Saturday, April 23, 2011

2nd Outing with Rachel

on Thursday, i went on my second outing with Rachel~ we first stopped at a Japanese book store where we picked up cute Pa polishes. i must mention that half the store had Hello Kitty stuff...i was so excited! :) after that, we had sushi for lunch & talked about LOTS of stuff :P & we also went to a bakery. everything was so cute. haha then we spent the rest of the day driving around town, going to a few beauty supply stores + Meijers.

it was another fun day :) here's my mini haul..

at the top, my two Pa polishes; A109 + A50. from l-r: Studio M's De-Luxe-Cious, Gosh's Holographic, Essie's Barbuda Banana + Looking For Love, China Glaze's Recycle, Rainstorm, & Wagon Trail.

i'd like to mention that i got Holographic from Rachel. she's so awesome :)

Essie’s Barbuda Banana + Studio M’s Sex Symbol. Barbuda Banana is definitely not B3F & application was kinda sucky. but i didnt expect too much from a yellow polish. i used 3 coats of BB in this picture.

this is it for now. enjoy your weekend!
have a great Easter!,

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Recent Manis

ok, well, not too recent. the following manis were done some time between yesterday & 2 weeks ago :P

this is Joe Fresh's Powder Blue & Sally Hansen’s White On.

for this mani, the pink is Etude House’s PK010, the silver glitter is Studio M’s Sex Symbol, the white is Sally Hansen’s White On, and then black acrylic paint.

i used China Glaze's Secret Peri-Wink-Le for the tips & the pink is Essie's Beach Party.

Nina Ultra Pro's Black, Wet n Wild's The Gold & The Beautiful, & that dark, burnt copper-ish color is Pure Ice's Magic.

as you can tell, i was in a polka dot mood. haha k, thats all the manis i have to share for now!

im excited for tomorrow because im going on another outing with Rachel! :) we're gunna have lots of fun!

have a great one!,

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Big Bang - Sunset Glow mv inspired

hi! i hope everyone is doing well! the weekend is almost here...yay! :)

i have another kpop inspired mani for you~ i actually did these 2 weeks ago but i never got around to posting until now.

although im not a big fan of Big Bang, i got a few requests to do a Big Bang mani... and so i finally came up with something. aside from Haru Haru, Sunset Glow is one of my favorite Big Bang songs. sorry for such crappy pictures & screen caps from the mv; i had to take pictures on my phone & i couldnt find an hq version of the mv at all! T___T

here's the mv to go along;

have a great weekend!,

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Manis & Reviews

as promised, i would be back to post about my manis from the packages that i got last month.

here's a random mani i did. i used OPI's What's With The Cattitude? & Ogre-The-Top Blue with a white polish.

i used one of my new brushes that i received from Born Pretty Store. let me just say that these brushes are perfect for nail art! they're so nice, small, & thin ... perfect!!

in this next mani, i used the pink polish that i received from Younique Nails. this polish is called American Sweet Heart; a very sheer pastel pink. you cant tell from the picture, but its supposed to be a gradient. you can tell it was a gradient irl. i loooove the color :) the glitter was Cover Girl's Disco Dazzle.

*just a reminder that Younique Nails dropped the prices of their polishes down from $13.90 to $10.90! :D

wheph! big thanks to Born Pretty Store & Younique Nails for sending me the products to review.

have a great one!,

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Last Month's Packages

hi! i've been meaning to make this post ... but i never got around to it. these are a few of the packages i got last month-ish. im gunna make this post short.

this is a package from my friends Xin Yi & Jade. they're from Malaysia & so we did a swap. too lazy to type down all the names. sorry.

Younique Nails kindly sent me this package of polishes.

Born Pretty Store kindly sent me this package of nail art stuff for a review.

i've already used a few of my new stuff for i'll get back to you guys on that another time.

have a good one!,