Sunday, March 27, 2011

DBSK - Balloons inspired mani

heyyy! its been a while, i hope all is well. i've been lazy. i havent really done any manis lately; i've just been painting my nails a solid color & ending it there.

i have another kpop inspired mani today. this one... i did 2 weeks ago but was too lazy to post until now T______T

Balloons was one of the first DBSK mvs i watched & they’re just too cute - especially in those outfits!! :D i know…its a really, really simple mani :X oh, and please dont laugh at my right hand. i wrote 동방신기 all sloppy & lopsided =’( but that 5 in the heart is kindaaa cute though, right? haha.

here is the cute mv for you to watch;

this is it for now.

enjoy the rest of your weekend!,

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Giveaway Winners

the winner of the first prize is..

of Prettyfulz!

the winner of the second prize is..

of Cel's blog!

congrats! please check your email :)

thanks to everyone who entered!


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Handwriting Tag + Giveaway Update

first, my mani from last weekend-ish.

my awesome friends from Malaysia sent me an awesome package of polishes the other week... which i'll post about later. but im using 2 of my new polishes in this mani. the polishes i used in this mani is Wet n Wild's French White Creme, the minty green is Sasatinnie's FCW032, & the periwinkle blue is Sasatinnie's FCW034.

onto the handwriting tag...

1. What is your name? And your blog name?
2. Blog URL
3. Write: the brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.
4. Favourite quote
5. Favourite song
6. Favourite band/singers
7. Say anything you want
8. Pass it along to a few bloggers

im tagging Rachel, Katherine, Tara, Che, & anyone else who wants to do this!

thanks to Julie & Ivana for tagging me :)

last order of business for tonight, i wanna update you guys on my giveaway. i had planned the giveaway to end on "Sunday, March 18" but we all know that March 18 is a Thursday! i -honestly- really wanted it to end on Sunday, March 20 so i changed it. its not gunna affect anyone but im just letting you all know.

have a great one!,

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

SS501 inspired mani


first things first...i just wanna mention that i finally got a new layout for my blog. its super simple & thats how i prefer it :P im not done putting in new links & what not, but hopefully it'll be done shortly :)

next, my mani! it's been a while since i last had a kpop inspired mani. but today, i bring you another one.

this is my SS501 - A Song Calling For You mv inspired mani! there's a reason why i specifically did this mani is because ... two years ago, around the end of February onto early March, i got into kpop. i fell in love with SS501 through this music video & so i just wanted to make a mani in celebration of my 2nd year into kpop! :) omg. i cant even imagine what my life would be if i hadn’t got into kpop. haha

on my nails… i didnt put my SS as close together as it is in the mv. & i couldnt find the right shade of dark yellow-orange for the font :( on my pointer, i have a checkered pattern from the floor tiles of the second picture. next, the black dress is supposed to be like the dress that girl in the 3rd picture is wearing. then i have the cute cardigan & bow tie design is on my ring finger. & i bet you’re confused about my pinky design huh? haha. thats supposed to be the garage door & that black thing is supposed to be part of the car :P i didnt include Jungmin [who is the guy in the last picture] in my mani but i still left him in this picture anyway :)

p.s. dont laugh at how ridiculously sloppy my checkered design & “garage” design is..i rushed through those two.

here's the mv for you to enjoy :)

lastly, if you follow me on twitter, you'll notice that yesterday i was complaining about school. once i finish this semester, i'll get my associates in general studies... so i really need to finish this semester out well. for the first half of this semester, i felt like i had school under control. i worked out a nice study schedule & what not & im actually doing well in my classes. but just on Tuesday, my online money management class started & im already feeling overwhelmed. i have homework due tonight, 4 assignments due Friday night, 2 tests due Sunday night, and a project to start - AND THIS IS ONLY MY FIRST WEEK OF CLASS!! im kinda freaking out because i dont think i can manage everything anymore. i know online classes are harder but this is the toughest online class i've had yet & im really freaking out. gahh, i hate school! and not to mention, i have two midterms tomorrow. :(

im done complaining now. i need to finish my homework & finish studying!

have a good one!,

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Last Week's Manis

hi, hi!

just quick post of last week's manis.

this mani was inspired by my sisters Victoria Secret lip gloss box.

a semi-fail glitter gradient mani; i used Studio M's Tru Passion. like my Hello Kitty ring? i made it :)

mm, thats it for now. hope your weekend's been great!


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hauls & Polish Hunting with Rachel


so i spent my Tuesday morning & early-afternoon on a polish hunt with Rachel of Rachel's Marie's Nails :) we stopped by 3 different stores, bought lots of polishes, chatted about ourselves & polishes [of course!], and got bubble teas to drink. :)

here's my haul from Tuesday;

omg. i went a LITTLE bit overboard, right?! haha sorry for a sucky picture. i edited this picture for tumblr & i went a little wonky with the editing. haha T______T

from l-r: CND Asphalt, China Glaze Virtual Violet, Zoya Roxy, [at the top] Essie Mesmerized & Topless & Barefoot, OPI Russian Navy Suede & Black Shatter, [at the bottom] China Glaze Custom Kicks, Fly, Laced Up, Oh How Street It Is, Techno Teal, CND Toughen Up basecoat, Silver Sparkling, Gold Sparkling, & China Glaze Sea Spray. not to mention, i got a Nail Tek glass file.

oh, and thats not it. Rachel even gave me a little present! how sweet right?! :)

Lemony Flutter cuticle creme, Sally Hansen Nail Prisms in Diamond & Purple Diamond, Revlon Banana Blaze, & Cover Girl's Nail Slicks in Mystic Peacock.

*sigh. Tuesday was so fun. :)

now here's my haul from last week...

OPI Yogo-Ta Get This Blue! & I Vant To Be A-Lone Star, Studio M Vintage Couture & Tru Passion, Orly Country Club Khaki, Essie California Coral, & Milani Totally Cool.

and finally, here's my haul from Saturday..

the new Sinful Colors polishes!! :)

from l-r: Why Not, Hazard, Unicorn, Nirvana, & Savage. Savage is supposed to be a teal-ish color but my picture sucks :X

WHEPH! i seriously need to go on a No Buy.

i have to go study i'll leave it at this. i'll be back with a mani post soon.
p.s. do you prefer this bigger size of pictures? hmm...

have a good one!,