Friday, July 8, 2011

going on a brief hiatus;


from the beginning, when i first started my blog, i told myself "im only going to blog for fun. once i feel like blogging has become a chore or a job, im going to stop." - - i've reached that point.

dont get me wrong, i've really enjoy blogging and i am ever so thankful that you guys are always so sweet & supportive, but for the past two months, i havent been having fun with blogging. it really has become like a chore. and people are constantly nagging me. and im not enjoying the emails either; so to anyone who has emailed me in the past month ... you probably wont be getting a response. sorry.

im not going to leave this blog, i promise. i'll miss it too much if i do leave it. but im "going on a brief break" ... not going to worry about this blog for a while. i might randomly pop in every once in a while until i get back into the blogging spirit.

also, i just wanna thank everyone who has been nice & patient all this time, im realllllly thankful.

but for now, this is it.

i'll be back, i promise.
till then,