Tuesday, March 30, 2010

mini swatch & update!

back when i first started my blog [a month ago. haha] i posted "all" of my past nail art into a blog. guess not! i found more that i forgot i did & i didnt post em! so i just wanted to add them in here. [pictures open up in a new screen]

i also bought a few new polishes from over the weekend and today & swatched a few of them.

picked up the Finger Paints polish today & the F21 polishes were bought on Sunday. [icky picture, sorry!]

Finger Paints Blissfully Blue. i LOVE this color! i guess FP came out with a new spring line of colors cause this was with its own display case with 4 or 5 other polishes at Sallys. anyway, two coats for this adorable baby blue! i loooove this one!

Love & Beauty Teal Blue. this color is a real beauty! i didnt think i would like it as much as i do! here is two coats of the polish but one coat would've done fine! there are tiny teal glitters? in the polish so [as in the picture above] in the light, the glitters will seen.

Love & Beauty Orchid. sorry for a bad, goopy looking picture. i got really impatient [again] and yea...thats what happened =P anyway, this looks all silver but theres purple/orchid glitters? in the polish too! when i was putting this on outside, the reflection of the sun in the polish was blindingggg me! haha but this one is two coats; again, one coat probably would've been fine.

i have to say!, im really impressed with Forever 21's polishes! i gotta go hunt more! =)

also want to mention, i've already bought the stuff for my giveaway!!! so excited! i just need three more followers to get to 50! even if i dont get my three followers, some time this Thursday...im going to post up the giveaway details cause i wont have time this weekend to post.

hope you had a great day!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Chubby Pucca

Pucca gained a little weight in my nails...

Pucca's left eye looks like it got punched...but really, thats just the paint smudging. haha

i do wanna say, however, that i recently bought one of Nailene's Acrylic Strong Topcoat and i absolutely hate it. i know its not a fast-drying topcoat, but it literally takes so long to dry! i waited for a good 30 minutes or longer, and when i woke up the next day, smudges and imprints were everywhere on my nails! i even waited an hour for one nail and there were still smudges! i've tried the topcoat three times now and each time i wake up to the same thing. - - i also wanna mention that, the topcoat itself doesnt completely suck because it does keep my nails shiny, well, the spots that arent all smudged up stay shiny. but honestly, if you're impatient like me, dont bother getting Nailene's Acrylic Strong Topcoat. if you dont mind the wait, the $3.99 to buy the bottle isnt so bad.

anyway, hope your week starts out great!,

Sunday, March 28, 2010

one month!

happy Sunday!

i just wanted to mention... its been one month since i've entered the nail blog world. thanks to all those who stay up to date with me...or even those who just drop by every so often, to those who like my nail art, and to those who comment me, i really appreciate it; thanks =) you guys girls are awesome!

oh, i also want to mention.. seven more readers til i do my first giveaway!!!! =) i guess i should start planning it, right? ;D

oh! last thing! i did buy 6 new polishes today! maybe i'll swatch soon? if not, pictures of the bottles...haha

hope your weekend was great!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Sanrio Nails = FAIL

gosh, its been a bad nail art week for me. first, my pokemon nails...now my sanrio nails. epic fail. i thought my pokemon nails were bad...these are worse!

if you havent noticed, i like to do my nails at night. i ended up starting at 11pm and finished around... 1am? by 1230am, i was getting kinda sleepy so i started to rush...bad idea. so when i first finished my nails, i thought they were dried - obviously, they werent. when i went to put on my topcoat, my middle finger smudged everywhere! so i ended up fixing that. then after i was done fixing that, i went to close the lid on my paint & the paint ended up falling on the floor, all my paint spilled out, and then i had to clean it. after i was done cleaning it, my other middle finger was messed up. so i had to fix that. then after that was done, for some reason...my other middle finger was messed up, again. so i got mad, quickly fixed it, took a picture..and yea.


this is what they were supposed to be. only Badtz Maru looks decent. everything else looks so dumb -__- my Chi Chai Monchan kept getting messed up. when i first finished it, he looked cute. not anymore.

i was so disappointed after i did my nails; i almost convinced myself not to post a blog. but since im here showing nail art & all, i decided i might as well show the good & horribly, bad nail art designs.

ew. i hate my nails so much. im reallllllly disappointed. gotta take them off asap.

besides for that, i hope you have a great weekend ;)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


i had another mini-haul from over the weekend, so i took some time, yesterday, to swatch a few polishes. [i still havent swatched any of the polishes from 2-3 weeks ago.. -__-]

i picked these two up from Forever 21. only $2.80 per bottle, its worth it..and i actually really like em!

Love & Beauty Purple. this polish is more...dark magenta [to me]. definitely not purple..but here's two coats.

Love & Beauty Salmon. salmon is a good description of this color. even coral would be ok to describe this. its very pretty, here's two coats.

from Maybelline's limited edition Something Sweet collection.

Maybelline Bubble Pink. bubble pink is the perfect description of this! it was a pain to apply cause it was streaky. here's three coats. i think i have a Sinful Colors polish that is similar to this. if i remember, i'll do a comparison.

Maybelline Goody Plum Drop. small, tiny shimmers in the polish. application was much better for this one than the Bubble Pink. here's two coats.

did Sally Hansen come out with another new line of polishes? i saw these out on Rite Aide over the weekend; these are different from the other line of polishes that SH just came out with. the box/showcase for these polishes said "limited time" so i picked up these two. i wanna go back for the rest =)

Sally Hansen Blue Blast. such a pretty blue! i love it! two coats & bam! perfection =)

Sally Hansen Pronto Petal. this color reminds me of Pepto Bismol. haha. here's three coats, two coats would've been fine but i found a bald spot on my nail & went ahead with my third coat to cover it.

some random Sinful Colors polishes.

Sinful Colors Mint Apple. not my kind of mint, but its very pretty. this polish has a shimmer in it, here's three coats.

Sinful Colors Soulmate. the picture really doesnt depict it, but to me, this polish reminds me of a terracotta pot - not so orange-y, but around that shade. two coats here.

Sinful Colors Feeling Great. dark, raspberry pink. super pretty - two coats.

thats all the swatching i did =) hopefully i'll make time to swatch my other polishes from a few weeks ago. haha.

have a good one!,

Monday, March 22, 2010

Pokemon Nails = FAIL

i just finished doing my nails and i absolutely hate them. i dont know why, i just dont like them at all. the sad thing is that i've been so excited to have Pokemon as my theme for my nails cause i just love pokemon, but they turned out so...horrible -__-

its ok, you can make fun of them too.

pokeballs on my thumb & pinky; torchic on my pointer, togepi, and then pikachu.

im probably going to take them off tomorrow...

have a good one!,

Thursday, March 18, 2010

3D Acrylic Nail Art Attempt

i've always wanted to try 3d acrylic nail art but i've never bought a kit cause i was a bit nervous about trying it out. but after reading Asami's 3d acrylic nail art tutorial on Tuesday, i really wanted to try it... so that night, i went out and bought a kit. then today, i finally got to attempt 3d acrylic nail art! woo!

this is my first time trying, so please be nice =)
here's how it went:

*group shot =)
the polishes i used were on each nail were: L.A. Colors Bright Pink + Orly's Cotton Candy; Orly's Pixy Stix; & Orly's Lollipop.

my 3d bow. i made the bow before adding the pink dots..so the bow looks super small in comparison to the dots. then i added a rhinestone to pretty it up. [also, the light from the sun, in this picture, left a blob on the nail. see how one side is pink & one side is kinda orange-y? yea, thats the sun.]

[ew. blurry picture. too lazy to retake another one.] 3d heart! i made a decent heart at first & then tried to fix it..and it kept getting bigger/thicker...so i stopped. then i added little pearls to it wasnt so plain... and while it was drying, one of the pearls [at the bottom of the nail] slid down & joined the other pearl. haha.

my flower. turned out...ok? not much to say about this one. haha oh, besides for the sun making the left half of the nail look white.

i spent almost an hour doing those three in my backyard...and i was going to do more but then our backyard neighbors came outside & started arguing. i felt awkward so i stopped & went inside.

thats all i have for today; have a good one!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

here's the mani i finished last night but didnt post until today cause i waited for the sun to come out for pictures =)

i used China Glaze's Four Leaf Clover & Re-Fresh Mint. i was only going to use one green but i couldnt decide which one to use since i love both of them, so i decided to use both in the end! =)

i used glitter for my four leaf clover [on my pointer finger]. it doesnt exactly look like a four leaf clover from this angle...but it is. haha and then more glitter was used on my rainbow. and for my "gold" in my pot of gold, i used small gold beads.

then i decided to put dots on my thumb, middle, & pinky cause it looked...boring. i do like it, but now that i keep looking at it, i always have dots on my manis. im gunna avoid that for next time =P

oh, on yesterday's post, i said i was going to do swatches...nope. i didnt get the time to do it -__- hopefully i'll have time to swatch em soon..

anyway, enjoy your day & the sunshine =D

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Package + Swatches

im currently on my Spring Break this week...and yesterday, on my first day of break, i had to work.. a full-almost 10hr day. it was a bummer. but then, i got a tweet from my sister that my package from Steff, over at Short 'n Chic, had come in - already! [i was lucky enough to win her awesome giveaway! =)] i was so excited for work to hurry up & end so i could go home and open it up!

here's what i came home to:

i opened it up to find:

these beautiful polishes and

two Dior Addict perfumes - smells soooo nice!, Wet n Wild eyeshadow, and a card!

i did some swatches of my newly arrived polishes last night as well... it was late at night when i took these pictures so the lighting in some of the pictures suck & my hands are different colors in the pictures; so im sorry in advance.

Sally Hansen Going Green. here is two layers of this very pretty green! im bummed that i wasnt able to capture the tiny little shimmer that is in the polish.

Sinful Colors Surf'n Blue. im not going to lie, i wasnt sure how this one would turn out...but after two coats of this polish, i fell in love! i really like it!

China Glaze For Audrey. i love this color! my old For Audrey was getting kinda thick & i was just about to buy a new bottle, but no need! here's two coats of F.A.

Essie Mint Candy Apple. ever since i got into nail art, almost 6-7 months ago, i've always wanted this polish! for some reason, i just never found one. but im so glad i finally got it! i love it! [i couldnt get a good picture of this one. bummer. the polish is a bit more aqua? a little less blue.]

Claire's Cotton Candy. this one definitely smelt like cotton candy! even after i took it off, i could still smell a small bit of it. haha to me, the polish looks a little frosty? [can i describe a polish like that? haha] it took me three layers to get to this. there are small glitters and bigger hexagon glitters in the polish. very pretty!

this was my first blog giveaway that i entered and i luckily won! so, again, thanks Steff! =)

speaking of blog giveaways, i did say that once i hit 50 followers, i'll do my own giveaway! i've really had the urge to do a giveaway! haha so..21 more followers.. =D

anyway, today is my first official day off. im getting lunch with my friends in a bit, but i hope i can come home and swatch a few more polishes from my haul from last week. and i also have to post up my St. Patrick's Day mani!

so i'll be back later. have a great day & enjoy the sunshine! =)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Giraffe Nails

i just finished this and i actually really like it!

using China Glaze's Happy Go Lucky + For Audrey [i added a little white to For Audrey for a lighter blue] =) i just bought Happy Go Lucky on Wednesday so this is my first time using it...and i have to say, i love it! application was a breeze & the color is just so vibrant & pretty! i also used my new topcoat, Nailene's Acrylic Strong Topcoat =)

have a good one!,

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Polish Haul

its like i have no self-control around nail polishes! i just want to pick up every one of them! haha

this is my haul from last week;

and this is my haul from today;

i also bought a Nailene's Acrylic Strong Topcoat =)

i tried a few of the polishes from last week on my younger sister, Kiana, but that was it. the others are still sitting around, not even opened yet. i was especially excited to find China Glaze's Up & Away at Sally's cause i've been waiting for them since November/December when China Glaze on twitter was posting swatches! haha i still have to find the rest of the collection, they're sold out at two of the Sally's by my house.

anyway, just wanted to post a quick blog. maybe i'll do swatches? -i have spring break next week so i'll try to swatch em.

have a good one!,

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Charlie Brown Themed Nails

so my older sister, Salena, and I went to Coney Island for dinner last night and she was wearing a Charlie Brown shirt... Woodstock looked SOOO cute, i felt inspired to theme my nails according to her shirt!

after i got started, i changed the design about... 3 times? so it took a LONG time to finish my nails. plus, i also had to watch tutorials on how to draw Snoopy & Woodstock because im not an artist. haha but it turned out pretty good in the end;

i know, my Snoopy looks a little . . . non-Snoopy-ish, but that was the best i could do. im kinda proud of my Woodstock though..kind of. and then my middle finger is supposed to be Charlie Brown's shirt...i know that i wouldnt have been able to draw him. haha

have a great day!,

Monday, March 8, 2010

Giveaway?! + Up-to-date Nail pictures

-well, im not going to have a giveaway, yet!

so this past friday, Natasha and i spent an hour or so entering giveaways...it was quite fun. haha and for the past few days, i felt like i really want to have my own giveaway too! but since i only have... 7 followers...i dont wanna do one yet. haha but when i hit my 50th follower, i will do a small giveaway =)

also, i wanna say thanks to Thess over at The Nail Farm for being so sweet and tweeting about my blog.. thanks! =D

ok, so i've been into nails & nail polishes as a young girl but i've just recently gotten into nail art since last June/July..so im still like a newbie--haha. but i've gathered up pictures of my nails from then til now...and im gunna share em =) the pictures are pretty much in chronological order...the old ones are in the beginning and the newest ones are at the end.

[click the thumbnails to see a bigger picture--the link will open up in a new tab]

have a good week!,