Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mood Nails

-not the Claire's mood changing nail polish.. =P

lately, i've been in a really bad mood. im indecisive to begin with, but when im in a bad mood, it gets worse. and i complain a lot [more than usual--i definitely complain a LOT on twitter. haha]. and i also get even more lazy--thats definitely how i've been feeling lately.

so last night i couldnt decide on a polish color..but i know i wanted something pastel. this is what i ended up with;

from my thumb - pinky: Orly Cotton Candy, Orly Lollipop, China Glaze Lemon Fizz, Finger Paints Blissfully Blue, & Icing Mint 2 Be.

of course i couldnt just leave it at i added on:

now i can explain why i titled my blog "mood nails" - haha.

lets see, starting from my matter what, music never fails me. no matter how im feeling, music always makes me feel better. next, my pointer finger is of a heart & then dotted white lines under. every time i think of school, i go crazy! its such a big burden on me. i've become such a slacker & im finishing my second year at a community college... and im still undecided. i dont know what the heckkk i want to do and so the heart is "symbolizing" me just letting my heart float around; not to feel so burdened. my middle finger is me... =P i get so stressed out but i always plaster a smile on my face. ring finger is me just wanting a beautiful blue sky with clouds. i hate Michigan's mood-swinging, inconsistent weather. i just want something peaceful...which leads to my pinky. i feel overstressed sometimes & i just wanna do something peaceful.

i guess that explains everything...was this entry too personal? haha.

enjoy your Wednesday!,

OH! by the way! today--well, actually tonight...but whatever--marks my 2nd month in the blogging world. big thanks to everyone who reads my boring blog =) and to those who comment me, i really enjoy hearing from a bigger thanks to you =) if it wasnt for you ladies, this blog wouldnt have survived. haha

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sally Hansen - Hidden Treasure

-its going in my "favorite polishes" collection!

my sister, Salena, and i were at Rite-Aid on Sunday and i came across [another] new Sally Hansen display!

this picture was taken with my phone's camera.

at first, i was gunna pick up the beige-y colored polish [fourth one from the right] but then i noticed that last polish; its a flake-y, iridescent polish. i immediately thought of the NFU-Oh polishes & picked it up! --its kinda ironic though, cause just a few days ago, i was looking at swatches of NFU-Oh's & to find one so similar..i was excited!

this one is Hidden Treasure; what a beauty!

i was so excited that i bought it..i tried it that night. i used Nina Ultra Pro Black & China Glaze Flyin High. this picture was taken before i put Hidden Treasure on top & it was taken in my basement with bad lighting..and its kinda blurry -__-

after this picture, i put one coat of HT on. but with the bad lighting... i couldnt take a semi-decent i waited til Monday morning to take a picture.

wah =) i love it! my camera isnt amazing so this picture isnt all that -__- i also added a few rhinestones to jazz it up a bit.

holding one of my new favorite polishes =) [my hand looks awkward..haha.]

i dont own any NFU-Oh polishes..but i REALLY wanna get a few! [im trynna convince my sister to order me some ;)] so i cant compare the two brands..but when i checked the other week, the price was around $10-12 for a bottle of NFU-Oh ? my Sally Hansen was $7.50 . [where i live, the drug stores sell Sally Hansen's for $6.99-7.99 & Targets sell Sally Hansens for $6.50 but i havent seen this new line @ Target yet.]

have you tried both of them? if so, whats your opinion on them? are you planning on picking up a bottle of Hidden Treasure?

enjoy your day!,

[115pm] oh hey! new layout! i just finished re-coding it! do ya like it? should i switch back? let me know =)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Glitter Gradient

whoa! is this two posts in one day? -yes. it is. =) oh, and check out my post from earlier: here, if you missed it.

i finally did my nails =)

i used Essie's Chinchilly for the tips & base of my ring finger. then i used Massini's Sex Symbol silver glitter, Cover Girl's Disco Dazzle, and topped it off with China Glaze's Fairy Dust & topcoat. since my first attempt at 3d acrylic nail art, i havent touched my stuff; so i decided to try to make a flower on my ring finger. - - - fail. its all off-centered -__-

here's my nails before i attempted the flower;

this picture was taken earlier this afternoon so the lighting is different from the other picture.. =P and my nails look awkwardly short here...

like the blog title says...this is supposed to be a glitter gradient. im not good at doing i dont know if i would consider this a gradient fail or not. what would you consider it? overall, i actually kinda like this mani.. =)

enjoy your day!,

Basecoats & Zoya

sorry for the lack of updates this week; i've been super lazy & i've only painted my nails once this week! o__O

anyway, for today's post, i wanna just share my experiences with my different basecoats.

Poshe's Nail Strengthening Treatment Basecoat & Nail Life's Gripper.

when i first started doing nail stuff, i used Seche Vite's base coat. after a few months, my nails started chipping & peeling very often so then i switched over to Poshe. its really nail-strengthening! i used it for, probably 6 months?, and my nails really felt stronger; they didnt chip as easily nor peel. but almost a month ago, i read a review for Nail Life's Gripper so i really wanted to try it! i got myself a bottle the same day i read the review & have used it for a month. if you follow me on twitter, you'll notice i complain about my nails chipping. my nails are usually pretty strong but seriously, my nails are chipping and breaking at least twice a week! they are peeling and are unlayered and my nails arent even that long! i have to shorten my nails every single week now! my polish doesnt seem to stay on very long & it peels off quicker. im very disappointed with Nail Life. so im going to switch back to my reliable Poshe basecoat.

im dont venting now. what basecoat[s] do you use? please share =)

on the other hand, im sure you heard of Zoya's Nail Polish Exchange!

i do not own a single Zoya polish in my stash & i REALLY want a few! this is a pretty good deal!: send in at least 6 of your polishes, pick which Zoya polishes you want, and pay $3.50 per bottle. im really considering this!

are you going to be doing the Zoya Exchange? which polishes do you want? which polishes do you recommend? =)

Happy Earth Day!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Blog Award

Here are the Rules:

- Post the award on your blog.
- Link the person who has given you the award.
- Pass the award to other 15 blogs you've discovered.

thanks to amused polish, Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes, and happyberrynaiad for awarding me. youre all so sweet! =)

to share the love;
- Necessary Nails
- Hue & Me
- This Was Forever
- love, Pang
- nails, nails nails

-cant think of anyone else off the top of my head...
oh! anyone that im following!* i tag ya =)

sorry i didnt come tell any of you on your blogs that i tagged a little short on time right now >__<

enjoy your day!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Video Tutorial

- say whattttt ?!

yup! thats right! i finally made a video tutorial! i was a little hesitant on making a youtube account for nail stuff...cause youtube is a harsh community with a lot of haters -__- but
i sucked it up & made an account:

yes, its a lame youtube name..similar to my lame blog name...ha. ha. please feel free to subscribe =) oh, by the way, i have a tumblr that i dont use often; i'll try to use it more often too.

anyway! the point..a lot of people asked for a tutorial on my rose here's to all my wonderful readers!

this is my first video tutorial so its a little...awkward at times? in some parts of the video, i was speeding up...i cant paint that fast. haha. and my background song is!!! =(

please let me know what you think about my video..or if i should stick to picture tutorials?!

F A I L !

my uploaded video got cut off a whole minute short! so i removed the video & im going to try to upload it again tomorrow. this is a win-lose situation: its a lose cause i was so excited to share it with everyone! its a win cause now i can fix my disabled sound! yay! & boo! sorry!

enjoy your night/day!,

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Giveaway Winner is...

before i announce the winner, i just wanna give a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who joined! it means a lot to me! and thanks to my old readers & hello to my new readers! ooh! and since this was my first giveaway, it was kinda small... so i wanna do a bigger giveaway next time! =)

here's how i chose the winner:

as each of you entered my giveaway, i wrote down your name & email address.

i cut up all the entries today & then threw them into a bowl. [my hand had a cramp from cutting so many small lines! haha]

then my sister, Salena, helped me pick!

congratulations!!!!! =) [here's a link to Midge's blog]

thanks again, everyone!

Saturday, April 17, 2010


first reminder: today is the last day to enter in my giveaway!! the deadline is by 11:59pm EST! so if you havent entered, you better hurry! =)

second reminder: i try to follow back all of my followers awesome readers; but lately, i've been forgetting to follow everyone back. so if you are following me & would like me to follow you too, please just comment so i can follow you too =)

have a great weekend!,

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hot Cheetah

^ what a lame blog title, right? gee, im not good at coming up with clever blog titles. haha =X

anyway, here's my free-handed cheetah/leopard printed nails;

China Glaze's Heli-Yum, OPI's Dim Sum Plum, Sally Hansen's White On, Nina Ultra Pro Black, & an unnamed Hot Topic silver polish.

i tried something different with my pinky & thumb..not so sure if i like it or not yet...but i dont hate it.. so thats a start. haha

Saturday is the last day to enter my giveaway if you havent entered yet!

have a great Friday!,

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Stampy Attempt

i couldnt decide on what to call this blog doesnt really make sense. haha. and i didnt want to put "konad attempt" cause i dont have konad, i have the essence stampy set. hmm... well, anyway! to the point; heres my first two attempts at stamping..

the polish i used is Essence's Everybody's Talking About; to me, its like... a raspberry red. its more red than it is pink. on my pointer finger, i kinda smeared the polish so the little lines/streaks are part of my mess-up. haha i couldnt completely pick up all of the polish/design off the on my nails, there were some small spots missing. ha. ha.

i also swatched OPI's Suzi Says Feng Shui;

such a beauty!

then i practiced my stamping again;

again, i couldnt exactly pick up the whole design on the plate.

i dont know if its just me...but this stampy set isnt exactly my best friend. but i will give it another shot later. haha

oh! if you havent entered in my giveaway, you have til this Saturday!

hope your day is great!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Weekend Haul!

i havent posted in a few days... o__O thats cause i've been to lazy to redo my nails. ha. ha.

but, i have something to share today ! =)

so i almost went a full week of not buying polishes! i was so proud of myself! until...i had my first Ulta experience this morning! it. was. awesome! =D finally found some Essence and good OPI colors! after Ulta, my sister, Salena, friend, Cindy, and i went to the Sally's that was conveniently located a few shops down the plaza from Ulta. Sally's was having a bigger discount today so, of course, i bought some polishes there too! and then Salena and i went to Meijer and i found two more polishes. great day so far =) straight to pictures...

my new babies =) time for close ups!

my new Essence stuff! i've been wanting to try one of those Nail Art Stampy Set for a while now. i figured, if im decent at it, im going to order some Konad stuff. haha $2.99 for a kit; good deal. oh, and by the way, i bought two of the stampy for me and one for my next giveaway...whenever that may be =)

from left to right: Candy Kiss, Plum Perfect, What Do U Think, Everybody's Talking About, Sundancer, and Space Queen. i found Candy Kiss all by itself, away from the Essence section; i wasnt sure why but i kept it cause i thought it would be a cute sheer polish/overlay/topcoat - -whatever its called! haha - - [although i hate sheers. haha] i didnt even check the price..and after i bought it, i found out it was only $0.01!! thats right! it was only ONE. PENNY! what. a. deal! haha and then the other 5 polishes were $0.99 each.

my beautiful OPI's =) Suzi Says Feng Shui, Jade Is The New Black, and Dim Sum Plum. $8.00 per OPI bottle. im so bummed that they were out of Mad As A Hatter =(

Ulta's Orange You Glad It's Summer and Vintage Violet. i didnt even know Ulta had their own line of polishes...i sure hope they work well =) the orange polish was $7.50 & the purple was $5.00; the orange polish is wider & newer than the purple one..thats why its more expensive...i think...

i found China Glaze's Heli-Yum and Flyin' High at Ulta. i still need to find the rest of the Up & Away collection. $6.50 each @ Ulta. then at Sally's, The Ten Man was on red-tagged sale for $2.99; but they were having a bigger discount...all red-tagged items were an additional 50% off! PLUS Sally's is having a "buy 2 get 1 free" on their polishes...and red-tagged items are also included in that i ended up getting The Ten Man for about $1.50 and i also picked up..

from left to right, Finger Paint's Palette Pink, Floatin' On A Cloud, Mural, Mural On The Wall, Curator's Coral, and Calligraphic Calico. besides for Floatin' On A Cloud, which i got for $4.49, the other 4 polishes were red-tagged at $3.49 so i got them at $1.75 and then i ended up getting 2 of them for free =)

Studio M's Jade and Frenzy were found at Meijer for $2.99 each. i swear, this brand of polishes used to be called "Massini" cause i have a silver polish in the same bottle that i bought from Meijer too. haha, oh well.

wow! what a haul! im happy with what i got & i wanna go back to Ulta asap! haha

not to mention, last week, i bought Icing's Pick Me & True Blue from Icing. and i also picked up China Glaze's Strawberry Fields, Fairy Dust, and Finger Paint's Add & Abstract at Sally's. i got A&A for free from the buy 2 get one free =) no picture of those polishes though.

oh, just so everyone knows...i am planning on making a tutorial on my Secret Peri-Wink-Le Roses. =) im just trying to figure out a good day to make a video tutorial..since a few people asked if i could do a video tutorial. so please be patient =)

this was a long post! thanks for your time!
hope your weekend is going well! enjoy! =)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Secret Peri-Wink-Le Roses!

first off, i wanted to say hi to all my readers - old and new. =) i think this was the longest amount of time that i didnt post. haha

so, the last time i did a rose on my nails, it definitely didnt look good. but i decided to retry it again...& it turned out much better! =)

drawing each and every rose was pretty time consuming but im happy with how it turned out. *yay =)

if you follow me on twitter, you might've seen my tweets about two of my nails breaking today -__- but instead of cutting them all off, i decided to just round it off a bit...on my right hand, the tip of my nail on my middle finger broke. and on my left hand, the tip of my nail on my thumb broke. see the picture here:

right at the bottom of my nail on my thumb, its angled weirdly. yea. its a bummer that my nails have to be uneven..but this is gunna have to do..for now. haha

also, i wanted to mention that after i finished this mani, i showed my mom & she loved it so much, she made me paint hers like mine, but with pink & purple instead of the periwinkle. haha

oh, thanks to everyone who is joining in on my giveaway! i have a notebook next to my computer and i've been writing down every entry as they come in. haha if you havent entered, you still have til the 17th of this month =)

have a good one!,

Friday, April 2, 2010


here are my nails for Easter:

lets see, i have a "field of eggs" on my thumb, a little "Easter Sunday Dress" on my pointer finger, a bunny, an "decorated Easter egg" and a chicky =)

i probably wont have time to blog any more this weekend - its going to be family-and-food-filled. haha. to all of you, have a Happy Easter! =)

oh, and dont forget to enter in my first giveaway!

have a great weekend!,

Thursday, April 1, 2010

First Giveaway!

i am so happy to finally announce my first giveaway! i have been waiting for this day to come since i first started my blog! i remember getting my first two followers awesome readers...such a happy feeling! its only been a little over a month since i started my blog and im already at 52 awesome readers ! *excited! getting to the point, to show my gratefulness toward my readers, im happy to present my first giveaway!

one winner will receive...

China Glaze's VII, China Glaze's Make An Entrance, Icing's Laura's Fave, Icing's Casino Green, & L.A. Colors' Art Deco in White & Silver.

simple rules!
in one comment, please leave..
1] your name & email address. and please be a follower awesome reader =) [one entry]
2] blog about my giveaway with a link provided [extra entry]

simple, right? nothing complicated =D

when picking a winner, to make sure its truly random, i will manually pick! -meaning, i will write down each & every entry, drop it in a bag/hat, close my eyes [ha. ha.], & handpick the winner.

this giveaway will end Saturday, April 17 @ 11:59pm eastern time. the winner will be announced a day or two after.

good luck to everyone & a big thanks to my wonderful, awesome readers! im thankful for each & every one of ya =)


AWE-SOME! i woke up to 51 followers! some time today, my giveaway is going up! =D but before i post up my giveaway, i wanted to enter in a few giveaways myself =)

- - - - -

Laura at Sawan is having a giveaway celebrating 259+ followers! check out her incredible giveaway! ends Ap30.

- - - - -

Amused Polish is having an awesome April Fool's Day Giveaway! -and its not a joke! =) the giveaway ends Ap16

- - - - -

Nailstah is having her First Reader Appreciation Giveaway! this awesome giveaway ends Ap12.

- - - - -

Good Mourning Glory is giving away China Glaze's Up & Away collection and many more! giveaway ends Ap5.

- - - - -

Susie's Home & Hobbies is having a giveaway! see the picture of the awesome prizes? haha ends Ap22.

- - - - -

Confessions of a Polisholic is having an awesome giveaway in celebration of her 25+ followers =) ends Ap20.

- - - - -

Elle is having a giveaway over at her blog; check it out! its amazing =) ends Ap25.

- - - - -

Claire is having a giveaway! she's giving out new polishes from China Glaze's Poolside collection! =) ends Ap24.

- - - - -

Magic Maid is giving away 10 amazing polishes! =) ends Ap25.

- - - - -

Crystaliciousss is having a spring giveaway! things ranging from nail polish, to make up, to earrings! =) ends Ap7.

- - - - -

not exactly a giveaway, but The Laquer Files is having a nail art contest that i entered...the theme was bugs! here was my entry:

all freehanded with googly eyes to add cuteness to the bugs! =P the other entries are awesome so go check out the rest of the contest! feel free to vote for me, please?! ha. ha. *hides.

- - - - -

over at This Was Forever, she's having her first giveaway! ranging from nail polish, eye shadow, and to a scarf...i sure hope i win ! haha ends Ap29.

- - - - -

you'll be hearing from me again today!
till then, enjoy your day!