Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Another Jeremy Lin inspired mani;

heyyy :) Happy Halloween~

I'm going to the Pistons vs Rockets game tonight so I decided to do a(nother) Jeremy Lin inspired mani;

2 coats of OPI's Bullish on OPI & 2 coats of Wet n Wild's French White Creme. the '7' & the 'LIN' was really easy to do, the Rockets logo took a bit more work but I'm happy with they way it turned out :)

Anyway, for those who are going out trick-or-treating tonight, have fun & be safe. If your city is kinda crazy like mine and has decided to push trick-or-treating back until Friday, Nov 2, then ... that's just great. I'm sure there are quite a few kids who will be disappointed. haha Sounds ridiculous, doesn't it? Since people complained that the weather tonight is 'too cold' for kids to be out, the city is allowing people to trick-or-treat on Friday night; for those who still want to t-o-t tonight, they're also more than welcomed to. hahaha Yep, craziness :P

An update on the giveaway: the giveaway is closed. I've contacted the winners and I'm just waiting to hear back from them. Once I've received responses, I'll post up who the winners are.

Alright, well, be safe & enjoy yourselves~

Have a good one!,

Monday, October 29, 2012

Velvet Mani with BPS Pink Flocking Powder;

Ok, so it's more of a mauve-dusty rose-kind-of-pink, but its still pink and its still pretty :P

hi :)

I hope things are going well~ Almost half way done with the week, yay :D I hope everyone on the East-coast is doing well; I'm in the Mid-West (Michigan) and the winds & the cold here are pretty crazy. For today, I wanted to share the velvet mani I did some time last week. I received pink flocking powder from Born Pretty Store recently.

Here's what I used for the mani:

(Approximately) 13g of flocking powder (per description by BPS), The Face Shop's PK108 (which I received from my good friends of Chibi Nails, Jade & Xin Yi), tweezers, and a brush. The pink flocking powder package comes with the flocking powder, tweezer, and brush.

A swatch of PK108; it does come out a little darker on nails than how it looks in the bottle. It's a beautiful mauve color, here is one coat of PK108 for perfection :)

I don't know why my hands look ridiculously dry & gross, but I swear, they're not that dry and gross T__T

If you're wondering how I applied the flocking powder:
1) Base coat + 1 coat of PK108.
2) Applied top coat, and while it is still wet, I used the tweezers to grab some flocking powder & gently dropped the flocking powder over my nail.
3) Once the nail is covered and the top coat is dried, I used the brush to sweep off the excess powder and clean up (the brush was really handy).

I honestly didn't think I would like velvet nails ... but I'm glad I gave it a shot cause I loooove em :D Of course, they don't exactly last long enough, I enjoyed them. Once the flocking powder is wet, it doesn't look as pretty so I took my mani off after a day. I'm sure it could've lasted another day or two but that was just my preference.

Again, a big thanks to Nicole of Born Pretty Store for the flocking powder. Don't forget, you are always more than welcomed to use my coupon code & save 10% off your order when you order from BPS!~ Here's the code is 'KL5X31' :)

Lastly, my giveaway ends tomorrow~ Feel free to enter if you haven't yet.

Alright, that's it for now. Be safe~

Have a good one!,

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Glow-in-the-dark Cute Frankenstein + Drippy Nails;

hey~~ :)

So, I'm excited to share this mani with you cause ... I actually like it. :D It's still a few days before Halloween, but I have another non-Halloween mani planned for Halloween ... so I decided to do a Halloween mani a bit early :P (Wow. Could I have used 'Halloween' enough in that sentence? hahaha.)

For the the base of Frankenstein & for the drips, I used OPI's Who The Shrek Are You? (you can still see the Shrek-color green around the edges of the drips) and then I painted Serum No 5's Day Glow over it. I previously swatched Day Glow here if you want to check it out. For Frankenstein, I free-handed the details with a black nail polish.

Here's the mani .. glowing in the dark~ You gotta give it a second for your eyes to readjust ... hahaha. It's weird because the mani would only 'glow' in certain dim lightings. When I was in the complete dark, it wasn't glowing very well. /shrugs. I don't know .. but I still love it :P

Another picture, obviously not color accurate, but I really like it. I posted this on instagram (@kahtreenahh) yesterday after I finished the mani.

Anyway, the weekend is just around the corner. Hope the rest of your week goes well :)

Have a good one!,

Monday, October 22, 2012

Another Floral Mani;

hi :)

Today, I have another floral mani to share~

I did this mani a while back so im not sure which colors I used. For sure my base is Orly's Pure Porcelain with white stripes what I used acrylic paint to draw.

... Well, guess that's it for now. Hope your week starts out great :)

Ooh, don't forget about my giveaway! It ends next week .. so if you haven't checked it out, please feel free to~

Have a good one!,

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Beast - Beautiful Night mv inspired mani;


Here is a mani that I did a little over a month ago, can't believe that I'm now just getting around to posting it up on here.

As the title of this post and the mani suggests, this is my Beast - 아름다운 밤이야 [Beautiful Night] mv inspired mani~ Beast made a comeback over two months ago with this new song; it's so catchy & fun.

Here is the music video if you want to watch it--

If you're like me, you want everything with English subtitles ... here is a link :P And if you're new to kpop ... yes -- there's more to kpop than Psy & Gangnam Style, but big ups to Psy for bringing kpop over to the States & causing a crazy madness :)

That's it for now, I hope your week has been good thus far~

Have a great day!,

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Julep Floral Nails;

hi :)

very recently, Alexandria of Julep contacted me and kindly offered to include me in her Sunday Manicure Series. theres two parts to the Sunday Manicure Series -- the first part is the interview, where Alexandria asks a few questions to get to know the blogger / nail[?] and the second part is a tutorial that the blogger creates. Alexandria also let me pick Julep's Susie, Kate, & O Canada! to base my tutorial around.

Susie is a beautiful pale, sky blue, Kate is a white polish with a very subtle iridescent shimmer, and O Canada! is a red + iridescent glitter polish. sad to say that this photo is not color accurate.

here is a step by step tutorial--

if you want to check out my feature on Julep's Sunday Manicure Series, here is the link :) a big thanks to Alexandria again~

have a good one!,

Katrina is having a GIVEAWAY!!~ :)

hi! and yes .. you read correctly ...

YAY ! :) so~ there are 6 prizes - the first prize was sponsored .. the rest of the prizes were purchased by me~ all of the polishes are brand new, unused. and ... yea ... lets get to the prizes, shall we? :D

prize 1: a $30 coupon code to shop at Born Pretty Store, a great website for nail art supplies and much more ! this prize is generously sponsored by Born Pretty Store -- thanks Nicole :)

prize 2: Wet n Wild's Club Havana [its actually a bit more orange, a lot less red irl), China Glaze's Glitter Goblin, & Sally Hanson Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips in Skinny Jeans.

prize 3: Barielle's Sand--al Chic, Sinful Color's Cinderella, & Studio M's Magic Attraction.

prize 4: Sinful Colors' Green Ocean, Revlon's Whimsical, & Ulta's Oh!.

prize 5: Cover Girl's Candy Corn, OPI's Stranger Tides, Forever 21 -- Love & Beauty's Light Green [the sticker/tag fell off this polish btw], & Kiss' Tip & Toe Art Stickers.

prize 6: Sinful Colors' Nail Junkie, China Glaze's Jolly Holly, Wet n Wild's I Need A Refresh-Mint, & Revlon's Nail Lace stickers in Midnight Seduction.

the giveaway is opened internationally. the giveaway will start Tuesday, October 9th, eastern time, and end Tuesday, October 30, eastern time. * there will be up to 6 winners who will be chosen through ; the winners will be announced a day or two after the giveaway has ended -- the winners will have 48 hours to respond to my email or else i will choose a new winner.

the rules:

the following 3 rules are manditory:
1] you must be following me - - whether it is through GFC, Bloglovin, email subcriptions, Nail Art Tumblr, and/or Personal Tumblr.
2] leave your username that you're following me under.
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the following 2 rules are optional, these count as extra entries:
4] 'like' Katrina's Nail Blog on Facebook.
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*please note that anyone who comments my blog regularly will receive an extra entry! :) i know that i hardly comment other blogs and im really bad at replying to comments .. but im thankful for the few comments i've been receiving lately <3

ok! its as simple as that :) fill out the form below and you're entered in the giveaway! good luck :D

again, a big thanks to Born Pretty Store for sponsoring the $30 coupon code~

have a great day!,

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Born Pretty Store Hot Pink Stud + Aztec Mani & Reviews;

hello :) i have a few more items from Born Pretty Store for a review today. first off, an adorable crown ring :)

isnt that just the cutest ring or what!? 8) its adorable! i love it!

i also received a bottle of Sweet Lolita #232. the bottles are super cute.

3 coats. a sheer, squishy forest green.

lastly, i received a bag of 2mm hot pink studs.

the colors are not accurate in this picture; the picture before this one is color accurate. the flash messed up the colors in this picture. OTL anyway, i wasnt exactly going for an aztec design .. but it kinda ended up looking like it... /shrugs. it'll do :P

once again, a big thanks to Nicole of Born Pretty Store for the items. don't forget, if you want to order anything from BPS, you are always more than welcomed to use my coupon code~ save 10% off your order! feel free to take advantage of it! :D the code is 'KL5X31' :)

have a great one!,