Saturday, January 29, 2011

HoMin inspired mani

hi~ i've been a little m.i.a. this past week. not much happened for me...but i just never got around to posting.

here's the mani i did some time earlier this week...

this is another kpop inspired mani. this one was inspired by HoMin's outfits from their 110116 performance. HoMin isnt really their name... their real group name is DBSK but long story short, i call them HoMin.

i think this was 2 coats of Zoya's Harley for my thumb & 2 coats of Rimmel's Black Satin. lets not talk about how long it took me to do the design for my ring & pointer fingers. omg. and look at how sloppy my "always keep the faith" is!! T_________T

here's the performance video;

just a reminder, i hope you all had a chance to read my Younique Nails review and check out the 10% coupon code!~

hope your weekend is going well!,

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Youniqe Nails Review

a few weeks back, the wonderfully kind people at Younique Nails sent me two bottles of their AQmore polishes to review.

i bet you're wondering what AQmore polishes are... well, they are water-based nail polishes. the polish is made up of 50% water! [if you click on "AQmore polishes" there is a link that will take you to the site and will provide you with more details of what AQmore polishes are all about.] and with the AQmore polishes, you do not use a base coat and should use their AQmore line of top coats.

on to pictures~

arent these beautiful? the bottles are so adorable! Bloom Pink and Gold Sand are shown above.

a little piece of foam was also sent in the package. all you do is try your AQmore polish and a regular polish. in this picture, this was one coat of Gold Sand and once coat of OPI's What's With The Cattitude?. you can see that WWTC pretty much melted the foam... or as i like to say, it "ate" the foam. [haha]. i was so wowed by this!

4 coats of Golden Sand and 1 coat of Bloom Pink. yea, this is 4 coats, but i loooove this color so much, i didnt care! plus, the drying time was great. Bloom Pink is [obviously] just a clear top coat and inside the bottle is a little flower - so adorable!

click on this picture if you wanna see a bigger view of it. just something to mention, the gold specks are a bit more noticeable in real life.

i will say that the top coat does not dry as quickly as the polish itself. so you have to wait a little longer after you apply the top coat.

something that i really, really like about these is the smell. remember how i said the polishes are 50% water-based, well, because of that, this polish does not smell like regular nail polish! it smells kind of like Elmer's glue but the smell isnt too strong. the top coat -to me- smells like a very light smell of spray paint.. but my sisters both say that the top coat smells like Seche Vite's top coat, but not as strong. but what is even more awesome is that...when you apply the AQmore top coat onto your nails, the smell of the "glue" immediately disappears. then, you'll be able to smell the "spray paint"/"lighter version of Seche Vite's top coat" for a quick instant and then the smell quickly disappears too. this, totally, wowed me!

ok. another thing to mention...AQmore has a "peel-off" removal, where you can just peel off the color. and it works amazingly! it came off in one peel -maybe 2 or 3 peels on some nails- and it did not lift or peel any layers of my nails! -again, totally wowed~!

i got a lot of compliments on my polish color and i really loved the color so much, i wore it for a second time a few days after my first time. [and i hardly ever wear a polish alone -without a design- ... let alone the same polish twice! haha] im not exactly sure how long the polish is supposed to last, but it did last me 2 days each time i wore it, before i picked it off :P i was told that the polish might not stay on well the first time of application because it did not stay on well for some people, but it stayed on well for me!~

i can honestly say that i love their products. although $13.90 is not in my usual price range for polishes, i would reconsider it for more of the AQmore polishes.

but i have great news. i was also offered a coupon code for my wonderful readers :) for 10% off your order, use
as your coupon code when you are checking out. but the great news doesnt stop here! right now, Younique Nails is giving 10% off all of their polishes, so if you order now and also use my code, you'll be paying $11.26 for a bottle of amazing polish. pretty awesome, right? they have such a huge variety of beautiful colors and top coats to choose from. good luck having to decide . haha :) *just a reminder that each bottle is sold separately.

once again, a biiiig thanks to Younique Nails for being so kind and sending me these items to review and for also providing a 10% off discount for you guys.

be sure to stop by to Younique Nails' site & take a look around!

have a great one!,

Friday, January 21, 2011

Good News, Bad News, & Blue Mani


thanks for sending my computer & i lots of love in my last post. thank goodness my computer was fixed so quickly - - - thats the good news :)

on to the bad nails are - for real - nubbins! T_________T i had a rip going on my middle finger..and so i had to chop my nails down. this is, seriously, the shortest i've had my nails in years!! my usual "nubbins" are not ever this this length is totallllly new to me!

ok, now we're moving on to the blue mani...

just something boring & simple. 2 coats of OPI's Ogre The Top Blue & 3 coats of Hard Candy's Sky. let me tell you...Sky is a BEAUTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my pictures honestly suck & complete washes out the beauty that Sky is. Sky is more of a baby blue color and has the slightest, most beautiful blue shimmer. i really fell in love with Sky :P

ok, im done here for today. i should have another post up some time on Sunday; i have a review coming your way! i'll be back then!~

have a great weekend!,

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bad News, Pink Mani, & Award

hi~ so i have to start this post with the bad news..sorry!

so, on Monday, my computer died. we're currently trynna get it fixed..but all my files are gone. so, my pictures of swatches & manis..and other pictures..they're all gone. im not sure how long its gunna be before my computer gets fixed, but i just wanted to let you know. [im currently on my sisters netbook. its rather slow T__T]

so, onto my pink mani. i did this one i think on Saturday or Sunday. i posted it up on tumblr but didnt get to post it up on here yet. but since my computer died, the only picture that i have of this mani is the one with my tumblr tag on it..oh it is.

i believe this is 3 coats of Wet n Wild's True Love.

onto the award!~ i've actually have been putting this off for a long while now, but i figured this would be the best time to post it... so...

1. Thank and link the person who gave you this award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers
4. Contact these bloggers to tell them about this award.

big thanks to Brittany of Beauty By Brittany, Morgan of Pass The Polish Please!, Katherine of Necessary Nails, Sharon of Polish Infatuated, and Carissa of Love, Carissa for tagging me~ :)

hmmm, seven things about myself?..

1. i am a caffeine addict. every morning, i must have a cup of coffee or else i have caffeine withdrawals. im not even kidding. i get the worse migraines throughout the days that i dont drink my morning coffee. plus, there is always a 2 liter bottle of pop in my house.

2. i am have the worse luck in the world. i NEVERRRRR win anything, something is always going wrong, and something worse always happens. i know some people have the best luck out there, but please, share me some!!!! it would be nice to win something every once in a while, ya know? haha

3. my biggest pet peeve is repition. i cannot begin to tell you how much i hate repeating myself..and especially, how much i hate hearing something being repeated. hate. hate. hate. hate.

4. i hate almost everything and everyone. you probably wouldnt believe how much i hate everything & everyone. i dont like to open myself up to people because this world is fully of shitty people and you cant ever tell who to trust & who not to but i'll talk to people... and i'll be nice to them... but i dont like them.

5. i dont mind doing things for people, but just ask me. i HATE it SOOOOO much when people TELL me to do things.

6. i dont like seeing people i know in public - especially if that someone is someone who i graduated with. HAHA. i will turn the opposite direction if i see someone i know...and i will definitely pretened like i dont see them. yupp, im shady. :P

7. i really wish i was a dedicated student again. i was an all A student in high school and now im a bigggggo slacker in college. it really aggrivates me but i cant seem to find the dedicated student in me anymore T__T

im not gunna specifically tag anyone..because most people have been tagged already. sorry!~

ok. i'll be back when i can!~

have a good one!,

Saturday, January 15, 2011

MBLAQ - Stay mv inspired

thats right...another kpop inspired mani! - i actually did these at the beginning of last week but i've been too lazy to post. o__O

i kinda feel bad for having so many kpop inspired manis lately..but those are the only things that are inspiring me~ so until i find other inspirations, you might be seeing more kpop ones :P

the boy group that this mani was inspired by is MBLAQ. they debuted a day before Beast did, in 2009. [you remember Beast right? one of my favorite group that i talk about a LOT? haha] anyway, MBLAQ just had a comeback with a new album & 2 new music videos; one for this song, Stay, & the other song, Cry. i really like yupp.

here's the mv;

hope your weekend is great!
i'll be back soon,

Monday, January 10, 2011

Secret - Shy Boy mv inspired

i've been thinking about whether or not to post this mani or not. i didnt do a good job on it so thats why i didnt wanna post it...but i havent updated a while either... but here i am, posting it up. gahhh! dont laugh at me for this mani.. T_____T

Secret is a kpop girl group who debuted in 2009. my sister likes their music but i wasnt a big fan of them until recently. their lead singer -who is also the lead girl in the mv- is just sooo pretty & she sings so well~! and right after i started liking them, they came out with a new song!

the song is super catchy & girly, its so cute! haha their manis in the mv are so awesome too! you cant really see their manis well in my picture..but if you watch the mv for a little bit, you'll see it better. ergh. i just wish i wouldnt have screwed up my mani! erghhh!! look, i couldnt even make nice dots with my dotting stick! sad.

anyway, here's the mv;

ok, now that im done complaining about my ugly mani, i should go to sleep. tomorrow is the first day of winter semester for me. i need to finish this semester off well so i can mooooove on out of community college! :P good luck to everyone who is off to winter semester too! :)

have a good one!,

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Born Pretty Store Sponsored Giveaway Winner

thanks to everyone who participated.

i have a small rant here: im really thankful that people join my giveaways but i think this was the worse of the entrants. there were numerous people who entered more than one time and there were people who didnt even read the rules because they weren't even following me and/or kept asking when i'll announce the winner - - come on. really?!

but anyway, im gunna end the rant here... and i'll announce the winner.

congrats to...
please check your email :)

once again, thanks everyone!


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Just Some Reminders

hi everyone! this is my first post of 2011 and i dont even have a mani to show ya! ='( like i've said recently, i've pretty much had all inspiration & creativity drenched outta my nails are bare right now o___O although...i do have a smalllll inspiration in my head right now... we'll see how that goes :)

anyway, today..i only have some things to mention. first off, my Born Pretty Store Sponsored Giveaway ends tomorrow! so please, feel free to enter if you havent yet! :)

next, i know a lot of you like to enter in nail art if you would like to enter into one, Ying of Nail Art Express is having a nail art contest so please go check that out. it ends Jan 23.

lastly, this isnt anything important, but i finally made a video of my polish collection. although i did buy new polishes after i made the technically its not all of my polishes, but its ok :P

ok. this is it. hopefully i'll be back with a new mani soon :)

have a great one!,