Monday, February 28, 2011

Katrina's Nail Blog's 1st Birthday Giveaway!

WOW! i cannot believe i've been in the blogging world for a whole year now!

i know everyone always says this...but... i honestly had no idea that anyone would follow, read, or find any interest in my silly little blog here...and yet there are 923 of you who put up with me :) the love, encouragement, and support from you ladies is really incredible & i really appreciate it~ ♥

now, to say thank you to you all & to celebrate my blog's 1st birthday, i have a giveaway! :)

there will be two prizes so there will be two winners.

first prize:

brand new bottles of polishes that i personally bought myself.
- Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure's Sea And Be Seen.
- Essie's Van D'Go.
- Orly's Candy Cane Lane.
- Rimmel's Sunset Orange.
- Zoya's Edyta.
- Nicole by OPI's Nicole...Spotted!.
- Barielle's Elle's Spell.
- Revlon's Emerald City.

second prize:
the winner of the second prize will win two polishes + one top coat + 5 stickers from Younique Nails! the winner will get to choose whichever two polishes and which top coat she wants. [the glitters count as top coats.] big thanks to Younique Nails for sponsoring this second portion of the giveaway!

this giveaway will end
Sunday, March 20
the winner will be announced a day or two after & the winner must respond within 48 hours after i sent out the email.
-as usual, this giveaway is opened internationally~ :)

the rules:

*1] you must be publicly following me through GFC or bloglovin' or whatever else blogger has to offer. *please note that i am not including my tumblr followers in this giveaway. & new followers are welcome :)
*2] leave your name [gfc/bloglovin' name] + email address. [one entry]
optional] blog / sideblog about my giveaway - with a link provided. [extra entry 1]
optional] "like" Katrina's Nail Blog on facebook - leave your fb name. [extra entry 2]
optional] add Younique Nails as a friend on facebook - leave your fb name. [extra entry 3]

*please note that anyone who comments my blog regularly will receive an extra entry! :)

please leave the following information in the form below:

good luck to everyone! thanks for all the love in this past year! im looking forward to another year with you awesome ladies :)

and thanks to Younique Nails for sponsoring! please do check out their site!


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Some Random Manis

hi!~ i havent had a mani post in a while. i've lacked lots & lots & lots of inspiration lately so i've been doing nothing but simple/boring stuff.

i forget what pinks i used here. but i HATED this mani so much, i took it off the day after i finished it.

black matte + shiny leopard print + rhinestones & pearls. i liked this one. too bad it didnt last a full day at work :X

i think this is 4 coats of China Glaze's White Cap; 3 would have been fine but i went with 4 anyway. let me just say.. i LOVE White Cap!!~ these pictures dont do any justice.

yea, i think im done here. :P hope you're enjoying your weekend! its snowing like CRAZYYY here in Michigan...looks like i'll be home for the rest of today :P

have a good one!,

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Candy Lens Review

a few weeks ago, i was by Candy Lens for a little review. Candy Lens is an online store located in Malaysia that sells beautiful Korean circle lenses. they pretty much ship worldwide and ship really fast! just three days after i selected my lenses, my package showed up at my door!

ok. onto pictures!

inside of the package were these little pretties! [i also forgot the key chains that were included T__T]

arent these just the cutest?! they're cute little animal lens cases! i got a fish & hippo! [just a side note, if you order from Candy Lens, you can get a FREE cute animal lens case too!]

inside of these cute little boxes were...

the lenses! -i really love the packaging! :)

this is Geo Angel Violet Circle Lens.

*if you would like to see a bigger version of this picture, just click on the picture & it will open up in a new screen.

this is Max Pure Pink Circle Lens.

*if you would like to see a bigger version of this picture, just click on the picture & it will open up in a new screen.

Max Pure Pink is 14.5mm & Geo Angel Violet is 14mm. they're both really gorgeous and they're both very comfortable! they really take a simple look to a whole new level! i really, really like them! :D

lastly!, Candy Lens is offering my readers a 5% off coupon! just use this code when checking out:

once again, big thanks to Candy Lens! be sure to check out their site!

have a great one!,

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fail Manis & Important Info

hi! :)

ok, this first fact of the matter is really not important. haha. but i would like to mention that i finally made a facebook page for my nail stuff. if you would like to "like" it..then feel free~ click here for a link to fb. i havent done anything fancy to it yet...just some nail art & my fugly banner... haha. one day, i'll put better stuff on there and add a like button to the side of my blog here.. but for now, thats it~

next, i sure hope you all have read my review on Younique Nails because i have great news for you! starting yesterday, February 7, and running til March 7... Younique Nails has dropped the price on their polishes! from $13.90 down to $10.90! but, dont forget that i have my 10% coupon code that you can use! meaning, you'll be paying around $9.81 for a bottle [plus shipping].

its definitely something worth trying out~ :)

ok, onto my fail manis... first we have a failed kpop inspired one.

Miss A is a newer girl group that came out some time last year i believe. an anonymous person on formspring kindly suggested for me to do a mani that was inspired by Miss A's Breath music video...i got this far and then i stopped.

here's the mani i have on right now..

3 coats of Milani's Fresh Teal. the polish is REALLY not this peacock blue-ish shade irl. its more teal...but this picture sucks. boo T___T if you couldnt tell, its supposed to be Agent P aka Perry The Platypus..from Phineas and Ferb. [ yes, i still watch Disney Channel. dont judge me :P ] i dont like how this turned sister said Perry looks really mad. HAHA -_____-

anyway, this is it for now!

have a great one!,

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tribal Print mani + Glitter Gradient Video Tutorial

hi~ hi~

here's the mani that i've been sporting for the past few days;

2 coats of China Glaze's Channelesque & 2 coats of Forever 21's Love & Beauty Dusty Blue. - - - can you believe i found a bottle of Channelesque?! i was so happy :) too bad its non B3F so it was a total stinker >__<

uhm, the tribal print thing has been going around tumblr for a while so i decided to give it a try. i kinda like it.

here's a realllllllllllly short video tutorial of my gold glitter gradient from a while ago.

i know there's other ways of doing a glitter gradient, but this is the way i do mine :P and i know, the quality sucks. oh well.

im done for now...
hope you're having a good one!,