Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Incoco Review

this is a review that has been long overdue! sorry it took so long! but here it is...

about a month ago, i was offered to try out some Incoco products - - of course i couldnt resist! Incoco Dry Nail Applique are strips of dry nail polish; basecoat, polish color, and topcoat.

i just want to mention that i tried my Incoco products before my computer crashed & deleted all my i only have a few pictures.

here's my mani in Penny Rose; day 7. Penny Rose is a shiny, pink, glitter polish strip...but after 7 days, the shine died a little. the mani still looked nice and fresh; Penny Rose was definitely my favorite!

french mani in 24 Karat Gold; day 1.

day 5. pretty much looks like day 1, right?

overall, i really enjoyed the products. applying may be a bit tricky but once you get the hang of it, its really easy. the mani's really last a long time and there's no stinky polish smell! be sure to buff your nails before applying the Incoco products. and removal was easy. - - Penny Rose was really easy to apply and so were the tips of 24 Karat Gold. but the clear strips for the french mani were thinner so they took a little more work.

for more information, visit Incoco website.

and a big thanks to Julie for sending me a sample package.

have a great day!,


  1. It lasts a lot!

  2. Wow, I'm really curious to try some Incoco now. Penny Rose looks lovely!

  3. yea, 7 days! awesome right, Alice?! :)

    Becky, it definitely does ;)

    Ping, theyre great! you should definitely try them too ;)

  4. O: It looks so pretty, and even after 5/7 days? great quality xD I really want to try it now (:

  5. Interesting item. I'm looking forward to seeing more of this type of polish.

  6. Yen Janette, yea! its definitely great quality! i hope you get to try it out soon :)

    LWTT, yea, me too! its worth it :D

  7. lovely nails! love the gold tip. thanks for tagging me btw. =)

  8. Cool stuff :) Looks great even after 5 days, wow!

  9. thanks Allison! and no prob :)

    thanks Honi! it really worked well :D

  10. this is great! i would love to review products and get free stuff!!!! i guess i need to keep blogging for a while!
    lemme know if you ever want to do a swap and i can send you some joe fresh polishes!!

  11. smita, awesome, thanks! and i'll send over an email to ya ;)

  12. Wow they look so pretty! what a great sparkle colour! : )

  13. Great review! Ive been trying to find these in stores, but no luck, I may have to order them online :)