Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Gradient Concert Mani;

hey :)

Back in July, I went to two concerts back-to-back, a One Direction and a Jonas Brothers concert. I was a bit unsure of what mani to wear since I didn't have time to do a 1D mani and a JB mani (since the concerts were back-to-back). So, I pulled out the customized polish that I ordered from Shimmer Polish. Cindy helped create a beautiful peach, gold, and black polish that I customized for my friend Anouk. Ironically, Anouk and I met through Jonas Brothers and she actually introduced me to One Direction .. so what better polish to use, right? :D

I forget what polish I used as base, but here is my glitter gradient with my customized Shimmer Polish nail polish, Anouk. I LOVE IT! I was a bit reluctant on the colors at first, but Cindy did a beautiful job creating this polish.

Oh, speaking of my friend Anouk, she just recently created a beauty blog, Beauty and Rambles. Please be sure to check out her blog.

Be sure to check out Shimmer Polish for more beautiful polishes. If you want to customize your own polishes, you can check out this Contact/Purchase page.

Have a good day!,


  1. This gradient is very pretty. Seems like the perfect look to wear to those concerts! I'm checking out her blog right now :)

  2. You have really interesting decorated nail, I love them!
    I'm starting in the world of the blogs, if you have time look to my blog, pleeeaaaaaaaase!
    It's amazing!

  3. Very pretty gradient, and I love the idea of making a custom polish! This will definitely go on my holiday shopping list.

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