Tuesday, November 30, 2010

SHINee Inspired Mani

hi-yeom~ tonight, i bring you another kpop inspired mani!

this mani was inspired by SHINee's Noona You're So Pretty / Replay concept. [in Korea, a guy calls a girl -who is older than him- "noona".] this was their debut song & its just so cute!~

its nothing fancy. & im slowlyyyyy -ever so slowly- starting to like this mani. haha

here's the music video to enjoy :)

k, this is it for now.

hope your week starts out great!,

Monday, November 29, 2010

Giveaway Winner

my Woo Hoo giveaway has come to an end & the turn out was much better than i expected. a big thank you to everyone who participated! i wish each one of you could win...but sadly, only one can win.

straight to the winner; i used random.org but was too lazy to screencap. oh well.. anyway...

congrats to

of Nails By Asami! *shes such a big inspiration to me :)

- please check your email cause im gunna need your address! :)

again, thanks to everyone who participated.

hope your day is great,

Sunday, November 28, 2010


hi! hope your weekend has been great!

just here to remind you that my giveaway ends tonight. feel free to join in if you havent yet!

and for my new followers, if you are following me & would like me to follow you too, please just comment =)

i'll announce the giveaway winner some time tomorrow, so stay tuned!

have a great day,

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving mani


just got done eating a pre-Thanksgiving dinner with the fam! always so much fun :) im super tired cause i worked a full day today before the family festivities but ... hey, im off to a 4-day weekend now!

anyone going Black Friday shopping? this year will be my first year & im not sure how its gunna go. it'll probably be very HECTIC & CRAZY...but i'll just punch a few people who get in my way. haha. kidding :)

im going to make this post super short & simple; heres my super, duper simple Thanksgiving mani.

nothing fancy. :P

have a great Thanksgiving weekend! and for those who dont celebrate Thanksgiving, have a great weekend :)


Monday, November 22, 2010

Mani Catch Up

hello, hello! its time to play catch up on manis again! :P

alright, first, from 2 weeks ago, i bring you...

3 coats of Color Club's Wild And Willing. the polish looks so much prettier in the bottle. its a copper/pink/burnt orange duochrome.

here's a picture in the shade; the duochrome-ness is more visible. the stamps are from Born Pretty Store's m14 & Konad's m69. on the middle finger, i layered one coat of Sinful Colors' Pearl Harbor. its barely noticeable though.

3 coats of Orly's famous Space Cadet. is there anyone else who doesnt love Space Cadet? cause really, i DO NOT like it. *shrugs.

shade picture; more visible duochrome-ness again. stamps are used from the same plates as i mentioned before. and the middle finger is, also, layered in one coat of SC Pearl Harbor.

*side note; eww. i hate my nails that long T__T

here is my first Ruffian mani from some time last week..

2 coats of Zoya's Trixie & 2 coats of Sally Hansen's Black Out & one coat of China Glaze's Matte Magic. - - - this picture was taken after 2 days of work..so you can see all the scratches & fuglies on my nails =/

another mani from some time last week,

3 coats of China Glaze's Mrs. Claus. omg, so cute! i loooove this one~!

and today, i am wearing some fake nails;

i found these Broadway Fashion Diva fake nails at Walgreens for $3.19 so i bought em. i love the chrome / metallic / mirror look but i HATE it on my nails. they make my nails look so wide :( well, after this post, im probably gunna take em off anyway :P

dont forget, my Woo Hoo Giveaway ends this upcoming Sunday! so feel free to enter if you havent yet!

hmm - i think this is it for now. hope you had a great weekend & have a great start to your week!


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Beast - Beautiful mv Inspired Mani

hi-yeom~ today i bring you another kpop inspired mani :D

my favorite kpop group, Beast/B2ST, is out with another mini album & the music video for their song, Beautiful, just came out. i based this mani off of it;

here is the music video for Beautiful~

the actual music video doesnt even start until 1:58 or something. but they're extraaa cute in this mv, i can always rewatch it :)))

oh, btw, i've been behind on catching up with reading & commenting blogposts. my apologies~

k, im super tired tonight so im gunna end it here!

have a good one!,

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Love-Hate Mani


^^ thats something that my favorite, cute Korean boy always says. along with "bye-yeom~" i think im gunna start using those two more often now :)

here is a mani that i had on in the beginning of the week;

3 coats of Maybelline's Pink Sombrero. the polish is slighty squishy & jelly like, but its super cute!

on my ring finger, i used a 3d acrylic bow that i received from Born Pretty Store to review. might i add again, I LOVE THE 3D ACRYLIC MOLDS!!!! :)

this mani, i had a love-hate relationship with. at some times when i looked at my nails, i liked them. and then at other times, i just really hated them! i dont know why :P

oh, by the way... guess who has two thumbs and got her first Helmer today? MEEEEE :) guess i'll be rearranging my polishes tomorrow :)

enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Born Pretty Store items Review + Free Gifts

long post ahead, but i have great news at the end of this post so bear with me :)

as promised, today i am going to share with you a review about the items from my awesome package. Jessica over at Born Pretty Store was ever-so generous and sent my a beautiful package to review.

- - - - - - - -

starting with the nail polishes..

NL B26, NL B32, & NL B33.

NL B26, two coats shown. the site describes this polish as "brown" but its not.. its a pretty, dusty-mauve-ish color with tinyyy gold flecks.

NL B32, three coats. the site calls this color "gray" but thats not very accurate either. this one is tons of gold glitter with lots of red and turquoise-y glitters.

NL B33, three coats. beautiful, dark turquoise with silver flecks.

the bottles and brushes are pretty small; my hands look huuuge in the pictures above. haha. the bottle contains 8ml of polish; although the brush is short, it was easy to work with; application was great for all the polishes. there was one thing that i didnt like about the polish - the smell. the polish smells like a nail salon; so it literally smelt like nail polish and lots of acrylic. i had to paint my nails outside because i didnt want the house to smell like acrylic [my parents wouldve killled me!]

Born Pretty Store nail polishes run at $3.19 a bottle and they have over 45 different colors.

- - - - - - - -

onto the image plates & the acrylic molds...

i used image plate m39 in my not-so-Halloween mani-

let me start out by saying that the acrylic molds are my favorite! they're so easy to use and they are so cute! in my mani, i did 3d acrylic kitties. i didnt have black acrylic powder so i made my kitties with white acrylic powder and then i just painted them black.

i've also used my bow mold and its the cutest thing everrr! i love it! the molds are sold at only $2.26! what a deal! BPS sells a bow mold, a kitty mold, and a stars + moon mold. there are different sizes of each shape on the mold.

the image plates are so cute! but applying isnt the easiest. when using Konad, you apply the polish, scrap off the excess, and then roll your stamper across the image, and roll the image onto your nail - right? well, BPS image plates dont exactly work like that. i tried those steps when i first used the image plates and most of the image wasnt picked up. but i learned the trick: instead of rolling across the image to pick it up, you have to PUSH DOWN on the image. every other step is the same though.

i used my white Konad stamping polish for the mani above. besides for that one issue about picking up with image, everything worked great! image plates run at different prices over at BPS, between $3.49-$22.32 ... depending if you buy one plate or if you buy the package.

- - - - - - - -

i still havent tried out my pack of nail art candy decoration, glitters, or pack of dried flowers yet, but im sure i'll love them as well :)

- - - - - - - -

ok, onto the good news! Jessica is kindly giving my readers free gifts until December 31. so pay close attention here;

- the first 100 visitors that register with over at that Born Pretty Store website can get hello kitty template for free. you dont even have to purchase anything. the hello kitty template is this one. im not sure if you'll get the scraper & stamper or not though.

if you just want the hello kitty template and do not plan on ordering anything else, the code is K388. put that as the coupon when checking out.

- - - - - - - -

- all of you who order from BPS will get 1pc Christmas nail sticker for free, no order amount limit!

- if your order amount is more than $20, you will get the 1800 NAIL ART RHINESTONES Glitter + 3g PRO Acrylic Glue for free!

- if your order amount is more than $50, you will get one color cracking nail polish for free INSTEAD of the rhinestones & glue.

- if your order amount is more than $80, you will get the nail art glitter balls for free INSTEAD of the rhinestones + glue & the crackling nail polish.

- if your order amount is more than $100, you will get all of the items listed above PLUS a 12 pack template with stamp for free.

if you plan on buying items, you WILL get the Hello Kitty template as well as the gifts that are according to your order amount. the code you would use at the checkout is K2010. be sure to enter that code as the coupon.

- - - - - - - -

just to clarify one more time..

- if the order is $2, you will get the items you ordered, plus hello kitty template, plus the xmas sticker.

- if the order is $60, you will get the items you ordered, plus hello kitty template, plus the cracking nail polish.

- if the order is $120, you will get the items you ordered, plus hello kitty template, plus xmas stickers, plus the rhinestones, plus the cracking nail polish, plus the glitter balls, plus the 12 templates with stamp.

- - - - - - - -

i am in no way, whatsoever, make any profit off of this. Jessica is just really sweet and is offering this to my readers only..so please take advantage of it!

i hope you ladies [and/or gents?] do order something, i know i will order more for myself! if you need help placing orders, here is a description of how to place them. BPS does ship internationally and here is the overview of shipping costs. everything on the site is in US dollars & BPS is currently doing payment by paypal.

remember to check out the Born Pretty Store! and again, a big thanks to Jessica!

thanks for making it through this post with me :) if you have any questions, please feel free to shoot me an email.

have a great day!,

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Red + Gold Cheetah

hi~ i hope your weekend has been well! quick post today;

i've worn this mani for the past.. 4 days-ish. & im ready to take it offf~ :P

two coats of Essie Red Nouvea. those gold beads were a pain in the assssss. i kept opening the bottle for the beads upside down so they kept spilling. fail much? T__T

i promise that my next post will be a review about my awesome package. besides for a review, i also have good news to share with you about it too :)

enjoy your weekend,

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Woo Hoo Giveaway!~

honestly, i dont even know how i have 620 followers on here & 275 followers on tumblr. i still cant believe it. but thank you for sticking it out with me ♥

one winner will receive..

- Confetti Moonstruck, Smitten, & Fruit Smoothie.
- Finger Paints Lucky In Love Lime & Tangerine Tint.
- OPI "Sheer" Your Toys.
- Essie Sew Psyched.
- Essence Ready For Action, Check Me Out, & No More Drama.
- Claire's Mood Polish Fabulous/Funky.
- Sally Hansen Going Green.
- Splash Nail Art Glitter Love Potion.
- Sally Hansen Color Quick Nail Color Pen Gold Chrome.

i know its not much but i bought these with my own money to share with you.
[all of these items are brand new. & all of them were purchased by me.]

this giveaway will end
Sunday, November 28
the winner will be announced on Monday & the winner must respond within 24 hours after receiving my email.

the rules:

*1] you must be following me either through GFC or tumblr.
*2] leave your name [gfc name / tumblr name] + email address. [one entry]
optional] reblog / blog / sideblog about my giveaway - with a link provided. [extra entry 1]
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please leave the following information in the form below:

much love,

Monday, November 1, 2010

SNSD Hoot Inspired Mani

honestly, i was going to write my review for the items from my awesome package today, but im not in the mood to be writing too much, so im going to post the mani i did last night.

another kpop inspired mani :D im not really big on girl groups but SNSD is one of the few that i like. they just came out with Hoot & so i decided to go along with that.

it was almost 1:20am last night when i was trying to finish my nails...but then my parents woke up, caught me painting my nails, and i got in trouble T__T so i didnt get to finish. my hands were awfully unsteady last night so everything looks so #$@%^&!!! :( im not too fond of this mani so i'll probably redo my nails tonight. he. he. hopefully i dont get caught this time -__-

heres the music video to Hoot;

this is it for now,