Dalmatian, like the dogs, but they're clearly guys. ha. ha. they just recently debuted with their song, Round One, which i looooove.

just something simple. writing out "Dalmatian" wasnt really difficult..but i did mess up a bit. =P

sharing the kpop love again, here is Dalmatian's Round One music video.

hope your week starts off great!,

Monday, October 4, 2010

B2ST Inspired Space mani

im not sure about you, but i hate Mondays; although i do hope that your Monday was well :) today is going to be another quick post. just a heads up, there are so many things running through my mind right now, im not sure if this post will make much sense. ha. ha.

moving on, space nails seem to be one of the new fads. with the help of Asami's space nail tutorial, i did a space mani with a slight twist. being the kpop freak lover that i am, i included a little bit of kpop in my mani. one of my favorite kpop groups is B2ST/BEAST; they just came out with a new album & so here is my space-twist version of B2ST's album cover.

heres a picture of their cover.

it sucks that the holo glitters on my nails didnt get captured well in the picture - which made the whole space-effect look flat =/ not to mention that 2 with the line down the middle was a pain to draw.

im going to share the kpop love. here's the music video to B2ST's song, Breath.

- - - -

also, please check out Katt's blog. shes new in the polish blog world.

not sure when i'll post again..
so for now, have a great week,

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Giraffe Mani Tutorial

Happy Saturday! its a freeeeeezing cold day with rain today...for me at least.

today, i have a tutorial to share. i recently received an email from Cyntia who asked about my giraffe mani [that i posted back in March] and for a tutorial. its quite simple and i was definitely glad to make a tutorial. btw, when my computer died on me, i lost my video editing program so i'll only be doing picture tutorials for a while.. =/

here's what we're aiming for..

ask requested, here are a picture of the materials i used.
a regular paint brush, nail dotting tool, Poshe's basecoat, China Glaze's For Audrey & Happy Go Lucky, Revlon's Hot For Chocolate, Sally Hansen's Black Out, and China Glaze's topcoat.

step 1: apply basecoat & base color.

step 2: take your dotting tool + dip it into your brown polish and create dots.

step 3: repeat step 2 but make smaller dots to fill in the empty spaces. make sure you dont do too many dots.

apply topcoat once the nail is dried & youre done with this part of the mani. onto the next part...

step 1: apply basecoat & base color.

step 2: using the regular paint brush, create a small circle for the head of the giraffe.

step 3: draw a line straight down for the neck.

step 4: to make the body of the giraffe, just make a half-circle at the bottom of the nail.

step 5: back to the dotting tool, use your black polish to make two eyes and two small dots for the nose. then use your brown polish to make the giraffe spots.

step 6: dont forget to dot the tips of the things on top of his head. [edit:] WHOOPS! i forgot to mention to draw two little lines at the sides of his head for the ears. please refer to this picture for the ears.

wait for the nail to dry and apply topcoat.

now you're done! and i apologize for the blurriness of some pictures..

i hope this helped! if you have a tutorial request, please feel free to send me an email :)

have a great weekend!,