Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Born Pretty Store Gold Square Studs Review


a few weeks ago, i was kindly offered, by Nicole, to review an item from Born Pretty Store. i've been looking for square studs for the longest time & BPS carries them! so i gladly agreed to review 4mm gold square studs.

im not sure exactly how many comes in a package, but its definitely a good size. $5.84 per bag.

i've been waiting to do this 'design' for the longest time & im so glad i was able to! although the studs may look like they stick out / protrude a lot at the top, they dont. the square studs are so easy to work with and they're a really nice size. i really loved em!

good news before i end the post, Born Pretty Store is offering you guys a 5% off code. please feel free to use it & do take advantage of it. BPS sells great nail art stuff for such a good price and to top it off, they have free shipping!! :D

the code 'KL5X31' is good until September 6, 2012. so you have quite some time to order if you would like :)

once again, a big thank you to Nicole over at Born Pretty Store for the sample. be sure to check out their site~

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have a good one,


  1. nice, cleopatra just pop up

  2. The gold studs look so awesome with the white and black polish! Great job! I would be so honored if you read and commented on my lastest blog post, What Do Your Nails Say About YOU??


    Keep up the fantastic work...you are such an inspiration! :)

    -Custom Nail Solutions

  3. These are super fun! Great manicure! :D

  4. Beautiful!... ANother Inspiration to try!..I just ordered the studs too!..Thnks!

  5. looks great, and i love the variety in what youve done. your middle finger look the best imo, so unique!

  6. Wow! It´s really beautyful :)

    Best wishes

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  8. How did you get the studs to stay put? Super glue?

    1. no, no super glue .. just top coat. just dab a bit of top coat on where you want the stud to stay .. and then place the stud right on. thats it.

  9. Wow! I've just discovered born pretty!! Thank you :)

  10. I have been searching for these studs nor nails all over!! Thanks and i'm also going to try that nail design

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  12. What do you use to put the studs on?