Wednesday, August 12, 2015

BPS Champgne Loose Glitter;


It's almost been a month, I hope you all have been well! Today, I want to share with you a mani I did with loose champagne glitters that I received from Born Pretty Store!

This is the #6 loose glitters. It comes in a twist top container as pictured above.

To do my nails, I simply painted a clear coat of nail polish on my nails and before the polish dried, I quickly dipped my nail into the container of glitters. I repeated that twice and then sealed with a thick coat of top coat.

The pictures do not do justice!! The glitters are soooo sparkly and I could not keep my eyes off of my nails! :D

Big thanks to Alice of Born Pretty Store. Don't forget, you are always more than welcomed to use my coupon code, KL5X31, & save 10% off your order when you order from Born Pretty Store!~ :)

Have a good one!,