Monday, December 31, 2012

last mani of 2012;


I decided to share one of the last manis that I sported in 2012. Since I was away for 3 weeks, the mani that I'll be showing was done over a month & a half ago ... o__O I know, I'm so behind on posting; but this is the last mani of 2012 that I have to share .. so it's still not too bad :P

2 coats of China Glaze's Custom Kicks. I used flash in this photo to show the beautiful golden shimmer running through the teal-turquoise polish. Ugh. It's absolutely beautiful but it's sooooo hard to capture on camera. The gold shimmer is more visible irl.

Here is an unnamed, baby bottle of glitter polish from Claire's. It came in a pack with 4 other glitter polishes.

I know, the lighting is off in those two pictures ... but its pretty color accurate on the polish .. and that's all that matters, right? :) Two coats of the Claire's glitter over Custom Kicks. The glitter is a teal-ish, thin jelly base with multi-colored glitters. The jelly over CK dulled out the gold shimmer... but it's ok.

And yea, that's all that I have to share. I'm completely wiped out -- no more manis to share and I don't have time right now to do my nails ... but its alright :P

2012 has been quite a year; it's been one of the best years for me personally. I'm having a bitter-sweet goodbye with 2012, but I'm most definitely looking forward for 2013~ I hope you've had a great year; thanks for sticking with me <3 Have a safe and happy New Year!

Until next year!,

Sunday, December 30, 2012

i'm back~;


I just wanted to say that I'm back from my trip to Thailand. It was such a beautiful, eye-opening, and wonderful experience~ I don't have much to share ... so I'll share a picture of my polish haul --

You can enlarge the picture by clicking on it. All the polishes aren't for me ... just most of them are mine :P

I hope everyone had a great holiday~

That's it for now,

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

off to Thailand!~;


I just wanted to say that I'll be heading to Thailand tomorrow morning; I'll be back on the 27th.

Have a safe & happy holiday! :D

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Floral & Baroque Inspired Mani;

hey :)

My mani was inspired by Candice / mrcandiipants~ I used two coats of Barielle's Delicate Dancer and acrylic paint for the design. It's pretty simple & elegant ! ... I looooved this mani so much :D

Ooh, I also want to mention that I got a new camera! --- finally :D

I posted this photo on instagram yesterday when I purchased it. Gahhh, I'm in love with it already :D

Alright, I'll end this post here. I should be packing ... although I know I won't be packing yet :P

Have a good one!,